Why SpaceX Is Buying Oil Rigs Now

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Last year, SpaceX secretly bought two oil rigs with the intent to convert them into offshore launch platforms. This video looks at why Starship will need these platforms and how SpaceX will actually convert these old rigs into rocket launching platforms..

Mark Handley – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-k1j7M2-hBfXeECd9YAQ_g
SpaceXVision – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjeJp0R7lIkyKA83LEKkiPQ
Port Of Brownsville – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcnQveTDhc2x5-mgC-4P41Q
Ensco – https://www.youtube.com/user/enscoinc
BP – https://www.youtube.com/user/BPplc


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  1. Senna

    Why build a tank farm on the rig if you are going to deliver the fuel by tankers. Just fill the rocket direct from the tanker. That way you don’t have the risk of have fuel stirring around if something goes wrong with takeoffs or landings. We will see Elon buying a tanker at some point.

  2. Roshan Raikar

    what a great time to be alive

  3. Tonedore

    Narration by Birdperson

  4. Jimbo Bimbo

    I still suspect Elon Musk to be an alien trapped on Earth and using SpaceX as a cover to build a ship to fly back home…

  5. Sir Socke

    The marine life is probably going to suffer a lot from the noise of the rockets. It’s probably going to kill a lot of marine mammals like whales and dolphins.

  6. plentyness

    Big boss time

  7. Т1000 Youtube

    15 hours ago, yay

  8. Custmzir

    So that’s why Elon wanted a carbon capture technology, I get it now.

  9. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Cause Hadley made that suggestion years ago. Need to name a remodded 9ne HADLEY
    just like the meteorite

  10. Corey Williams

    “Almost the same size as the falcon 9”
    Yeah, and I’m almost the same size as the Rock.

  11. Zin Zinussan50

    Buying oil rig $3.5mil from original cost $515mil? …that is covid-sale price hehe

  12. Ram ganesh RG

    clear explanation.. thankyou


    $3M is just the upfront cost.
    It costs a lot more to tune the rig.

  14. Dave Timothy

    America: oil….

  15. Hans

    As cliche as it sounds, this video is super great! Lots of insights, thanks!

  16. wacky_duck 10

    Easy: he lives in america because america loves O I L

  17. Gabriel Gimme Chanel

    Eat the oil rigs

  18. Halfeddi

    1:39 These guys from the 80’s just censored the bottom parts of the rocket, they knew how internet would be nowdays.

  19. Philip Grocki

    VERY informative episode!!

  20. Caleb Knight

    Do you have any sources for the 112db at @ 8km? Is that based off of any estimates or current measurements?

  21. ListlessAU

    Thought this was a rust video

  22. Mr317

    Wind and solar power floating platform???

  23. Luc Fueston

    The moon pool isn’t under the tower on this rig, is it? I had always seen that the tower is over where it drills, and the moon pool is forward of the tower — ie, maybe they’ll replace the tower, but not because it obstructs the only large hole in the rig; there are 2 large holes, one where the drilling happens and one in the moon pool ie where submersibles and divers interface with the ocean.

  24. Daniel Vega

    3:49 They lost the opportunity to say: I declare bankruptcyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. smh

  25. dieno crown


  26. Plankboy Game

    We really be living in the future now thanks to elon

  27. Chad Snow

    This video is a bunch of hooey and load of crap! Near by residents, the 3 three streets of once Kopernik Shores (a low cost housing area because it was in the boonies) were offered triple the value of their houses. Those few that did not sell have to live with their decision. 1:08 very dangerous? Even when the test vehicles crash land, it perfectly hits the target. They never told residents of Cape Canaveral it was too dangerous to live there, it fly’s over the ocean for a reason.

  28. clavo

    There’s a whole bunch of creaky 65+ yr. olds salivating at the chance to do a turnaround on an oil rig. Me too! Should a hydraulic lift be used for the first 100-200 yards of lift off? Seems totally doable and would save much energy and noise.

  29. Leon Campa

    What a time to be alive. This was the domain of science fiction just a few years ago.

  30. p4sitiv3

    that same doc was released a little more than a year ago, dont get fooled eveyone

  31. Ray Maharaj

    Elon Musk is one amazing dude.

  32. Joe Nefflen

    Going to replace power with wind/solar. Sure, haha.

  33. ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴍᴜᴛᴇ _

    SpaceX Fanboys: but “Elon” sold me dreams! I don’t understand that the world’s richest man running a slick PR campaign that plucked my emotional notions of human advancement could only be interested in money!

  34. Jameel Ja

    With the amount of work required to retrofit an existing oil rig, does it make sense to just build a launch platform from scratch?

  35. L Rees

    Elon can do it just sit back and wait

  36. SKM

    There are big Diesel tanks
    But because it is *Elon Musk* … they are gone…

  37. death13a

    As for power I don’t see solar be enough for fuel production on rigs. Plus with rocket launching need to be hidden same for wind. The amount of shaking on rig will be rough. So best bet would be tidal power or more traditional on boat that would house personal, customers and power generation. Another thing that SpaceX need to watch out for is marine life as launching rockets will destabilizing local marine life.

  38. abel garcia

    Could the sound be reduced by producing reciprocal sound waves?

  39. cambobby2011

    Answer to the qst: Because Tesla wants to diversify and strart producing petrol (when the demand will rise again after the covid crisis)… :)

  40. OMG Trades

    A chinsaw isnt even that loud lol wtf?

  41. Ck digital The Q of 6th

    Making very self-complicated for company attempting pure vertical rendering crafts, made it wise to find the most al-cheapo deserted property out open at sea.

  42. Joe Mckirdy

    Multiple problems, while they may switch out the diesel generators, it would most likely be for methane powered turbines if they do, but diesel generators are pretty rigid. LOX will most likely be done on land as the amount of oxygen and power needed will use allot of space to create enough for a large cadence. Also, a LNG tanker has enough LNG for at least 8 launches, so it is very likely one rig will be used for bulk storage and the other for launching.

  43. Bassem Ph

    You said the raptor engine of super heavy can break class but Why theres a building on the side of launchpad?

  44. Gonk droid #0923

    Remember those predictions from the 60s about how rocket will look different and will be launched from sea? well Space X is making those predictions come true!

  45. Jeremiah Borjon

    Spacex is going to be Big in the future

  46. Pleb Plays

    Ahh. Offshore Refueling and Launching Platform

  47. Ed Mc Closkey

    What about Rocket Blow Back off the surface of the water.?? Its a (Semi) solid surface, not diffused like land launched with the water suppression.?

  48. Seldoon Nemar

    Why would they mess with the original diesel engines of the platforms? they are already going to have giant methane reserves onboard… those engines would run fine on CNG, and the de-rating from less energy in the fuel wouldn’t be a problem because they will still probably be oversized for what spacex is doing

  49. David Pugh

    Do they have insurance?

  50. Bradley O'Kane

    Cool!, would be even better though if Starship used liquid Hydrogen as both this and Liquid oxygen can be produced on sight and cause way less pollution. look forward to seeing updates on the the launch rig!

  51. John Eriksson

    Fuel and oxygen will probably be stored inside the legs of the platform.

    Has been many ideas on the internetz for how to use the space on the rig. Interesting to see yours, not bad! :)

  52. Robert Schlesinger

    Interesting and worthwhile video. As stated, this sort of endeavor has been done before. Presently, China and UAE are pursuing similar endeavors.

  53. TheBlapman

    Your graphic at 2:43 is pretty misleading in explaining how florida-launched rockets reach geostationary orbit. Rockets don’t do equatorial plane-change maneuvers in low earth orbit. You could have just said that because the equator is the farthest from the earth’s axis, rockets launched from nearer to the equator gain more horizontal speed from the earth’s spinning.

  54. Games of All

    I wanna see a time lapse of Boca Chika

  55. Justin

    Side note, these platforms are not called “oil rigs” they are drilling rigs. If oil gets to the surface its a bad time. Their only purpose is to drill a hole in the ground

  56. SeldonLien

    112 db is very okay compared to regular fly engines

  57. hap snap

    wow these strategies are really well thought out

  58. Bitchute is better than Y

    Ive heard a lot of people talk about this and speculate as to whats happening, but this video was by far the most informative out of everything ive seen.

    Congrats guys (or guy) you easily beat the competition with the work you did on this video

  59. Sewan & Sawen Creations

    Because its expensive blowing up rockets

  60. Eugene Aufderhar

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  61. Morty

    Fishes when SpaceX launches a Starship: 😳😳😳🔥🔥🔥💀💀💀

  62. Pup314

    Yes very dangerous to people and society which can choose to move out of the way. What about nature and the animals and plants that CAN’T MOVE out of the way? We’re already seeeing whales beach themselves due to military/naval accoustic tests. Many of these animals becoming permanenantly deaf. How do you hunt and feed using echolocation if you are deaf?

  63. Prasoon Tiwari


  64. akyhne

    How many oil rigs do they need? Earth to earth launches will never happen. It was a bad idea from the beginning.

  65. Kashmir

    if the first stage of starship has that amount of engines they’re going to spend quite a bit of time developing an algorithm to handle failures.

    I can see how it can be done, if one engine is malfunctioning, shut it off, shut the engine in the opposite side to equilibrate, increase thrust to the rest of the engines to compensate for loss of specific impulse.

    But a lot of testing nonetheless.

  66. Michael Heider

    Just run a pipeline to the platform. The oposit of what is used to do

  67. Alain Belanger

    Ballast structure

  68. Norman Nooyen

    Wishing spaceX much success in paving the way human kinds future.

  69. Gregg Weber

    Only use a few engines and low fuel tanks to rocket transfer either Starship or Booster to the platform?

  70. Gregg Weber

    8:30 Sounds like lots of torches followed by primer paint.

  71. tinkerbull

    That was an excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

  72. Abinash Pal

    Will that shock wave of engines affect the marine life as sound travels faster in water.

  73. teja kaza

    Man spacex is a company that does everything we imagined as kids and felt like they are too good to be good

  74. Gregg Weber

    This is a great way to decrease or almost eliminate the risk if/when a Booster or Starship explodes.
    This will do a lot to lessen any legal stop orders after an explosion.

  75. Justin Jones

    It’s insane to think that in the near future we could have hundreds of starships carrying robots and supplies to Mars, with even further exponential growth on the horizon

  76. jonas1015119

    3,5M is such a steal, I wonder what it would have cost without covid-related bankruptcies

  77. Lokesh Loki

    That oil rig would be an spaceX expensive toy to study what they exactly want

  78. ali sardo

    Space X company gives us a clear image of how future entrepreneurs/entrepreneurship should be.they have clear vision,unraveling determination,unbeatable spirit and yielding philosophy ,all what is needed for future generations of pioneering projects 😎

  79. Liam Winter

    SpaceX nation? Seasteading win

  80. Ren R

    you are making very high quality video with your clam voice. good work!!

  81. James Mcenanly

    If they are going to use these for point to point transportation on Earth, would they be able to use a rig in Lake Michigan for launches from O’Hare?

  82. Christopher Leamons

    “L O N E S T A R!”

  83. HariShankar Reddy

    They are useful to land the Boosters

  84. Patrick Luan

    It’s always a pleasure to watch your videos, thank you!

  85. asmael666

    Powerful enough to smash windows and buildings?!?!? What about intestines and lungs? This is the real danger – standing as close as i’d like to even a Falcon 9 would fatally damage my intestines.

  86. Ankit Meher


  87. Andre Mourao

    Great Video!

  88. Poseidon

    Please Turkish infrastructure.

  89. Saif Khan

    I think this is the one of the most underrated educational channels. Keep up the good work❤️👍🏻

  90. BotherRed

    I saw the title and brain when to “Oil Rigs? I think you mean Launching Platforms”

  91. Channel settings

    Great commentary!

  92. Doc Brown

    Have been waiting for this! Finally someone makes some more content about the rigs

  93. Gautam

    Elon will buy all the oil rig so that Tesla’s competitors will not get petrol for their cars.😂

  94. TheDinozKing yt

    Wow. They be launching starship at sea!


    never this fast

  96. Suresh Badadani


  97. Air 88


  98. R4 Gaming

    never clicked so fast

  99. Captainzoom

    Thank you primal space for making me more interested in learning about space

  100. Primal Space

    When do you think we’ll see the first Starship launch from one of these rigs? – Shoutout to Skillshare for supporting this video, try it out for free here: https://skl.sh/primalspace02211

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