Why Humans Suck At Flying Rockets

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In the modern world of airtravel, pilots still play an essential role in safely flying the plane. But when it comes to flying rockets, humans have always taken a back seat, since computers are capable of getting into orbit with much more accuracy. This video compares rocket pilots to airline pilots and looks at how SpaceX’s Starship rocket will land on Mars all by iteslf.

DutchPlaneSpotter – https://www.youtube.com/user/DutchPlaneSpotter
PlanesWeekly – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHfnwFTTWqgkPhftEdjOqtg
PilotSanderHD – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0GO51x7ECUtvufHGs_N3Q
MT Aviation – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjDKiPAwHIYdXCYMNPulq7A
Flying Office – https://www.youtube.com/user/rianhautier
Rob Whitworth – https://www.youtube.com/user/kwhi02

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    As always superb quality. Thank you for this one. When do I get the next chance to get a SaturnV?

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    Arduino helps me in this part (5:25)

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    3:25 the glass CAGE by NICHOLAS carr

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    5:26 I did it after 3 tries

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    Thank you, you helped me very much. I off course like everyone here had this question in mind for a long time 😂
    We are now going to have a successful landing

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    5:27 I did it

  53. CEBEP17

    all I heard was “audible audible blah blah”

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    I thought you just skipped the frame displaying 0:00 so its actually impossible. Finding a dancing elon surprised me even more than finding out you can actually pause it.

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    Well, I enjoyed this Audible advert. It’s a shame it was interrupted multiple times by brief and misleading sections about rocketry.

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  57. Freddymaster002 0

    5:27 i did it first time

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    I got notified on this upload while I was inside a sag mill motor I almost stopped my inspection to watch it…. very well done as always

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    I tried pausing the video
    1st try -0.56sec
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    *Restart* *main menu*
    Edit: 3rd try did it.

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    *pauses video at 0*
    I’m a computer now

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    I had a hard time determining if this video was for real or just clickbait infomercial for audiobooks. I’ll stay subscribed for now but if the clever commercial segways continue I’m outta here.

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    5:27 First try at 0:00 and I’m not joking
    and Second try too wtf
    Proof: there is a Dancing Elon above the dot on the falcon 9

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    I have played enough KSP to, in fact, be able to pause the video at 0.00, and it only took me 7 quicksave reloads.
    Nice maracas!

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    Great video but the audible ad in the middle was quite jarring.

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    edit: Primal changed the title so I make less sense now.
    edit 2: I just noticed it was uploaded on 9/11, I guess that was why the title was changed?

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    5:22 “You can’t”, annnnnnndd I just did. On the first try…. My rocket pilots license plz

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    Edit: Yeah, I just hit it on real time by sheer (?) luck.

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    Just like you can’t pause this video when the timer hits 0
    Everyone: Proceeds to pause at 0 without trying

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