Why Blue Paint Caused Problems For Concorde

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Concorde was one of the most iconic aircraft to ever grace the sky. But for two weeks, Pepsi took over one of the most famous Concorde’s as part of their massive ‘Project Blue’ campaign. This transformation from white to blue caused some problems for the supersonic airliner.

Thanks to Simeon Pines for his awesome footage:

» After All – Geographer
» See You – Maxzwell
» In The Atmosphere – Bad Snacks
» Stuck In The Air – The Tower of Light

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  1. Zimboes

    Smooth plug at the end🔌🔌🔌

  2. joe brawley

    Now that was a nice transition into the ad of the VPN I like that

  3. Carl Klinkenborg

    3:45 30mm? I think you mean 30cm there!

  4. Jacen Grey

    Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t even aware this took place.

  5. The Mad Gentleman

    Dude, it’s okay if we go .25 Mach slower when we’re still at 1.7 times the speed of sound and sport a hella rad paintjob.

  6. saucykiddd boi

    4:59 BBC

  7. Jttv

    Only Mach 1.7
    Shame. Shame

  8. thesleeper90

    I remember seeing the Concorde flying, I had a binocular and watched the sky, and the shape of the wings made me curious. After that I saw a commercial on TV, I was 10 back then.

  9. chicken emas

    Transition from content to advertisement in a smooth, confortable yet supersonic speed

  10. Kaden B

    On the Express VPN Clip i saw Green Dyas Father Of All there XD

  11. SierraAlphaGolf

    @5:50 ‘ Internet is probably safter than flying at mach 2 in a tin can ‘? Dude no concorde has ever crashed by cruising at mach 2 nor it is a tin can.

  12. Connor Elder

    I’m the 201 commenter

  13. Clorox Bleach

    i watched this while drinking coke

  14. webmillions

    Coca Cola : Hold my Beer
    SR-71 Blackbird: Red?! Let me get back to you on that

  15. Nilguiri

    Instead of painting a Concorde blue, they should have improved the taste. Pepsi is disgusting!

  16. troop546

    Most beautiful plane ever❤

  17. Mark Daniel

    I would never fly in a tin can.
    Aluminum cans are acceptable.

  18. Web Weaver

    That was a slick segue into an ad

  19. Lincoln's Aviation and Railfanning

    *C O N C O R D E .*
    Also the fastest plane is the X-15 at about Mach 6! 🤦‍♂️

  20. LEO Hill

    My grandma made parts for this airplane

  21. nin6246

    It’s 2019 and I’m sick of hearing that it doesn’t make any sense anymore to have a supersonic jet in service. I’d love to fly in one!

  22. Jassa Singh

    7:14 minutes vpn advertisement

  23. Richie Hale

    So they turned the fastest version of Concorde into the slowest just by painting it blue 😂

  24. NJ and PA railfan

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Plane: Droup snoot

  25. J.R. Vasquez

    I had no idea of any of this! Great vid.

  26. alaoui abdou

    Making free fall from space was much effective and cheaper for redbull ad.

  27. -- 竜

    Wow, the transition into the add by 6 min was so smooth I didn’t even notice we in the add.

  28. Sunil Kumar

    VPN service ad transition was so seamlesss😆

  29. Just John

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that *PEPSI* promotes *Tserie!*

  30. L Hughes

    This video was so relaxing to me. Love the music at 2:35. And your segway into your sponsor was smooth as silk. Thank you for making this. Subscribed.

  31. The Country Of Spain

    5:06 turn on subtitles
    make up your mind

  32. My Man

    D R O O P S N O O T . . . ! 👀

  33. Stephen Birks

    Sneaker ! – Great documentary ! -Then – Advert sneaked in at the end – Faster than the speed of light !

  34. Dark Guardian

    Noticed the thumbnail changed removing any reference to Pepsi…

  35. Hairy Wombat

    Love 💕 this add of Pepsi 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  36. justandy333

    The mind boggles when the actual cost rolls in of a simple change like the colour of a brand.

  37. Peter Longden

    Used to watch this beautiful amazing piece of technology flying above my house in the 1980’s, pity she’s gone but great memories! 🙂 UK and France try again please

  38. Sebastian

    Advertises ExpressVPN.
    NordVPN: “Am I a joke to you”

  39. Carlo Berruti

    The interiors at min. 04:35 are definitely NOT from a Concorde!!

  40. Randy Hall

    That was the smoothest segue to a sponsor’s ad I’ve every witnessed. Bravo!


    5:34 no no no no no i can tell its gonna be a paid promotion NO NO NO PLZ

  42. Eric Taylor

    3:00 And the Cosmonauts were extremely unhappy about making the add. They considered it demeaning and inappropriate.

  43. The End Is Near

    “I just blue myself”
    – Tobias Fünke

  44. Ray A

    At 5:52 the video is pretty much over and he added an ad in the video to sell it lol

  45. T/INISHQ M.

    When you realize that you have been watching a VPN ad this whole time XD

  46. Wazzuh

    South West “Cough” “Cough”

  47. webmillions

    Coca Cola : Hold my Beer
    SR-71 Blackbird: Red?! Let me get back to you on that

  48. ckom0007

    I was alive, relatively sentient and buying a lot of cola in the 90s…how could I have missed this ad? As usual…great use of advertising revenue Pepsi!

  49. K Dotz

    5:56 kind of felt the promo sliding in

  50. Primal Space

    Hey everyone! In a rare Primal Space occurrence I have two videos for this month! This one’s a little bit off topic from the usual space stuff but I love Concorde and little stories like this. Hope you enjoy it 😃

  51. Nick Brock

    This has such a Defunctland vibe and I love it

  52. PepperPotato

    ”droop snoot. The snoot droop”

  53. Wrecker23

    6:33 lol u can literally do that for free

  54. Stech55

    “The aircraft had a total passenger capacity of 100 but consumed the same amount of fuel as a Boeing 747, while the 747 could fly twice as far and had four times the passenger capacity.”

  55. Yeolde GamerSteve

    ohhh I miss our glorious Concorde, she was so beautiful.

  56. Nicholas Barnard

    4:37 is t an interior of a Concorde. I’m guessing it’s an Airbus 320 variant.

  57. crk1121

    I love the MS Flight Sim footage ;-)

  58. Adrian Elliott

    so after all that, its just an ad for Express VPN

  59. Arron Agnew

    I like how it casually changed to an ad for express vpn. Lmao.

  60. KKTrain Springer

    Me : *looks at thumbnail*
    Also me: Pepsi Concorde!
    Also also me : it runs on Pepsi fuel lol


    me:”reads title”
    Also me: DAFUQ

  62. John Johansen

    They rebranded to a mostly blue can, so they needed a big canpaign . . .

  63. Saif Ali Abbasi

    Astronauts: We’re out of food!
    Pepesi: Hold my Can

  64. HighFlyer

    4:36 not Concorde’s interior.

  65. 250 Fun Pet

    Fak im old,, 90s was like Yesterday.

  66. Jttv

    Not the Concorde

  67. Mario Cart

    Old pepsi red and circle made it taste better i think psychologically for me anyway

  68. Enrique Lopez

    All that $$ for 2 weeks of “promotion”
    Pepsi I drive from Mojave desert to “Bay Area” every weekend if you want I’ll let you paint my car with your logo for WAY less lol

  69. Steve Forrester

    This whole video is just clickbait for a VPN ad!!?

  70. Omar Loveridge

    Enjoyed the video untill the “in flight” as about VPN.

  71. estallion estallion

    Very smooth how you went straight into a sponsorship advertisement! 😂😂

  72. Phil O'Shaughnessy

    Seamless dovetail from documentary to promotion.

  73. Phillip Parr

    “Having a business meeting over the internet is probably safer than flying at mach 2 in a tin can.”
    Seconds later
    “Whenever you’re connected to public WiFi it’s incredibly easy for hackers to steal your passwords, emails, and credit card information.”
    Well that doesn’t sound safer!

  74. Trackside Films

    So basically Southwest Concorde

  75. Marshionmellow -

    that was the smoothest transition into a sponsor thingy i’ve ever seen lmao

  76. AshTone Music SA

    “Whenever you’re connected to public WiFi”
    – Ight imma head out now
    (this is a joke. please support the channel)

  77. Fly

    Me: Coke, please.
    Waiter: We only have Pepsi.
    Me: (sigh) OK…

  78. MICHGO1


  79. Harry foreman


  80. C.O. Jones

    To me, it’s just not a Pepsi commercial unless Michael Jackson’s hair is on fire.

  81. Web Weaver

    I’m not sure who had the more creative advertising idea, Pepsi or ExpressVPN

  82. J M

    Hmm that’s strange, two other Youtubers I watched said their VPN’s were the fastest & No.1 in the world too.. 🤔

  83. Jerry Rupprecht

    The Concorde. What an epic plane!

  84. Mark Richards

    What a stunning amount of excess. All that, just to advertise a blue can. Wow.

  85. Adarsh Srivastava

    Use express VPN to access any website blocked in your country.
    In background: Chinese flag

  86. Caspar TFJ

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Pepsi: Hey lets do a ad in space!

  87. Mar Blox

    If I saw the Concorde with the Pepsi logo –
    I would IMMEDIATELY go to the store and buy a Pepsi.!!!
    What a waste of money.

  88. Bas de Beer

    And all of this for just a sugar drink

  89. Pan Man

    Imagine dropping 10mil to show that you changed your can from red to blue.

  90. GeForceRTX2090Ti

    They also did a space ad…
    On the MIR…
    Five years before it got deorbited… R.I.P. MIR :(

  91. Chris Hunter

    I will forever love the droop snoot

  92. T-65B X-Wing Fighter

    Oh yeah I have been in space twice, the 6th largest navy and a Concorde. How about you?

  93. Kort mok

    Pepsi melts at supersonic speeds; that’s why.

  94. Rory Shields

    “Safer than flying at Mach 2 in a tin can.” This is referring to an airplane with 27 years in the air and a perfect safety record.
    There was one accident and it was caused by the grossly negligent maintenance of a foreign airline’s plane.

  95. Misses Witch

    “tin can”
    *that’s a masterpiece of engineering* …

  96. ψOG_Kutta313ψ

    Plot twist: this whole video was created to advertise expressVPN

  97. Willie Wind

    I guess Pepsi blue it.

  98. Monster12255

    Imagine spending $5 million on an ad and it was never aired

  99. Ne znau

    “There was too much red on their (Pepsi) cans.”
    *Soviet Union anthem stops.*

  100. NightHeronProduction

    My family works in the film and tv industry (mainly lighting and gaffering) and has done so in some capacity since the early 1960s. My uncle was involved in this press event, to what degree I don’t know but there’s a picture of him posing in front of the “Pepsi Concorde” with one hand on his hip and the other up in the air gesturing to the nose of the aircraft, topped off with a dopey smile, in fairness it’s acutally a pretty good picture. It’s taken from about the aircrafts 10 o clock. He also everdently got to go in a BA Concorde while he was there too as there’s another picture of him leaning out of the cockpit window of one them.

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