Why An Old NASA Rocket Has Mysteriously Reappeared

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At the end of 2020, astronomers discovered an object heading towards Earth with some unusual characteristics. After further analysis, this object seemed to be an old rocket booster from the 60’s making a surprise return to Earth. This video looks at how scientists used spectroscopy to identify this object.

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  1. Mike Upton

    I got dibs on the old Centaur. Going to open first space junk yard. Shopping for a asteriod and give a quick call to Boca Chica and make offer on a gently used Star Ship prototype. I got a tow winch off my brother’s F250.
    Honest Mike’s Used Spaceship Parts.
    Elon’s got nothing on this…..

  2. Averagegamer 16

    Kinda cool to tjink about. When that booster first started it journey man hadn’t gotten to the moon yet, let alone what it looked like. When it came back to visit, not only had we gone to the moon, we observed black holes, studying what exoplanets look like, discussing moon bases and traveling to mars.

  3. Barry Schmidt

    Wrong logo.

  4. Paul Gibson

    The Shoe Maker comment 1999 was man made it was 50 gallon drum of water an ice cube launch in the late 60s or early 70s by a private space team I was attach to.
    Why there was nothing to mark the changing of the century just for your eyes only. Celebration.

  5. Hal Snyder

    The NASA logo on your graphic wasn’t used until 1975

  6. Nathan Wakeman

    Isn’t a Saturn V third stage still orbiting the Earth?

  7. Kirk Claybrook

    Just as long as it hasn’t become a powerful sentient AI here to save the whales at any cost

  8. FN

    Since Perseverance has landed i hope we will see a video about it in the future.

  9. Tiffany Chatham-Pardus


  10. James Lewis

    STEM….. What does Art have to to with Science, Technology and Engineering?

  11. Aaron

    1:13 – “Back in September of this year.”
    September 2020, this is 2021; hmmm

  12. Tom Blanckaert

    amazing work from these nasa people. and I have trouble finding my carkeys or wallet from time to time :)

  13. Tina Zill

    Could that centaur stage fit in Starships Payload bay?

  14. BlueFrostedGlass

    Uh that upper stage would never have the NASA Worm Logo on it.
    The Worm Logo wasn’t used until the US Bicentennial in 1976.
    So it would have used the NASA Meatball Logo. Sorry…

  15. Noah Spurrier

    Wrong NASA logo for a 60’s booster stage. The worm didn’t show up until 1975.

  16. Galileo Chiu

    Once it comes back let’s recover it

  17. Agent EagleT


  18. Shashwat Dwivedi

    When you said finally it was proved it was human made I smiled 😊

  19. Roboquis

    The graph at 6:12 literally bends backwards

  20. Imu Lippo

    Have Trudeau’s peoplekind yet discovered a moon of exoplanet?

  21. Kevin Guthrie

    Thanks NASA

  22. tahmid ahmed


  23. Herald the Goose


  24. Adrian Nordstrom

    Here before Perseverance’s Mars landing

  25. Beahan Kuhlman


  26. Chyna Mane

    22min ad…

  27. Antony ms

    title:Why An Old 60’s Rocket Has Returned From Space
    me: but that stage does not returned to earth.

  28. Ragnar Þór Guðmundsson

    “When 2020 eventually returns again…”
    Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.

  29. Goutham Krishna

    Who were going to Mars in dream

  30. ELITE SPACE SFS - 143

    Super bro love from india

  31. Mika de Grote

    You should really use the SI-system instead of imperial units.

  32. Goutham Krishna

    Which is your favourite rocket ❤️🚀
    My favourite:pslv😇👇

  33. Morris Putman


  34. PandoraWolf

    So pretty much time capsules, but instead of in the ground its in space.

  35. Valamas

    “2 million miles”. Science is metric. Imperial is garbage.

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  37. Aristotle 014

    my guy posted again lets gooo

  38. Robert Stankoviansky

    oh how I love your videos! (Office bit was a bullseye! :D)

  39. MeiX

    How is the rocket stage rusty?

  40. Beast Pruthvi

    I was first noooooooo !

  41. Ryan Liyanage

    Wow interesting

  42. HamieOfficial

    Go Preserveranc! whos ready for the 7 mins of terror?

  43. DigitalDragon

    I kinda wish they would have tried to point a telescope at it and taken a picture, could have been a cool image.

  44. bimer2000

    Wrong NASA logo for the time period though.

  45. Niels Nijhof

    Really interesting video, well made as well. Glad I recently subscribed to your channel 😊

  46. Michael Kiddle

    For sale one Tesla Roadster extremely high mileage
    Buyer collects 😂

  47. Detective Pigeon

    When you talk about miles, please also say the distance in kilometres for the rest of the world that uses the superior method of measurement

  48. Viner Lives


  49. Damian Ortiz

    I love you man! one of my favorite channels. please clarify the unit in kilometers 🙏🏻

  50. Tim T

    Looks like this has been sampled form others work. 1.13 min. Back in September of this year?

  51. endeyfire

    we should try to catch it.

  52. luke nysen

    Great in depth story. Thx!

  53. squidhoodie from hell


  54. Shivdhan Shinde

    That’s sounds weird and Amazing 👍🚀

  55. The Space Coast Life

    Great content! I was not aware of this!

  56. Tanner Clinton

    Go Perserverance!

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    kiwi co

  59. Amal B krishna

    Can you make a video on how did a space start up like spaceX developed through year’s to as we know it today, launching a rocket per week…………by the way big fan of your video’s.

  60. reaperGuy

    Yes! Just another 26 years to go🤩

  61. Puglord68

    Go Perserverance!

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    Hail to primal space

  64. Jayashree Korde

    Very much understandable

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    love the vids

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    Very good channel good teaching

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