The Space Tourism Rule Problem

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With space tourism now becoming a real thing, the amount of rocket launches happening every year is going to increase drastically. This video looks at how the FAA regulates spaceflight and how that will have to change in the future.

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  1. Scott D

    Going up high is not really going into space. When we can orbit the planet for a day & then return, that is really going into space.

  2. Harry Space Animation

    Primal space 😂😂😂 what was those clips 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hahaha 🤣

  3. TarTi flett

    Maybe they will be called as astronauts, maybe we will chose a better word like ‘space traveller’, which also sounds cool and I will still be happy for them and kinda jealous, but one thing is sure, it won’t be the case for the Virgin ””galactic”” travellers ’cause THEY ARE NOT FLYING IN SPACE AT 84 km.

  4. David Lamb

    8:05 incorrect. The “two additional test flights” MIGHT have been necessary, but it turned out only one was needed. And those were required to get the license. They have the license, and there were no additional required flights once that happened.

  5. thepeff

    I will die with my two feet firm on planet earth and I am perfectly fine with that

  6. reggiep75

    I think it’s disingenuous to call people travelling into space astronauts/cosmonauts. Historically, those people were professionals who’d spent years training in a lot of areas to finally get into space and do missions, even if in the early days it was to observe a lot of things and their craft were an autonomous paths.

    The others, the tax dodgers, who’ve accumulated millions by not paying their full taxes, are little more than travellers hence the reason the terminology ‘space traveller’ exists. Technically, we’ve paid for them to have a jolly out there in space when they pay less than 1% in taxes in some nations they make profits it.


  7. Spacexboy Starship

    Pls do more videos they are so much fun to watch

  8. Maikal _

    TIL, the US’s FAA controls a trip to space from anywhere in the world?

  9. DaRedaBua

    Honestly, i wouldn’t want to be on one of the FIRST flights. Flight 42? Maybe…

  10. Fummy

    Funfact: Virgin Galactic doesnt go above the Karman line (the official definition of space)

  11. vickimon

    Too much emphasis on safety and too much rules/regulations…. wtf it impedes advancement when there is too much rules

  12. snuffeldjuret

    you’re messing me up with that “RGV-music” :D.

  13. liang longlong

    The audacity for americans to think they can manage/oversee all space travel in any country and over no-mans space…

  14. Benneh

    your transitions to sponsors are always SO smooth, i never see it coming

  15. Lucid Moses

    Do you have any more information on the launch tower thing? I thought the FAA only has jurisdiction over then using the launch tower. Not building it.


    A man can only wish

  17. C.I. DeMann

    Rich people’s pets will make it to space before poor people do.

  18. Oxeron

    I see countless debates in the comments while this whole non-problem could be solved very quickly.

    Astronaut: astronaut
    Space Tourist : space tourist

    That’s it, no need to invent a new word, these words speak for themselves.

  19. Tikire Frost

    80km is definitely not space

  20. MCRuCr

    I’d prefer 8 days on ISS for 20 mio$ instead of those lousy 20 minutes

  21. Jorge M Rivera

    I told you so Boeing never going to send anything on time why for if tax payer keep footing the bill ….

  22. 1O314 Dhruv

    yes but have you been an astronaut in the ocean?

  23. DummyJoe

    5:40 the launch of SN11 being delayed was due to SpaceX telling the FAA director that he could go home after him already being there a week. They then changed their minds on a weekend when the FAA guy was off work, so he didn’t see his email and couldn’t book a flight back to Boca.

  24. Brock Ary

    What would happen if Elon Musk were to move his entire operation a few miles south into Mexico and fly into space from there? Could the United States do anything to stop him?

    I’m sure m Mexico would love to get into the world news as a space faring country. I have no doubt that Mexico would welcome him with open arms.

  25. Michel Bruns

    extremely us centric unfortunately

  26. Michel Bruns

    2:12 meanwhile in the other 99% of the world:

  27. Marek Marko

    This is getting personal

  28. Tony Romello

    There should just be pro astronauts (people who do it for work) and then astronauts people who do it recreationally. If you meet someone and they tell you they are a singer you don’t immediately think they’re a professional singer do you? Nope you think they do it for fun.

  29. I Don't

    The perfect sponsorship offers doesn’t exis..

  30. Jonathan Aaron

    face reaveal at 500k subs?

  31. Leo H

    Safety first. Great an agency like the FAA exists.


    does space 100 km?

  33. Tom Watts

    Not the Musk fanboys ranting about how ‘the FAA is outdated and should be abolished!’ just because they wouldn’t let SpaceX launch an experimental vehicle (which then exploded three times) a week or so earlier. Given the fact that SN11 is _still_ being cleared up I’d think stringent requirements are necessary.

    Personally I’m glad that SpaceX doesn’t have free reign to do whatever the hell it wants, who gives a shit if a prototype flight is delayed a week or so? With how fast SpaceX works that’s nothing time-wise.

  34. Tom Watts

    To me there’ll always be a difference between ‘someone who has spent years of their life training to fly into space and do work that will benefit humanity as a whole’ and ‘millionaire who can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars for a seat and is doing it purely for their own enjoyment’. Call them what they are: tourists, not astronauts.

  35. almafuertegmailcom

    My plan was to disguise myself as a wheel of cheese and hang around Boca Chica, but this might work too.

  36. Dylan Richard

    The FAA should back off and let SpaceX do what they know best, it’s clear the FAA has no idea how things should be ran.

  37. Charles Rovira

    Not everyone who travels by car is a *_driver._*
    Not everyone who travels by boat is a *_sailor._*
    Not everyone who travels by plane is a *_pilot._*
    Not everyone who travels by rocket is an *_astronaut._*
    The rest are all *_passengers._*

  38. Ashish Prakash

    I want you and all the other space nerds out there to win these two seats.

  39. Hayve

    Why is there kerbal music in the background?

  40. Sylvia Rusty FæThey

    **launches rocket during bad weather conditions causing an explosion** “Yea, the FAAs rules are outdated and too stringent”

    Naw, they seem to be perfectly fine to me >.>

  41. Brixxter

    You didn’t talk about public safety at all, which is the main objective behind the FAA’s actions. They definitely should work more efficiently but you portray them like they’re just in the way, which is very one sided.

  42. HavocBlast

    Even as a GA pilot most of us think the FAA is slow, outdated, and just overall a pain in the butt

  43. falafel dürüm

    1:09 $500.000?
    I thought BO’s price is supposted to be $200k?

  44. SnoopyDoo

    Flying up to 80 km for that kind of money for less than half an hour seems really ridiculous. Heck, 80 km isn’t even technically space. Officially, space starts at 100 km.

  45. Link

    The idea of earth to earth rocket travel is unbelievably stupid. Not only would it be far too expensive to be successful (RE: Concorde), but the environmental impacts would be exponentially larger than regular air travel.

  46. Steve M

    Just rich people doing whatever they want whenever the rules don’t make sense to them.
    I can’t even build a shed on my own property without the local government shitting a brick.

  47. NaturEpic

    Thanks for this video!
    If I would be older than 18, I definitely would try to win these wo seats, but I’m 16…
    Maybe I’ll try it again in the future…

  48. Michel Bruns

    0:41 actually, astronaut means something like “space sailor” or something like that

  49. E J

    If tickets are that expensive, I’d imagine there won’t be much supply after 5 years. Even if the tickets get cut in half, most people probably don’t have 250,000 dollars to spend on a 1 day vacation. Ha. It’s a very cool moment to be alive nonetheless

  50. Jeffersonian1

    I am reminded, not for the first time, of the whole FAA subplot in John Ross’ novel _Unintended Consequences._

  51. Mika de Grote

    I’d make the distinction between professional astronauts and commercial astronauts.

  52. Jack Hoekstra

    I am arguing the faa isn’t a great thing for airplanes

  53. E T

    The FAA is the least of their problems with the 1,000 passenger ship. It is physically impossible to fit that many people in the said spaceship.

  54. Kasim

    6:51 why does the air in front of it become like that suddenly?

  55. Dragon Dragon


  56. nightlightabcd

    All people buying tikets to go to the edge of space should show their tax returns and their COVID-19 cards!

  57. Nyasha Chifamba

    Soooo space x is bullying the FAA

  58. A Bit Of Everything

    4:34 Kerbal Space Program Music

  59. Crank Lab Explosion - lab

    *sits in passenger seat.* ima astronaut lawl xD

  60. Aditi


  61. lohphat

    Just because you were a passenger doesn’t make you an astronaut for the same reason riding in 1st class doesn’t make you a pilot.

  62. Aidansky

    I hate how they call rich people who go to space “Astronauts”, at least real astronauts had a contribution to science and space exploration

  63. Jack Macdonald

    One day we will look back on our previous space travel and realize how advanced we have become.

  64. Jabbar Rayyan

    We’re not first,
    We’re not last,
    When we see primal space,
    We click as fast as light boi

  65. Primal Space

    For your chance to win two seats on one of the FIRST commercial flights to space with Virgin Galactic and support a great cause, enter at

  66. Shymali Paik

    First Viewer.

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  68. Mr. banana

    My man uploads once a year

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  70. lou mak

    Fist lol

  71. Yizzy 🅥

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