The Power Of The James Webb Telescope

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After 30 years of service, the Hubble Telescope has peaked in terms of how far back into the universe it can observe. Now it’s time for the James Webb Space Telescope to discover the stars, planets and galaxies that have never been seen. This video looks at how James Webb will discover extremely distant Earth-like planets that could support life.

» Armchair Stellar Crossing – Puddle of Infinity
» Spruce Tree – Ashley Shadow

» Hubble – Ewan Cunningham

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  1. Blitzar Kritzar

    god almost read that as “James weeb”

  2. I’ll Show My Subs If I get 5K


  3. David Thomas

    Blockbusters gold run 🤔

  4. Noam Bahar

    The only thing this thing is doing is teaching people patience, and not even successfully.

  5. BlacKNyT

    During the day of its launch , i will be waiting like a husband whose wife’s undergoing a child delivery.

  6. orfy reus

    It`s believed that it will be launched in 2550!

  7. Ryan M

    I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to this launch. If nasa ever finishes it that is.

  8. Paul Bowman

    We need observatories (both optical and radio) on the far side of the moon… But this is a great start.

  9. Cacklea

    I love the video but omg clear your throat, it sounds like theres a loogie stuck right in there

  10. Огюст

    Thank you for the work! Great, interesting videos! Do Russian subtitles, too, please :)))
    Русскоговорящие и понимающие плюсаните ♥

  11. Feniks

    Great job as always! <3

  12. Cole

    so we can finally have high def pics of the dead cities on mars.

  13. FreeUBEER

    Lets just hope this thing works when it is floating 1.5 million km’s away from earth

  14. Thomas Dykstra

    Looking forward to finding all the loose change within 30 miles of the Webb…

  15. zd keimah

    We are alone in this universe. 2019 dec 26th. Mark my words. 2025 – no sign , 2050 -no sign, 2100 -no sign, xxxxxxxxx – no sign. Tick them off as time pass.

  16. Fortnite X

    I thought james Webb was in the Character from World In Conflict

  17. WILL -I-AMZ

    I’ve been waiting for the launch for sometime now….🧐

  18. Fretalhp Dnal

    The Hubble launched date is incorrect 0:09 . Go✔️

  19. Steph Ramirez

    I’m so excited for this.

  20. AJ Alvarez

    Won’t be launch until 2050!🤪

  21. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Still holding my breath for the deployment phase..

  22. Luv Dwivedi

    Aage of universe? Funny to hear that.😂

  23. Yoctopory

    If I‘m already nervous as hell about the launch, how must if feel for the people responsible…

  24. Mufti Hossain

    been reading about this being slated for “imminent launch and deployment” since I was in early high school lol and I’m a grad student now

  25. Tom Meyers

    When is the MLK outer space telescope going up?

  26. nyc78

    Well explained and easy to understand. Thank you!

  27. Benjamin Trif

    God speed when your launched James Webb .

  28. Jake

    Deployment of this (systems/startups/etc) once it’s in orbit is a gamble too. It’s going to suck if it fails and we have to start over…

  29. Tom Meyers

    The Power Of The James Webb compels you.

  30. Indian only

    Eagerly waiting to see discoveries it makes

  31. Vincent Pacaña

    No one:
    James Webb Telescope: 2060 “5 more years bud”

  32. Viktor Powers

    Just like apple updating every year the phone James Web does the same

  33. joel wail

    Absolute insane, eye opening for sure.

  34. KzS Poseidon

    Can’t hurt me by David Goggins, seriously one of the best books I’ve read in all my life

  35. WDMtea

    The telescope will be launched in space when cold fusion will be discovered. 30 years away….

  36. Ouroborus

    Hmm, I think they might have to call in a favor to get this into space….our rockets are to mundane for this sensitive tech…we shall see. Already delays…

  37. Danielle Spargo

    always 10 years away 😭😭
    pls get this telescope out there cuse i wanna find out what’s out there, but i don’t really wanna live that long so hurry up!

  38. Bad Monkey

    About 20 years late but I’m so happy its finally launched and working great

  39. Cooper Manning

    Launch it already Jesus I’ve seen 342167 videos on this telescope with all different launch dates

  40. TheSwedishCrusaider 35

    im teary eyed

  41. Ronnie 6767

    But Can it see my mixtape from 13b lightyears away?

  42. Space Devil144

    “Vast cosmic arena” nice little Sagan nod there 👍

  43. Calebunga

    Imagine if it ends up showing a real life version of Star Wars happening somewhere or ends up showing us that we’re the only life to exist.

  44. Chas Stack

    technology gives me the same feeling I feel standing at the edge of the grand canyon

  45. Michael Frymus

    We’re still waiting for the launch…

  46. Rui Garcia

    Quote by Carl Sagan: “The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.”

  47. Anthony Clauser

    ” patiently waiting” he says.

  48. Sail Boat Billy

    The way this world is going we will be all gone before they launch it. 😢

  49. Lana

    I am curious if they have been incorrect about the expansion of the universe all this time. Perhaps the JWST will tell us more.

  50. Tony Leon

    “to measuring the exact age of our universe” … this is why most scientific data keeps being disproved all the time… It is all bullsht

  51. neosapiens


  52. Entropy

    Great video. I’ve been following news about the JWST, and I learned a few new details in this video. I am sooo excited for the JWST. Can’t wait.

  53. Emir Kuvvet

    2:28 this looks like a monkey lol

  54. supercomputer2004

    Nasa be like “but you wouldn’t know, would you?”

  55. nivledamh

    Like the cartoon Peter griffin once said But I want it nooowww!!!ugh…

  56. ben daubitu

    Oh gosh
    I can’t wait for this

  57. Nikola Tesla

    The launch vehicle should be built with extreme precaution

  58. Johnny Sparkleface

    “As we patiently wait…” Sigh…

  59. Usuk

    “Exact age” lol

  60. Xerxes PlayZ

    The Hubble telescope built like a thundergun…

  61. jryde421

    6:19 mr pain.

  62. Michael Udeze

    It would be quite a day when the James Webb Space Telescope is finally rolled out to the launching pad. You have probably read about people holding their collective breath!

  63. Oops Zz

    4:55 breathtaking. Hope I can get even one chance in my life to be able to appreciate that view.

  64. david legg

    The scientists of the world from all fields are frothing at the bit right now let alone we nerds. When it happens we’ll have a planet of foam.

  65. JS Mariani

    The James Webb is analogous to the Bloodhound SSC. Both have made extraordinary claims and accomplished nothing.

  66. Cotton Pony

    “JWST was originally conceived in 1996 as a $1 billion telescope, with an expected launch sometime around 2007. Since then, the scope of the project has ballooned: its total lifetime cost will be more than nine times that much, around $9.66 billion, with a launch more than a decade later than planned”
    This is the definition of a boondoggle. Imagine, after all of this, that it blows up on the launch pad.

  67. otaku's anime

    Hubble Telescope:Im retiring
    James Webb Telescope:MY TIME HAS COME!!!!

  68. Dark Warrior

    I’ve been following the build of JWST for over 10 years, it’s done now finally and I’m afraid it will never launch, forever stuck on a large rock.

  69. Dirty Swayze

    How are we the only ones out of thousands of trillions of stars and galaxies out there? We can’t be!

  70. sukhvir

    I’m completely fine with it getting delayed as long it’s to make sure it’s deployed successfully

  71. Pale Blue Dot

    If this fails I will have a melt down and cry my self to sleep

  72. Avid Coder

    Imagine the day when we get the first image of another planet with life. Everyone would be jumping for joy. We would experience intense emotions as we finally know we aren’t alone. So many people making efforts to communicate and see if they are still alive.

  73. prometheus660

    Jwst will break your heart. It will be delayed forever.
    I’ll take photos of Proxima Centauri with my iPhone 30 before the jwst captures its first light.

  74. Tom Mohnasky

    When will James Webb be launched?

  75. Rxc Fitz

    bet that he watch lot of anime

  76. Frank Mill

    Just hope they dont trust Boeing Starliner to launch it

  77. John Cee

    If it blows up on launch, im just going to kill myself

  78. Bradley Taniguchi

    There are 200+ steps for deployment, needs to get to the L2 POINT, isn’t “repairable” and has limited fuel for a few years. There is so much risk with this project it’s crazy.


    I worked at NASA Goddard Space station in Greenbelt, Maryland and I was able to see the James Webb telescope being built.

  80. 274727

    The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched on an Ariane 5 rocket. The launch vehicle is part of the European contribution to the mission. The Ariane 5 is one of the world’s most reliable launch vehicles capable of delivering Webb to its destination in space. The European Space Agency (ESA) has agreed to provide an Ariane 5 launcher and associated launch services to NASA for Webb.

  81. bigniper

    By the time this is ready to be Launched we will probably have to go back through the history books on obsolete French Rockets to find out how to build a ARIANE 5 Rocket to Launch it on.

  82. Jack ole

    If U.s military took a couple of days of, we could make 2 james webb just in case.

  83. Harish KL

    They can rename it as “Stuck in the Web” telescope. I have no hope of this launching anytime soon.

  84. Joel Traten

    It has the power of perpetually delayed launch!

  85. Nexxarian

    those spotless gold panels are just asking to be hit with tiny space debris

  86. Swankdaddy

    So much time and money invested. I think they’re scared to launch.

  87. Martin Plütsch

    Imagine… if all the money were spend in Science and not to war….
    We would have thousand James Weber telescopes…

  88. Jaune Arc

    I envied my sons and daughters. They will live to see this masterpiece produces result.

  89. Luke Rieman

    The launch of the JWST is going to be one of the most nail-biting events in history.

  90. Sam Harper

    Sometimes I’m afraid the James Webb telescope is too good to be true, and it will fail some how.

  91. Lou Sensei

    4:58 “..So as we patiently wait for the James Webb Telescope to be launched..” Ugh, don’t remind me😒😔😴

  92. Mark Richards

    JWST is just waiting for someone to click ‘accept’ on the Terms of Service.

  93. Luis Torres

    The successor of the James Webb telescope will be launched first

  94. The Exoplanets Channel

    The discovery of Earth 2.0 is *around the corner*

  95. kevin cvalciuc

    JWT- the most expensive ground based telescope ever.

  96. Tyler Kerr

    2019:I sure hope they launch this soon
    2065: I sure hope they launch this soon
    3078:only 5 years away

  97. Perhaps

    I just hope that when the James Webb telescope gets launched:
    1) The rocket has no malfunctions.
    2) The telescope, with its myriad of high tech and ultra sensitive parts, deploys with zero issues.
    There are no do-overs.
    The images and information it will reveal will be astounding.

  98. Cord Cantrell

    Can’t wait, in 5 years it will be 3 years to launch.

  99. scott gurney

    Get it in the sky before I die.

  100. Luca

    I swear if anything goes wrong with this masterpiece of tech I’m gonna cry.. I cant wait for this

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