The Power Of Space Debris

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Since the beginning of spaceflight, over 9,000 satellites have been launched into orbit. Along with every satellite, there is around 100,000 tonnes of space debris, most of which is too small for us to track. This video looks at the powerful physics behind space collisions and the different methods that are used to shield the International Space Station.

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  1. bfjb70

    Even worse than Compton up there.

  2. Anthony G


  3. John Welch

    Did the space shuttle have the same protection???😏

  4. faisal kunnatheyil

    Good video

  5. Brent Weeks

    How the hell do they know that it was flecks of paint?

  6. Richard Banford

    Cool CGI videos of space…do you have any real videos?

  7. David Madsen

    And the projectile is???

  8. William B

    I always wanted to ask an astronaut how is it that they miss all that space junk during a launch into orbit and returning to earth…

  9. Snow Man

    Why don’t we just push the earth somewhere else? And if we do we need to watch out for giant space worms.

  10. Think Civil

    I was born in the 1950s, so as a kid, we all wanted to be an astronaut. How quickly we have polluted such a vast area that was empty for so long. I watched a much longer video about this problem, and some short-sighted actions have made this many times more dangerous. Blowing up old satellites, thus producing hundreds of thousands of these tiny, but deadly, projectiles has to rate as some of the dumbest mistakes man has ever made. A tiny flake of paint is all that’s needed to cause serious damage to the ISS and satellites, and there is no way to track something that small. The ISS has taken several hits already, with some that would have been nuch more serious if they hit inches one way or the other. Also, future launches of long-range expeditions have to make it through these orbits. A lot of the outdated satellites can be tracked, allowing adjustments to be made to avoid a collision. Also, they eventually burn up as they fall back into our atmosphere. But, these tiny “bullets” remain in orbit and cannot be tracked. At some point the international community has to develop some type of way to clean this up, but how do you “sweep up” countless tiny pieces of metal, plastic, paint, etc? Perhaps some type of larger “blankets” that stay in the same orbits as the ISS and important satellites. Space “kites” have already been developed, so perhaps larger unfolding protection shields could be deployed ahead of, and in the same orbit to catch and clean a path. This problem is only getting more dangerous, so it must be addressed in a more urgent matter.

  11. Jess Rai

    Should borrow a hooked on phonics theiyre NuwYoRka

  12. cavsh00ter

    Give the men and women up there allot more credit, at anytime a piece of space rock goes right thru them

  13. RetroFun


  14. Pratap khandekar

    Good morning

  15. Srini Krish

    What abt space suit…can it with stand debris ??

  16. ajr993

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!! satellites

  17. Respectful GT

    you can tell from the way he talks that space is boring!

  18. Reinhold Everest

    You mean like all that space junk (thousands of tiny 5G satellites) Musk and company are launching into orbit so people in the Far North, the Gobi desert and unknown lands can get high speed internet!?
    The FCC approved the reckless plan and it is now being implemented to the dismay of Scientists who warn that launching spacecraft will be made more dangerous and the satellites travelling overhead will compromise the night sky.

  19. Hrishi Desai

    We are being fooled…. Yet again….

  20. Zoltan Peter

    Luminum oxide?

  21. another space nut

    First? Love the content

  22. Zac Shaheen

    Over 9000!!!!!

  23. Boy Rice

    So how many hits are reported officially?

  24. BlueON YT

    7 Comment

  25. josue zepeda

    Thanks to the Creator God

  26. TheBritishJackalope

    A whipple shield is basically just glirified spaced armor. Something tanks and armored vehicles have utilized since WWII.

  27. Chris Incalnito

    Buwahahahahaha this is funny

  28. RedneckSpaceMan

    That’s why Starships are equipped with navigational deflectors.

  29. Terry Watkins

    I own a 50inch reflector telescope and have yet to see any satellites or debris up there!Any advise anyone?

  30. William Chao

    Chinese space program created a lot of space junk, we should ban China from having space programs.

  31. Scheren Schnitt

    Very interesting.

  32. KK_Magic

    I remember doing a science project for how to combat space debris in middle school. Our solution was to use oobleck as it is hard enough that the debris will go into it, but then it’ll stop the depris from escaping.

  33. Dark Rainbow

    Over 9000?

  34. Planet Awesome

    time to go to mars

  35. David Bordayo

    So now we are creating Space TRASH…. SMART !!!

  36. Paul Dawson

    So there’s projectiles moving through space that hit the space station and other satellites ? I didn’t know that was a problem

  37. dark Shaman

    So this proves nothing can get to the moon hahaha

  38. C May

    Any word on what caused the hole in the Russian ISS module? They have been very tight lipped about it. Not long ago they announced they had a cause but did not say

  39. Norbero Fontanez

    I JUST got DUMBER watching THIS video😖

  40. Jam Isaq

    I’d be happy if all criminals including politicians were sent to Mars. Can you imagine how good we’d have it?

  41. Aikon Latigid

    See the vacuum gun, that’s the power of “nothing”

  42. I. Army

    Simply put the (iss) will never be hit due to it being the only object in the pool when filming

  43. sunshadow7XK

    So they use anti spalling armour.

  44. George


  45. John

    If you threw a boomerang on Mars would it come back to you

  46. Masrur Khan

    Great to know these videos get sponsorships.

  47. Documentary Unwind

    What do you call currency in space?

  48. WonkUWonki


  49. 69aussieguy

    Up to now, tracking stations could only track debris down to 10cm. But now they are building tracking stations for objects down to 2cm, the first is being built in New Zealand. So hopefully this reduces the risk of a major impact.

  50. Aluminum Oxide

    The outer wall is stainless steel, and the inner wall either titanium alloy or aluminum, with a middle layer of up to 10cm of Kevlar

  51. 100,000,000 subscribers without any videos

    Fun Fact: in about 5-10 billion years the Earth will be swallowed by an expanding dying sun which means that anything on this planet will be destroyed and nothing will remain

  52. Johnny Blade

    Ya think it’s about time we drop that “s” in “debris” ?
    Sorry, I had to say it.

  53. William B

    Would be great if they could scoop up the space junk with a special satellite or space ship…

  54. John Moore

    Aahhhhh……. YAWN 😴 all cgi. So sad 😞

  55. Skinny Dipper

    very interesting video and excellent narration. I heard every thing you said

  56. William B

    I retired from a career in the rubber business…I remember a story that the military used Linatex Rubber liner in aircraft fuel cells.
    It would self seal once a small caliber bullet hit the tank…interesting.

  57. Clorox Bleach Chan

    Now that community post of yours finally makes sense!

  58. lemonrand1

    Gotta thank china and india for adding new space debris recently by showing off their anti satellites missiles

  59. The frog


  60. reggiep75

    3:39 – I laughed at the destruction I witnessed here.
    I think I enjoy destruction a little too much but for safety in space, these tests are essential yet entertaining.

  61. Masa Ikramul Haq

    “We polluted the earth, now let’s pollute the space”
    – Scientist’s

  62. Thomas Jefferson

    We are such fools for allowing this space debris to get so far out of hand.

  63. The Skipper

    Shields up!

  64. ericsbuds

    very interesting!

  65. healthdios

    The speed at what debris travels out there is the same as the final stage the spacecraft was moving at the time those pieces were released into orbit.
    The reason for the high speed is the strength gravity is applying to pull anything back to earth, this is because we need to have our instruments high above earth but not to far that will make it difficult to perform any experiments in space.
    The further from earth a spacecraft is, the least speed will be need to stay in orbit. I suspect eventually we’ll see more space missions at a longer distance from earth when lower orbit levels become saturated with junk, which also will require less speed to remain in orbit. And that hopefully will make it safer for astronauts out there since their orbit speed will be slower .
    From the beginning of space exploration, every single mission from any country or agency have left huge amounts of debris flying out there indiscriminately for the next mission to worry about. That’s just the plain and simple reason for this problem.

  66. William English

    This is the old album cover of a Christian rock band. Before this “incident”
    They are MOCKING you all……

  67. Marco M

    The first forcefield👍

  68. Supersonic Tumbleweed

    So that’s why in science fiction they have energy shields

  69. photosphotos

    That photograph of a bullet is from remedy drives album cover from years ago.
    The earth is flat and stationary, space is fake ✅

  70. Sebas Astronomer

    I knew how dangerous space debri could be but never realized how much 🤯 thanks for information 😀👍

  71. Astrolock

    What if we create a matter detection system, which can detect debris from 1000s of km, and move accordingly. (like automatic cars)

  72. - FnafFonda -

    A good film I know named “Gravity” this film is about the astronauts fixing the Hubble telescope and a news coming to astronauts from Houston…a Russian rocket hits to the space debris and that makes a lot of destruction…that debris is moving to the astronauts and they try to survive. That’s a great film you must watch if you want

  73. liberalsarecriminals

    Where can I buy one of these “light gas guns”?
    Asking for a friend….

  74. lorenzo loschi

    Sad that there is so much debris and who knows what the consequences will be in the future for space travel.

  75. jef fej

    The lead picture looks as if it is the drill hole in the Russian capsule.

  76. MrRedeyedJedi

    We need to clean up our space junk.

  77. Veest_

    Very interesting, barely really covered topic. Very nice

  78. Steve Bennett

    It’s amazing to think how long homo-sapiens have been on Earth but the technology we’ve come up with in just the last what 60 years is incredible.

  79. Briareos Hino


  80. Narendra

    We need force field tech.

  81. Masked Foox

    Primal SPACE
    Square SPACE

  82. flamingogaming 45

    2:26 Sooo basically the protection acts the same way as composite armour in tanks?

  83. Mitchell White


  84. Sgt. PeperRaz PepeRaz

    5:14 Protect us from… us!

  85. Jack Liu

    Thank you for this video, currently writing an research paper on this for my ap class

  86. DME EMD

    This is such a great channel!!!

  87. John Shilling

    “Reroute power to the forward Shields, Scotty!”

  88. Timothy McDaniel

    Just a minor nitpick. 1:15 The narration and subtitles say “point 8 millijoules of energy”, but the video displays “0.008 J”, which is 8 millijoules. It doesn’t affect the real point — it’s just a trivial discrepancy that I noticed.

  89. Aqim Julayhi

    It’s mind boggling to think of the countless untrackable space debris. I wonder how much maintenance the ISS gets in regards to space debris care. Great video as always.

  90. Kyle Brown

    1:19 not very important but you say 0.8 mJ when it says 8mJ on screen

  91. michael wittmann

    1:37 “zombiously”

  92. Albert Ochoa

    Solution is easy: no more space trips for 100 years

  93. XxPlayMakerxX131

    Never knew that the debris decle-atres so quickly that its pressure increases thus melting it and sending a shockwave which cause more impact

  94. محمد هريدي

    Wow I learned today that the atmosphere is most underrated MVP ever.

  95. spock

    Puny humans, still no forcefield technology

  96. Kamran Bashir

    What if a particle hits the astronaut when he is out of ISS?

  97. Alpha Adhito

    I did not expect to hear you say *”Over 9000″* in the begining

  98. Irish Anonymous

    00:00 that’s a lot of space

  99. Gianni

    Good video again: I learned some new things again ;).

  100. ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ

    “This is nothing new to scientists”
    Engineers: -_-

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