The Power of Jupiter’s Red Spot

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When Voyager 2 took the first images of Neptune, it discovered an enormous dark spot similar to the one found on Jupiter. When it was observed just a few years later, the dark spot had completely disappeared. This video looks at how the storms on Neptune and Jupiter form and why we might see Jupiter’s Great Red Spot disappear in our lifetime.

» Beoynd That Mountain Range – Trace Way
» In Place – King Peaks
» Voyager – Ewan Cunningham

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  1. Tabea Tamm

    I love the red spot, so this video made me kinda sad.

  2. helvete


  3. skateborder 101

    This video makes me say
    Yea I’m a scientist

  4. Sadaqat Ali

    Can you give me the music link playing in background.

  5. W R

    This guy has really has really good enunciation lmaoooo you can hear every single word clearly.

  6. Locke Nash

    He’s voice is… legendary.

  7. Loon Loon


  8. What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    JOKE: How do you organize a space party??
    YOU PLANET! ;-)

  9. Chris Ashby

    I l0ove how he used fahrenheit, then instantly switches to metric (kilometres)

  10. Josh Thompson

    At first I thought the thumbnail was a bowl of heinz tomato soup

  11. Xx_Sunlight12345 YT

    This reminds me of the SCP or malfunctioning destroyer.

  12. Barnacle MAN

    Imagine a weather report on Neptune. “Today, we have a strong storm coming in with possible wind gusts of 1,000+ MPH.”

  13. Cedie Mina

    The Universe Is Beautiful
    Ms. Universe

  14. Viperion

    Jupiter’s Red Spot:Exists
    Acne: Am I a joke to you?!

  15. Fauzul Azim

    That’s Mitochondria of Jupiter, I guess 😅

  16. Xackicz j

    Make a video on “the power of the g spot”

  17. 101 Fireboy

    When you don’t know what scp 2399 ,you say this(search *scp 2399* )

  18. arkonis

    I love your work but I was found completely lost when you talked about temperatures, as it was either in Fahrenheit or Celsius, for a video of this type, you should be more precise and give the unit everytime, or stick to the international unit system
    Either way, good job

  19. S Stills

    The universe reminds me of a girl I was going to date. Its large, dark, has a black hole and I want to explore it.

  20. TnT_Yeeter

    not if i kill myself first

  21. Le Faboo

    I thought the thumbnail was a sunny side up egg

  22. cinnamonstar808


  23. TLM

    I’m going to miss that red spot 😢

  24. god of door

    It’s always gonna be weird to lose something so iconic and well known, losing something that big to our solar systems knowledge in just 30 – 50 years. I think it’s going to be remembered for a while at least.

  25. People Things

    It’s so close

  26. dota2 pudge

    LOoool i thought it was a egg😂😂

  27. Catnium

    you should see the power of my wife’s red spot

  28. Mine Turtle

    0:31 when its Netflix and chill but nothing happened, and she keeps on teasing you and leave you hanging…

  29. DarkDove_

    Your lack of consistency between units is underwhelming

  30. MrSuperChaosGuy Archives


  31. Xx ii Kayla ii xX :P

    I saw the thumbnail and I thought it was an egg xD

  32. octapusxft

    This makes me feel so small in scale

  33. DubbleD Daphne

    the thumbnail looks like a espresso coffee

  34. Soggy Cardboard

    puberty hit Jupiter hard.

  35. Shawn Matney

    I like how you switch from standard to metric measurements back and forth and I really hope it confuses the s*** out of some nerd

  36. Stitchpuppy01

    Since I was in middle school this has been one of the most fascinating things in the Universe to me.

  37. Mark Youneva

    Neptune a smooth blue ball. yah Neptune, I sometimes know the feeling.

  38. HotelPapa100

    0:22 “And scientists had only predicted its existence, without actually observing it.”
    Rubbish. That’s how Neptune was discovered, but it has been observed in telescopes ever since.

  39. Roronoa Zoro

    0:30 i need to grow up

  40. Junior

    It’s very interesting watching this.

  41. Salty Storm ツ

    So, my name is Storm, and It’s soo much fun when we covered planets and the entire class is like h a h a would you look at that “iT’s a sToRm hEhAHaahEHA”

  42. Daniel Hover

    ThAts like my red spot on my face. *PIMPLE*

  43. Mephisko CZ

    Ahh yes, SCP-2399. The [DATA EXPUNGED]

  44. Ronz Gwapings

    You mean Scp-2399 yes? Yeah it’s powerful and all

  45. Will Scarlett

    The Power and Artistry of God 😊

  46. Avol80

    “Smooth blue ball”

  47. Shaun H

    When I looked at the thumbnail quickly I thought it was soup

  48. Swinde

    What happened to “Red Spot Jr.” Is it still around? I know that a third red spot was consumed by the main spot.

  49. Firstname Lastname

    The repair is almost done!!

  50. Apricots

    Jupiter is my favorite planet after Earth.

  51. haha _ spark

    Born too late to explore the Earth yet too early to explore the universe.

  52. cowardlycourage

    Earth has the less severe but most unpredictable weather in our solar system

  53. Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 2

    Britain: the thumbnail looks like tea swirling around

  54. Voshchronos

    Damn, I never thought I’d witness the end of the great red spot.

  55. Booglium Moo

    I like Jupiter, it’s my favorite planet.

  56. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

    Dang Neptune is dangerous asf. A thousand miles per/hour wind wtf

  57. Rafael Lins

    Everybody knows that Jupiter’s Red Spot was caused by SCP-2399

  58. Pro Gamer

    Keep going!

  59. Huehuehue Hue

    Jupiter’s great dank spot

  60. Nertz

    Its amazing to think that there is a possibility that one day we will say “Do you remember what you were doing when Jupiter’s Red spot disappeared?”

  61. The Challenger

    Jupiters storm looks like freshly poured milk into a cup of coffee 2:06

  62. Crystal GAMER

    0:00 When u got primal space and squarspaces

  63. DARTrider

    me when watching primal space: cool
    my brain: ooooooooooo dats guud facts

  64. Mpath 123 Vlogs

    And I thought my acne’s bad…..

  65. Abhijit Dhar

    Its really amazing to know that in my lifetime I would be to see the storm got vanished

  66. Ryan Rosemeyer

    Uses farenheit for Jupiter’s core temperature.
    5 seconds later:
    Uses kilometres for the speed of the great red spot’s spinning.

  67. slaptoad

    Jupiter trying to hide his spot like a pimple
    Earth: look at Jupiter’s BIG RED SPOT!

  68. Amy Carter

    I’m actually surprised that the Red Spot is still there. Makes me wonder if another one will appear shortly afterward.

  69. Meitti

    “Discover Neptune”. Why would anyone want to go into a planet made out of fart gas?

  70. Hx to jcddf to h Ggh go sryu

    The great red spot is the result of a controlled magnetic field that provides calm winds for entry

  71. David DeChamplain

    Neptune was repeatedly observed through telescopes well before Voyager.

  72. Lee Banning

    Jupiter is like one big enormous eye floating around in space.

  73. almafuertegmailcom

    “without actually observing it”. Ehm, no. That did happen (that we knew about it without having observed it), but that was until the 1850s, when it was actually observed through a telescope. Then we discovered it had been actually seen before by Galilei in the early 1600s, but he didn’t recognize it as a planet.

  74. Ban Pls

    i demand a proper funeral when the red spot finally fades

  75. jas jas

    They can’t get the weather on earth right ….
    Its funny they try to predict of another planet

  76. Cakeadventure

    2030s (after the red spot disappears): First good weather on Jupiter in the last 350 years…

  77. morio

    Earth: little storms for little humans

  78. Neil Kirby

    Millennials in 40 years, “When I was a lad, Jupiter had a Great Red Spot!”
    Gen Z’s, “You mean a Small Red Spot?”
    Gen Alpha, “Jupiter had spots?”

  79. DarkHypex

    I thought that was coffe just being mixed

  80. James Hannah

    I’ve seen the Great Red Spot with my own eyes through my little 5″ maksutov cassegrain. Sad to hear it may be dissapating

  81. Dane Spencer

    I’ll come back in the 2030s to confirm this video.

  82. gonk k

    Isnt the most iconic thing in our solar system earth?

  83. Shadowless

    Why does looking at Jupiter remind me of coffee

  84. Paranøia _

    “The Power of Jupiter’s Red Spot”
    *Yeah so Neptune..*

  85. Maya -

    No own seems to care about Saturns rings going away in 2400

  86. Stefan

    At 2:30, you say the number for Fahrenheit and show Fahrenheit and Celsius. At 2:38, you say the number for km/h and show the conversion for mph. At 4:52, you say “700 degrees”, and show “1300*” which seems to be the conversion of 700C to 1300F, or maybe you’re correcting an incorrect figure, I can’t be sure.
    Please pick a system of units as your preferred system and use that for everything you say. If you want to say both, say your preferred system first. Always show both the figure for both unit systems on screen.

  87. Memes n Shet

    *SCP-2399 is getting ready…*

  88. FriendlyInBalota

    Dude thats SCP [REDACTED] !

  89. Thorozak_

    Here i thought the storm was shrinking due to performance anxiety with so many people watching, anyone would get nervous!

  90. E Lopez

    Yeah right, everyone knows the red spot is a crashed alien warship that’s slowly rebuilding itself through use of drones and EMP resistant forcefields…

  91. Peyton schuberg

    School district: nah still fine to go to school

  92. Marijan

    I read once that a satelite crashed into Jupiter and formed a storm which still lasts. Somehow, my 8 year old brain thought that it was referring to the great red spot. Turns out it was there for 350 years? Wow!

  93. Jupiter

    You may never knew that my big red spot gave me a disease.

  94. MarkusPl4y

    Only 90 kids will remember the red spot

  95. Fat Pikachu Lord

    That’s amazing. A storm that can kill you in seconds if you didn’t die by the planets gravity…
    Goodbye history

  96. Diamond Pearl

    Me watching this at home:😲
    If I watched this in science class:😑

  97. Peter Houle

    rejoice, teens: those giant red spots won’t last forever!

  98. Andy Grüning

    We really should be updated about neptunes and jupiters weather through the weather apps

  99. Ali Syed

    The Universe is so beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to see these planets up close through the window of a spaceship.

  100. its_a_trab

    Your voice sounds like the evolution of a text to speak voice.

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