The Plan To Steal The Space Shuttle

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In the mid 70’s, the Soviet Union felt threatened when they heard that the Americans were working on a winged space vehicle. This video looks at how the Soviets managed to get their hands on important Shuttle documents and create even more advanced version of the Space Shuttle called the Buran.

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  1. Colton bolis


  2. dcurry431

    “Stealing” your video intro from Mustard’s video on the Buran is a great meta-joke.

  3. Sebastião Mendonça

    The Buran did make history despite its sadly short lifetime. It became the first ever spaceplane to ascend to orbit and land back on Earth fully autonomously

  4. What's Next?

    First title and thumbnail wasn’t clickbait, this is. Unsub.

  5. A Bell

    Amazing video!

  6. Bill Dolar

    what a crap mix of facts, half-truths and simplistic speculations. worthless

  7. Дмитрий Полтанов

    1:06 You forget :
    First Man on Orbit in 12.04.61,
    First Manned Space Walk in 18.03.65,
    First Woman Cosmonaut in 16.06.63.

  8. Clovis Rabello


  9. TheAjbp95

    Did not know this. Thanks for sharing!

    You mention it being superior than the space shuttle. Would be interesting to watch a video where you went indepth and compared them.

  10. Falk

    hmm that intro, I remember that from somewhere🤔

  11. Mr. Loop

    The Buran was arguably better than the shuttle

  12. XB44 Dhruv Pankhania

    How is this possible that you have 10k views and only 102 comments ??!?!??

  13. Claire Destiny

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  14. Philma Johnson

    Stealing a space shuttle isn’t as impressive as faking a moon landing

  15. almafuertegmailcom

    I can’t believe I’m about to defend the soviets, but just in this case, it’s deserved.

    Did they steal a lot of information about the Shuttle? Yes. Could they have copied the design? Yes. Did they copy the design? Nope.

    Most important elements of the Buran were *entirely* different from the Shuttle. Buran didn’t have any engines, and launched on Energia, using a hydrogen stage and four liquid fuel boosters. The Shuttle, on the other hand, had its own engines, and use an external tank plus two solid fuel boosters. That is the most important part of the design, and it’s radically different. The aerodynamic profile of the Buran and Shuttle were different enough that whatever info they stole on wind-tunnel testing was irrelevant, and they did a lot of wind-tunnel testing. There are still wooden prototypes of the Buran that were used for wind-tunnel testing. The Shuttle was tested by deploying it, unpowered, from a 747, while Buran had its own jet engines. They flew their prototype with jet engines *dozens of times*.

    The Buran looked similar to the Shuttle for the same reason the A320 looks similar to the 737: Because they both work under the same laws of physics.

  16. TRUTH Drops - Keeping It

    The only thing these shuttles were used for was to carry parts for the real non public black budget space program.
    Most people would go into shock if they knew what is really above their heads.
    Eyes open for what is coming.

  17. Old Movies B/W & Colour S

    Here’s what it looks like today,

  18. Jungwoo Park

    you wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a space shuttle…

  19. Paul Michael Freedman

    Funding for the Buran faded after Chernobyl I guess. The nuclear disaster made the cost of Buran look like peanuts, nevertheless they needed every last peanut for the cleanup

  20. 選手

    The Spiral had to have inspired TNC’s Dream Chaser spaceplane. They’re very similar.

  21. 理工大叔

    The earliest prototype of the space shuttle appeared in Japanese comics, and NASA also admitted that the original design was copied from a Japanese artist. Why does the world pretend not to remember?

  22. Cluelessturlte

    The Soviets didn’t “steal” anymore than the US did. The shuttle design was just the most optimal for its time. And besides there are huge key differences between the two vehicles so your title is extremely condescending. It should be “How the soviets designed a better vehicle from learning the mistakes of the space shuttle”

  23. Marius Baron Quandel

    In Germany we still have the Buran in the Space and Flightmuseum in Speyer.

  24. Jonathan

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  25. Andrew Abbott

    The bit about the wind tunnel research and the the Buran’s very similar appearance to the space shuttle was especially fascinating!

  26. Haos666

    @Primal Space – At 2:31 – OKBs were NOT private institutions by any means. They were state-controlled design bureaus.

  27. Aaron Ryder

    This is mindblowing!

  28. Formed Reformed

    26 dislikes from edgy socialist american teens

  29. ur ducked ur mugged, but


  30. ABK_RaY

    and they did it better then space shuttle

  31. linkin543210

    That’s like saying BMW stole Mercedes’ design. Just because they look similar, doesn’t mean it was stolen, sometimes that’s the best design for its purpose.

  32. enovius

    Press X to doubt. The Buran had a resemblance, but the whole internal system was of soviet design.

  33. Sietse De Grande

    How original…

  34. Oscar Julius

    There is actually a Buran sitting in the technical museum Speyer in Germany. It’s on my profile picture:)

  35. whotknots

    The Soviet ‘Spiral’ also looked like an almost exact copy of an early experimental ‘lifting body’ proof of concept vehicle developed by NASA and the USAF!

  36. Rashad Kafeel

    The side effect of copying is always being a little behind.

    And a little means a lot when it comes to space.


    Can you pls do a video with XXX TENTACION CHANGES 🥺🥺 SONG

  38. Jeff Brooks

    USSR space plane The Spiral looks like the Sierra Nevada corporation Dream Chaser. 🤣🤣🤣 See 2:52

  39. Aj Wayne

    I wonder if the Buran had been put into service if they would have had the same technical, maintenance, and reliability issues that the shuttle had? I’m going to guess yes, as this design seems to be inherently complex.

  40. Non Stop

    i wish soviet union would stay.. we could give them the money to build what ever crazy ideas they had but at the same time they could change the rules to what goes to the country and to the actual workers and citizens (aka comunism.. they could change comunism :v )

  41. Kristijonas Kuzmickas


  42. Darrin Clough

    It’s convergent design. Turns out if you want a craft with the same capabilities as the space shuttle, you get a craft that looks like the space shuttle. The Buran is structurally completely different than the space shuttle. The Energia wasn’t even designed for the Buran.

  43. Tresar 04

    The Soviet Union hasn’t stolen the Space Shuttle design. At first, they researched and tried to make their own version of a Space Shuttle, but figured out that the American Space Shuttle was the best design. The Buran was actually better than the Space Shuttle, having more advanced technologies that the Space Shuttle, and solving some important problems with the Space Shittle design. At least, this was true on paper. It has never got to prove how efficient it actually was, considering that the Buran has flown only once. Overall, the Buran was a capable space vehicle, but the founds for it were cut off.

  44. Nithin CR

    An 225 – Mriya build for Buran!

  45. Yashi

    Finally a buran video! There is something soo fascinating in the soviet version of the shuttle! “Autolanding” in the 80s! Just wow

  46. Nutshellus

    Well looks a bit the same

  47. Primal Space

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