The First City On Mars

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In 2024, SpaceX aim to send the first humans to Mars. This will be the very beginning of Elon Musk’s goal to start a self sustaining colony on Mars. This video looks at how the first Martians will establish a base on Mars and how they will create rules and laws in order to grow the base into a thriving city.

» Dreamer – DivKid
» Dusk – DivKid
» Nidra in the Sky with Ayler – Jesse Gallagher

Written by: Paul McDougal/Ewan Cunningham (
Edited by: Martin Popovski/Ewan Cunningham

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  1. HyperBeazt X

    I want elon musk be a king/president/mars owner

  2. Ameer Rahman

    Ummmmm there already there

  3. NERD GMING polo

    A tesla boi just doing his own buisness

  4. Anthony Porreca FPVRC

    Whoever finances all of this going to Mars is going to own it.

  5. Dani Muresan

    It’s fine to have your head in the clouds, as long as your feet are on the ground. If you actually believe we’re going to Mars in 2024, they’re not. We will return to the moon in 2024, set up a semi-permanent base there, improve our EO infrastructure and learn more about living in low G conditions for long periods of time. We’ll probably go to mars by the 2040s, though not to stay.

  6. Worldwar2 Lucky


  7. Alice sh

    where were u born?
    = Mars
    = 0.0

  8. Randon gaming

    I am living in India for 20 years and I am speak very good hindi language

  9. Crypto

    The city reminds me of Solaris from Destroy All Humans 2

  10. Stuntphish

    0:20 Make life an interplanetary species? Life is a species?

  11. Zen Rai

    I have so many questions!!

  12. TheMighty Martian

    The outer space treaty doesn’t bar anyone from owning any celestial body it bars weapons of mass destruction on any celestial body

  13. Oscar Fragoso islas

    Why! WHYYYY!

  14. Sohail Khan

    At first it looked like chip

  15. ross smith

    I remember reading somewhere that the protection needed from radiation is the biggest hurdle of the whole mission. We already have traveled and landed on Mars. So in order to protect humans from Gamma Rays the protective layer would be 13 feet of water, 6 feet of concrete and or 1 and a half feet of lead. Could be a tough build.

  16. Isabella Benz

    Do you want to exploit Mars like earth.😓

  17. Michael Baker

    darn i’m all out of free.. can anyone loan me some? i want to watch some of these thousand documentaries.

  18. Shawn Ramirez

    I’m 17, more than likely I should live to see humans fully colonize Mars!! *crosses fingers*

  19. Niklas Kristensen - 9B

    Well all i see is.. earth vs mars, in 2640 :)

  20. mamaru yihunie

    wow it is amazing to me & I learned about this video

  21. Moid Nouman

    First explore Earth oceans.

  22. Aaa Aaa

    The Apocalypse may happen first before this plan will happen.

  23. Constant Content

    Any country can’t claim space
    Elon claims mars using his company
    His company CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH

  24. Salad Uchiha

    Earth:I give you everything I’ve got….after all that you just left me
    Mars:They just used sad

  25. Glenndale Rogers

    They talk about the economy and the laws to govern the planet. So unbelievably curious the White man does not talk about the labor. Someone or Somebody’s will have to tend the green houses and build the cities. So when does the servitude and slave ships start. Right after you land on Mars. We all know its going to happen. Answer that question. When will the earths people of color be captured and forced to to Mars to work as Slaves with no way back to earth

  26. blackandcold

    Cool! Austrian Space Forum footage :D

  27. BrianHN

    Petition to re-name mars to “Musk planet”

  28. Yazen Al gheithy

    My dad works in the company at 2:09

  29. latinworldexplorer

    Why all this negativity?
    When and if we get to the point of being able to establish a colony on this planet, we should look back at absolutely all the mistakes that we have made as a species and throughout history, and make sure we don’t make them again.
    Only idiots keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
    Government, economy, blah blah blah.
    Start anew and let’s at least try to get it right this time.

  30. Allan Sagahon

    The worst part will have to be that you can only be a vegetarian and not have any other fruit than berries.

  31. HyperBeazt X

    Wait,how the f that atv can turned on.engine need an oxygen to burn oil WTF

  32. Daisuke

    Asteroids is 👋

  33. Randon gaming

    Call me to a sample for voice and I need to work because I need some money

  34. werr3222werrr

    Damnit I spent another night watching this stuff it’s 6am I’m going to bed


    God bless you all viva Sr sto Nino viva viva viva city Mars God bless you all viva Sr sto Nino viva viva earth

  36. Chris MacZynsky

    How to build a new civilisation on mars if we’re struggling on earth with?

  37. TheKingArmyRS

    WW3 be like “Stupid Not Let You Get The Chance!”

  38. RTP

    1st Martian city must go ANCAP… just saying

  39. Lowack DeuTscH

    The curioustyStream video’s has got subtitles?

  40. Elkadillo

    ‘Elon Musk’s goal to make life a multi-planetary species’.
    Life is a species??

  41. JerryTheRat

    Ima tell my kids this was earth

  42. Teryn

    The last part before the sponsor ad, hit me hard in thought….

  43. How9areU 9

    Maybe I will watch this when australia stay good v

  44. Wicke 2D

    David Attenbruh.

  45. Lemonade

    👏 Name👏 It👏 Opportunity 👏

  46. Karch Kirner

    0:20. “To make life a multi planetary species” what? 😂😂😂

  47. Targo Traks

    05:08 Sounds good !!

  48. R4GN4R0K _

    No to the gentrification of Mars, MARS BELONGS TO THE MARTIANS

  49. Ex Soldier of Midgar

    Send the chinese in there, they are very good at populating

  50. Larry Monske

    Mars if microbial life I’d found could it be all the life in mars there is and any exploration would destoy all life naturally occurring in deep survival mode.

  51. Amar Fawwas

    Nty, I like Earth.

  52. The KeenTribe

    The first sign you’ll read on Mars: “Road Construction 2km”.

  53. Oh Yeah Yeah Commander

    the expanse brought me here

  54. Charles-A Rovira

    @3:20 Direct democracy is fine for small communities. It might be ideal for the initial *Mars* settlements but, after there are more people than you can ever get to meet in the course of a single day, a different structure is needed.
    The first thing we do is change from an *elected* to a *selected* form of government. (In essence sortition. < > Yes +Yoram Gat you will get credited from now on. 😉)
    *_Pick names at random out an eligible citizen pool and they’re stuck with doing the job for one, and only one, four-year term. Sort of like the Jury system._*
    There could/should/would be no such thing as a career in politics. (The only thing worse than getting stuck with somebody who didn’t want the job is getting stuck with some idiot who did, figuring it was going to lift him a few rungs up the social/economic ladder.)
    And don’t give me that bullshit about average citizens don’t know enough about politics.
    Average citizens know right from wrong and are likely to at least read a bill before they sign and pass it on.
    Average citizens know enough to be suspicious and not so venal and blinded by the lure of undeserved re-election.
    Eligibility requirements are:
    • were you born here or are you a naturalized citizen?
    • are you a permanent resident in a village, town or city within our borders?
    • are you above the age of 25?
    • are you healthy enough? (you don’t suffer from any clinical health issue(s) or mental impairment(s) which would prevent you from fulfilling your duties?)
    • have you never served in the government before?
    • have you never been found guilty of a violent crime?
    • have you never been found to be clinically insane?
    From +Milton Ragsdale comes a further refinement.
    • can you pass a one-month civics/constitutional boot camp?
    (It is up to individual states on how they select their Congressional representatives.)
    From ? comes a further refinement.
    • You can’t have divided loyalties, therefore no dual citizenship.
    Answer yes to all of these questions, you’re eligible for selection.
    For a video on Athenian democracy and political organization check out [ ]

  55. John Johansen

    5:06 Unless they’ve got access to documentaries.


    Imagine being born in mars ahaha

  57. Charles Estrada

    You all think history is over but…… history has just begun

  58. Roy De La Cruz

    Holyy shiit soo it’s really going to happen 😯😯

  59. TheOicyu812

    4:49 – I like the reference to the lyrics in Rocket Man (written by Bernie Taupin).

  60. Fia Durhuus

    just imagine what countries and languages would be like on mars. i’m so excited for if/when this will happen !!!

  61. Itspingu check

    I will back in four years

  62. 高木椎名

    Congratulations. You have achieved new Citizenship: Martian

  63. Frank Fedison

    Make it easier to remove laws than to pass them? Someone’s been reading his Heinlein. 🙂

  64. Glenndale Rogers

    History repeats itself.

  65. TriggerKid

    *We are going to plants 20 million trees on Mars*

  66. Deathbreach

    What it would be like to be the first to fire a gun on mars to record the differences. Couldn’t be too impressive anyway

  67. EK productions

    😂Id rather live on earth

  68. A Person?

    Plot twist
    Astronomers: “Right, we’ve destroyed Earth so lets move to Mars”

  69. Darkest Hour

    Aliens: Welcome to our land. May we share it and it’s resources with you in a common manor and in turn teach and learn from your life experiences in the hopes of combining our scientific research and becoming better beings overall.
    Humans: do you have a moment to talk about jesus?

  70. Salvador Garcia


  71. Lmg mounted And loaded

    This is actually good in case of earth getting destroyed

  72. Aflax News

    Next generations
    “Flat marsers”

  73. ChemicalFrankie

    how do you solve gravity related problems? I missed that part

  74. Lotus

    If humans are able to be born on mars they are gonna look really creepy.

  75. iiabdou03

    Is it really possible to Terraform mars, bc we still need the magnetic field.

  76. William Mostert

    Petition to name the first city on Mars ‘Opportunity’

  77. Nicholas Rourke

    When I was a kid. Man made movies about martian aliens. now I’m an adult and we are gonna become the Martians. Crazy how life works.

  78. John Johansen

    You’re getting way ahead of things!

  79. Camal Christine

    Mom: this coming april ,after your graduation ? Where do you like to spend you vacation ? Asia ,Europe,or States ?
    Me : mars mom ,mars 😊💕
    Mom: shocked 🙄

  80. Coby Utting

    This video was brought to you from paradox interactive.

  81. Clorox Bleach

    100 years from now:
    Employee: Damn it I only have 30 minutes to go to Mars.

  82. Sau Dip

    How you call children born on mars call earth is alien? Lmfao.

  83. Oliver Sendy

    Who’s watching this on Mars it’s currently 2020

  84. Mark William

    Earth is where my hEart is💖🌏
    no way Im leaving my hEart behind.💔

  85. Michael Cox

    This will be turned into a reality show.

  86. cairo

    Make life a multiplanetary species? Is “life” a species? Humans are a species. You can make them multiplanetary species. Or you can make life multiplanetary.

  87. Bartok

    2:55 Weed is a nice local ressource. Imagine getting high on Mars.

  88. the white Israelite

    If Mars is going to be colonized and there’s going to be a government on Mars it’s going to be a Republic not a democracy

  89. dataValis OFFICIAL

    Im pretty sure musk is gonna become mars’ president

  90. Andrew Byi

    Elon Musk can literally create an empire on Mars taking over the entire planet.

  91. Dani UwU

    He said bruh at 5:35

  92. Van

    4:50 _”Mars may not seem like the kind of place to raise your kids”_
    *_…In fact it’s cold as hell!_*

  93. The Exoplanets Channel

    Can’t wait to go to Mars!

  94. Xertos

    I watch like 5 of space type videos a day and when ill be 25+ i hope i will be in a space company that’s a dream that i will “acquire”
    I’m not from a country that speaks english
    so i had to try to learn english by myself and like in 6 years here i am :/ i still have grammatical problems but i think its ok for now!

  95. Frizz

    The first city should be called “opportunity”

  96. opollo

    Don’t be stupid, 1st will be to survive and create stability than laws.

  97. 3effa

    They are going to be dependent on earth. The first people should be smart enough to use common sense and cooperate.
    It won’t be much different than the ISS

  98. Dalisu Ngobese

    Humanity on another planet is literally how you get Aliens.

  99. Memes Made Good

    I want Musk to be the First president of Mars

  100. A Madt

    Mars generation will never understand earthling meme

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