The Efficiency Of India’s Space Program

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Throughout the history of spaceflight, we’ve seen some incredible achievements take place. But one country that isn’t often mentioned in the history of spaceflight is India. This video looks at India’s efficiency when it comes to cost saving and building rockets.

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  1. Sean Neal

    So you’re saying India has laws that PREVENT private corporations from going to space? And they’re the ones being called “efficient”? Cost of launch doesn’t mean shit if you have engineers in that country WILLING to work for $10k a year…. Apples to oranges here. You produced an interesting, but otherwise uninteresting comparison of completely different technologies. Have you seen a modern Indian automobile? There you go…


    China is a joke Russia number one in space even more than America

  3. A3Kr0n

    Thumbs down for India

  4. Joe

    I don’t understand, why a poor country needs to have a billion $ space program…

  5. Live The Future

    Their not ‘efficient’ per say, it’s more that they’re terribly underfunded and their workers underpaid, and that they have to make do with what they have, which is not much.

  6. Kevin Guthrie

    All India needs is some decent CGI artists and then they can compete with anyone in the world

  7. Fact Talk

    Hello Nasa… I’m a 13 Year old from India… I will be there too after years….. And I want to say you that what about using the sugar rockets in place your fuel consumption will be low… And the rockets have nice thrust…please try it once…. And make it advanced by your scientific researchs…. Thank you…….

  8. JPAnor

    and all the indans are now coming crawling out their holes

  9. Michael Michael

    A country that receives one of the highest international development assistance shoulden´t have a Space programm

  10. Atif Mohammed

    If we want to colonize Mars and Moon, All space agencies have to unite to accomplish the task, and like SpaceX is making Its own laws on mars this not good because we should take thoughts of every country on it, and Mars is not owned by SpaceX.

  11. Blake B


  12. sbmphr

    I wish India great success in the Space industry but they need to put much more effort into raising their poverty line.
    When it comes to the wellbeing of most of India’s citizens, space exploration is unimportant.

  13. roblox astronaut

    I am from India

  14. Furius

    To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy 💜

    My Dream is to have 3k. I been struggling to get there❤


  15. Whita Cat

    i saw a video on YouTube that china and india contribute more space debris than all country combine. i know space is huge but our atmosphere is not…

  16. Siddhant Desai

    love this

  17. AeromanYett


  18. Zakievi Rutsa

    Thank you primal space love from india

  19. Alab Anilkumar

    India= views

  20. Akarsh Patil

    1st one to watch the entire video

  21. Random Hoovy

    There’s a possibilty that one day, ISRO might be the first to use ISRU

  22. Adarsh Yadav

    Thank you Primal Space for making such an amazing Video ☺ #ISRO

  23. roblox tikasun123

    Yess i am early

  24. reggiep75

    The one thing that India really has got right is efficiency and not getting costs explode and for that, they can really cover the smaller item market with other nations thinking ‘We don’t and shouldn’t need to spend this much to get this item/project into space, call the ISRO and pitch the project to them.’

  25. Geo Flights X



    Jai Hind🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  27. eccomi_wx

    Did you guys seriously start including “Art” in STEM? What a joke…

  28. Jarrod Yuki

    india needs one child policy.

  29. James C

    I love how the first point is “they’re efficient because they underpay their workers”

  30. Melody Srikanth

    ♥️ from India!!!

  31. Tirtha Bhattacharya

    ISRO scientists and engineers aren’t really underpaid. Yes, the pay and facilities are still somewhat lesser than NASA but you’ve to take into account the purchasing power and cost of living as well. $10k will get you almost the same amount of stuff in India compared to $80k in the States. You can actually live a decent life here with that money.
    The problem plaguing ISRO right now isn’t cost. Yes, increase in budget will let them do a lot of stuff at a faster rate but the problem right now is lack of innovation. Frugal engineering alone won’t cut it in the future. New typ of launch vehicles like reusable ones, new ion engines, investing in scramjets etc is a must. ISRO is doing that but only after SpaceX has already done it. ISRO needs to do something unique and be the first space agency to do it. Private Space firms will soon take over. NASA will most likely completely outsource the launching business to SpaceX and Blue Origin in the next decades. SpaceX is right now already more ambitious than NASA and they have the most powerful rocket in the world and are building something even more powerful. Blue Origin will follow suit. Electron will launch rockets with a much lower budget in the future. In such competitive atmosphere, govt space agencies will not remain cost effective for long

  32. WinterHell

    Nice video. We need a lot more coverage of ISRO.

    Off-topic, I have a pet peeve about the whole push for STEAM. I love STEM and think it’s critically important for societal and economic development. The Arts part however doesn’t belong. Whatever arguments one can (and should) make about the value of art to human life can also be made about music and athletics and other activities. Should we keep expanding so we end up with STEAAMM?

    STEM deserves to be highlighted for very good reasons. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math form the bedrock of modern civilization and the global economy but we’re plagued with a SHORTAGE of students entering those fields. There is NO shortage of kids wanting to be musicians, writers, artists, actors, etc. and don’t require any special push from society. STEM fields are hard for a reason and are worth every penny spent to encourage and facilitate and subsidize kids choosing STEM fields. The inclusion of “Arts” is a distraction and dilutes the whole point of separating STEM from the rest of education. I’m not saying arts aren’t important (I’ve spent much of my life in artistic endeavors). I’m saying it doesn’t deserve the same push for specialized funding and investment.

  33. Furius

    To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy 💜

    My Dream is to have 3k. I been struggling to get there❤


  34. Matteo Siefert

    India should rather focus on fixing their country instead of dumping billions into an industry that is ruled by SpaceX.

  35. Aceofdea7h

    Hello how are you :)
    Hope you have a good/nice day

  36. Luis F Arredondo

    Loved it!

  37. Raajas Mulye

    Proud Of You ISRO

  38. Live The Future

    Sounds more like the government is ripping us off, and then they wonder why millions of us choose to migrate…to find better opportunities abroad in countries like the US, where they actually value your creativity, skills and expertise.

  39. Jovi Choo

    ISRO is underrated

  40. OsterHase0O


  41. VideoMentary Productions

    I totally agree, India is very much like other countries with limited resources, they think outside the box, and a lot of time this is better, they didn’t say it can’t be done, they looked for other ways to achieve the same goals as the big boys ,they make it work 😘

  42. Tanmay Singh

    Was waiting for this video for so long❤️❤️

  43. VAM

    Is this really an example of extraordinary efficiency though? Or are the examples given just the next progression and replication of past technologies at an obviously decreased price. The Mars Orbiter Mission is stunningly cheap in comparison to other similar missions, but what percentage of that cost was saved by looking at the technology that already existed—built on larger budgets?


    Fab video. Very inspo😎👍

  45. Madhu

    India is smart

  46. Viren Patel

    thanks for this video highly appreciated as indian

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    Really feels proud to be an Indian now!🥺❤️

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    India doesn’t want to be the best, but one of the best 🙏

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    I live in india
    And I have gone to kiwi congra but there is nothing in india

  53. Valentin Glushko

    Why are people disliking such a gr8 video ? I am damn sure they would be the Chinese and the Pakistanis who hate India. Pakistan’s spce program was launched earlier with help of NASA while India’s space program launched later. Still Pakistan doesn’t even have a launch vehicle by now lol

  54. Stickman Physics

    This video’s gonna be very famous coz it has India as it’s main topic

  55. Adityachk2002

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    thanks for featuring my country jai hind

  61. AI Reviews

    I would recommend doing a video on the UK’s space programme, they have quite a lot in the past including the black arrow rocket and and have plans coming up in the future including the country’s first spaceport.

  62. S K

    As an indian never knew they used
    bike and bullocks to transport rocket parts!

  63. Milind Lawande

    Someone just found out the ninja technique to get views

  64. Surya Prasanna

    Excellent work from Primal Space 🙏 Thanks . Hope ISRO meet more such expectations in future ❤️

  65. The Techie Scientist

    Thank you Primal Space , For Posting a video about Indian Space program , there ain’t much channels on YT doing videos about our country , feeling proud!

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  70. reemus alex

    Humble beginnings always end on top! India is one of the key players in space technology.! And they’ll reach the top before 2100

  71. Parambir singh Chandi

    Is the max quality 720p for anyone else aswell?

  72. space fan

    Never saw a video or a channel that explains about space agencies that have never been given their right amount of respect . Thanks primal space (•‿•)🙏

  73. Lyrics Of Love

    Feeling Proud to be Indian 🇮🇳
    Jai Hind Bande Mataram



  75. The world is ONE

    Most talented and creative engineers leave India and choose bigger space communities like NASA, ESA,, etc

  76. For4Reel

    Not really impressive if you see what private companys build in years! Its military driven and like you said in the video , they pay peanuts and so the “skilled” ones leave the country. I think that india will not be a relevant factor in space in the next 50 years. Spacefare switched to the private eara. Countrys will only be customers.


    Subbed due to this

  78. Adityachk2002

    India🇮🇳 !

  79. Tim W

    You should do a story about iran’s space program. I hear the ladder is getting really tall.

  80. Skedoink Badoink

    Indians if title of video includes them: *I HAVE ARRIVED*

  81. NPC 69541

    I always thought of india as a legitimately good partner in space

  82. Sandip Mandal

    I have never met a human in my entire life

  83. PS

    _Really appreciate Space channel like yours giving ISRO it’s due credit_ ….

  84. Benhur Sudheer

    You forgot CHANDRAYAN- 1 mission. Which discoverd water ice on south pole of the moon in 2009

  85. BackYard Science 2000

    I would have loved to have joined the discord server and bring my expertise and knowledge with me. But in these hard times I can’t afford to become a patron. 😔

  86. mixererunio

    Wow, that is
    rarely covered subject. I would love to see it evolve into series about smaller space programs of another places than USA, Russia, or ESA

  87. Md Sameen Yasar

    ISRO should improve their webcast and improve their camera :) Then it will be more awesome :D

  88. Habesha Atheist

    Can you imagine if they had NASAs budget. They would’ve moved to Mars by now and be visiting us for a vacation.

  89. Amogh Jagini

    I feel like the scientists need to get paid more.

  90. Astronomy 101

    Love ISRO From America 🇺🇸🇮🇳

  91. Raunak Agarwal

    The prospect of a guy who loves space getting into ISRO is almost impossible .
    There is only one college in the whole of India that provide direct job access to ISRO ( that too for a mere wage )
    No wonder India lags behind in the space department !

    This department holds the souls of many and serious measures need to be taken to make The Space Thing even relevant in such a Vast Country 👍

  92. Primal Space

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