SpaceX’s Launch Pad Problem

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Over the last 2 years, SpaceX have been rapidly developing their Starship rocket. They have overcome design challenges at an incredible rate. But one of the most challenging aspects of Starship isn’t the rocket itself, but the launch pad. This video looks at why SpaceX have had trouble with their launch pads and how the design will be different to traditional launch pads.

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  1. Sudarshan

    Space X is really pushing the limits. Elon musks is definitely going down in the history.

  2. Andromeda

    Ahhh that’s why they are planning to build offshore launch pads

  3. Ruhstiie

    Wow! Its the best! Ilon Madk cool men

  4. Gregg Weber

    Eventually, like with the Space Shuttle, examining for damage should be considered. After landing on Mars to see if you can get back to Earth or have other options.


    i don’t think they will go the octaweb route with the starship since they need a wider gimble angle

  6. Kerbal X Rocket facility’

    I beg space x to start building a flame diverter on the orbital pad

  7. Badevilperson1010

    This video title is misleading, SpaceX already finished the issues with the launch pad fragments.

  8. Welpora JackWelp

    Just put a big block o tungsten there or better yet, just take the rocket and push it somewhere else

  9. Colt

    You should have mentioned that the final iteration of launchpads will be off the coast for fully stacked starships and booster combos. Only suborbital (if that) starship launches will be happening from land.

  10. Guilherme Fracasso

    Meh. Nothing new to be learned from this video

  11. Martin Schuwerk

    great job! thx

  12. Worldsedge

    Good article. Thanks.

  13. David Merriman

    Very informative. Thanks.

  14. alexn310

    Very informative!

  15. Daniel Ramsey

    They should use some of the ideas Nasa used around say…the Saturn V era.

  16. Cydonius1

    The skirting will be hardened and there will be some form of protective covers for the engine. Where we are going, there are no -roads- landing pads

  17. Stuck in Paradise

    Graphene Coating ?

  18. michel Guevara

    I saw the latest ‘spacex’ vehicle.
    it’s a sham.

  19. David MacKay

    Launch pad issues, yep… that is going to be a problem, you will need a softer lift off.

  20. TFMG

    That was AWSOME

  21. Mohamed Alnuaimi

    Inshallah it will land this time.

  22. Kermit the Frog

    9th of December not November :)

  23. Sonny Burnett

    Great video, I subscribed. Regarding trying new programs, if they’d not require a credit card for the free trial I’d try it. But you always end up having to contact them to stop or clear the coming charges. Just my opinion.

  24. Sherri Lynne Vonch

    This looks exciting.

  25. round about midnight

    Very interesting!

  26. Fadzli Hensem

    Cant wait for starship booster flame. I really like how saturn V flame diverted in 2 ways

  27. Rad

    Great info, yes

  28. Zenn Labs

    This video was quality

  29. NomadApe

    Great video! Love how you explain it

  30. christotaku B.

    very insightful!

  31. snaplash

    Land slower, let the engines blow all the debris away before it gets close enough for it to do any damage?

  32. Siri Erieott

    Common sense and concise video – thank you.

  33. ACP

    Use heat resistance tiles on the lower launch pad, this is a very small cost effective method right?

  34. steph rinker

    put a heavy Kevlar shield around the engine bay in the Star ship, they have them on the Atlas V ///////////////////

  35. Sanskar Raikar

    that 2:55 moment of tweet

  36. Oat lord

    Boy they just thought of everything

  37. Ace King

    nah bruh, it is the most advanced rocket engine😂

  38. Darin Miller

    Man I love this channel!

  39. CyberCyborg 20XX

    Actual landing LEGS instead of landing FEET would help mitigate this it a degree.

  40. MassDynamic

    space sx , shiny metal vibrator to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and into space.

  41. scott johnson

    Great Video! There were so many things I didn’t know! Like, how they use the water to divert the sound of the engines and how the engine use so much force that it’s actually supersonic at ground level! Holy Crap!

  42. kpkndusa

    I saw the launch and landing debris problem from the beginning.

  43. James Nordblom

    This was a very enlightening presentation. Now I finally understand what is going on with the rapid Starship prototyping. Thanks. Oh…by the way, very good sales technique as well.

  44. NASA001

    SN10 will definitely go without a hitch 😉

  45. Jaume Sol


  46. paulkazjack

    No flame diversion on Mars!


    Just need one wind blow to crush the dream

  48. Charles

    this was super well put together, thanks!

  49. Glenn Littleford

    Blinkist wants to invoice yearly, not monthly. Wanted to sign up but backed away.

  50. barney barns

    They need a daddy long legs rocket.

  51. Roger Edrinn

    Excellent video! Pointing out the overlooked need to harden the rocket to launch/landing debris.

  52. Joshua Ball

    Imagine taking off from mars only to put a hole in your overly large vacuum bell nozzle.

  53. what in timnation

    Great video on an over looked subject. Thank you!

  54. D. S.

    A lot of points I’ve never even thought about and nobody else seems to be talking about. Great video, thanks!

  55. Guy Michaud

    Excellent presentation with a great voice.

  56. Dizy Tizy

    It it were me I would build a spaceship that didn’t need to return.

  57. Penny Lane

    Well, at least the sound energy won’t be a problem on Mars, let alone the Moon.

  58. Peter C

    As an experienced stoner, I would recommend fitting a steel mesh to base of rocket, which would be replaced after build up of debris from sessions to outer space.

  59. KevinHarper3DArtist

    That was very interesting. I never though about the landing pad and how challenging it could be.

  60. Damian Ortiz

    It is always a pleasure to see your videos, well summarized and explained, thank you very much.

  61. fly-by-fit

    Wow, a very informative video! That makes so much sense

  62. bcubed72

    Starship’s orbital refueling makes me think of _Requiem for a Dream_ for some reason.

  63. liquidbraino

    3:31 Talking about “traditional launchpads” – while showing the Apollo crawler (which is not a launch pad; it’s a vehicle for moving the rocket).

  64. Reegareth

    wait a minute… I thought those were just testing pads not launch pads…

  65. Neojhun

    SpaceX: Our Rockets are Reusable but our Launch Pad are disposable.

  66. Merxellus Gogou

    Sucha Greatttttt Video.. Love the Topic, never seen avideo bout this topic before.. Love the voice,love the meme in between..

  67. Gábor Králik

    7:00 He says 40 meters, the subtitles say 50 meters. ;-;

  68. NOIR

    This is only an hour and a half away. I’m so much more excited now that I can actually see them

  69. Daniel de Jager

    I was thinking about this a lot lately, great video!

  70. funkknob

    The differences in gravity and atmosphere on the other bodies will impart drastically different effects on landings and launches.

  71. MadO

    sound energy lol, it disperses the rocket thrust yes…. and dampens the sound yes. The sound is not what heats the water, it is the huge flames shooting out of the rocket. :-D

  72. Jason Ross

    Research is what I’m doing ..
    when I don’t know what I’m doing,

  73. ThinkingOutLoud

    What I didn’t hear about is the fact that the thrust required to land and take off from Mars is much less than on Earth. Less thrust, in much thinner atmosphere. That is what needs to be tested.

  74. Amit Aryan

    I want to be the part of space X in future

  75. Lukeboi27 isback

    hey this video sounds like a marcus house video i have seen before

  76. VK Musique

    Geez, I never even thought of that. Thanks.

  77. Michelle Obama

    “2020 is almost over”
    Me: thank fuck it is

  78. Hdhnswk

    “PrimalSpace” more like PrimalSpaceX

  79. Tiki71

    You’re not going to have a diverter on the moon or mars, so this has to be dealt with via onboard engineering.

  80. Pinochet

    It’s kinda sad that Falcon 9 is getting “old” but it’s the way forward with a new vehicle!

  81. Cybersaurus 23

    Love this chanel.

  82. Abinay Kumar Devulapally

    Man,your voice is amazing…..

  83. Lin Mal

    Simple Solution; just redesign the rocket to be like Tintin’s ! With long , pointy fins on the base to keep it off the turf.!

  84. P Express Airline

    2:50 good use of the music

  85. Arash 2007

    Yay you’re back

  86. Light Theory LLC

    When Space X goes on their Period. They have Pad Problems hehe

  87. #RanDoMConTeNt

    The moto of this channel should be: ‘Quality before Quantity.’

  88. This is funny. xD

    2:22 i was surprised and thought spacex released some video. artists impression looks great!

  89. Lmao.

    you really have to applaud these engineers.

  90. Astrodiver 1

    @3:14 “there are no landing pads on the moon or Mars”… exactly.

  91. Zaktron

    My falcon heavy gets all tingly when I watch stuff like this.

  92. Archie Forde

    Incredible. Of all the spacex starship discussions, this is my favorite. Very insightful. Keep it coming.

  93. Conchaiii

    right now their biggest problems are:
    1: Landing Legs
    2: Launch Pad
    3: Header Tank Pressure :D

  94. sᴀᴍ ᴄʜᴇɴᴋᴜᴀʟ

    This has been a real eye-opener, one would assume its the rocket fault directly and never about the launchpad.

  95. Ad Astra!!!

    Looking at starship I really believe that we have truly mastered the art of controlled explosion.
    Godspeed SpaceX and Godspeed Humanity

  96. Caryl Jason Caipang

    When the rocket progressed so fast that infrastructures can’t keep up with the developments.

  97. icy purple

    excuse me i’ve been trying to ignore this problem

  98. Matías Tripaldi

    Thanks for this vid. This is one of the many parts of rocket science that aren’t really talked about in the usual channels, one is always hearing about the new developments in rocket design (which don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to see grain silos with wings fly) but it’s also really cool to see the “behind the scenes” stuff in a way

  99. Jeffersonian1

    “There are no failed experiments. There is only new data.”
    SpaceX is raking in the data like no one ever before.

  100. Primal Space

    What are the chances that SN9 sticks the landing? – Shoutout to Blinkist for supporting this video – you can try it out for free and support the channel by signing up using the Primal Space link!

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