SpaceX’s Insane New Satellite Launcher

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Over the last few years, rockets have gotten cheaper and satellites have gotten smaller. Because of this, SpaceX has started their new Rideshare program, which allows smaller satellites to go to space for a much lower price.

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    It’s a pity that we don’t use the same system.
    Like the navigation system , the US, China, Russia and the EU all have their own huge army of satelites up there.
    Same goes for this project. Others are lauching tens of thousands satelites for the same purpose.

  5. Derkach

    “Cheap and reliable spacex”
    I wonder how many people actually believed that sentence

  6. Jim Mcfarland

    Go Rocketlab!!!

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    Whao! I did knew superficially about Spacex rideshare programme but knowing it in details was really good. Healthy Competition is really good. Keep up the good work man!

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    You could turn us into compost when we die and ship us all to mars to terraform it when starship takes over.

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    lets wait until one of these days low earth earth orbit is gonna be full of satellite’s

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    Yes, agree, with jarded, the sponsorship entrance is pretty awesome.

  18. Rahul Sonnad

    Wow, amazing explanation of the business model and economics. I had never really put it all together.

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    Gotta admire SpaceX’s dedication to fulfilling the Kessler syndrome and filling our skies with trash

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    So there’s a ton of junk orbiting earth and more to come – got it 😳

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    There needs to be a termination protocol for satellites so we don’t have a space junk problem

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    Finally, now I can play roblox without having it lost connection every 10 minutes

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    If did this then Philippine space agency would have to use rideshare since it can launch smaller satelites

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    Small Satellite in iss: yeeted by astronaut.

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    An astronaut dropping a cube sat into orbit is not “much faster than a baseball pitch”
    You’re forgetting relativity.

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    but.. room in orbit is finite. eventually #spacejunk will become too much.

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    That’s cool as long as these satellites have the ability to de-orbit at the end of thier life. Same with the ashes, there is too much space debris in LEO.

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    We keep bringing the new sat there. What about the unused sat?

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    The smoothest segway to sponsor in the history of youtube.
    Here’s your award 🏆

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    Crazy how we can now say..back then there were no reusable rockets.

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    Rocket lab, basically the only thing New Zealand’s ever done in space

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    Uh, 400 Starlink sats per launch via Starship is the number I have seen used repeatedly. Check your sources.

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    OMG! I didn’t know you can book slots on SpaceX just like booking airplane tickets…this is so cool! 🚀✨

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    There is a mistake in the film. Nano satelites are satelites that weight is between 1kg and 10 kg not between 0 kg and 50kg

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    So when you’re sending a small sat into space, you are basically sending an adult male lion into space..

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