Hubble’s 13 Billion Year Old Photo

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Over the last 30 years, Hubble has taken millions of incredible photos of distant stars and galaxies. But Hubble’s best images have come and gone, and the world’s most famous telescope will sadly come to an end in the not-to-distant future. This video looks at how Hubble managed to capture an image of the most distant Galaxy in the known universe, located 32 billion light-years away.

Written & Edited by: Ewan (

  1. adviertehoy777

    13 Billon old. How ridiculous that can be. How do they know .?.

  2. Joshua Welsh

    Who’s to say, God created it all at once? Hmmm. It’s written by God how it was created. Came to be all at once. The heaven and the Earth, that was the First day. God Said that he Stretched out the Heavens like a curtain.

  3. Barbutt

    0:41… capturing the most stunning images.
    Next up, artist renditions of things we don’t really see and don’t look anything like the pictures shown.

  4. Mr Robb

    The first sign they give when they can’t think for themselves is name calling, it’s out of frustration, or maybe Cognitive dissonance. Space/Time is theoretical that’s accepted as fact. Rubbish

  5. NaaffaX

    Thats how they discovered supermans parents trying to conceive him in krypton

  6. African Niggi

    6:15 who are the german soldiers with?

  7. not fooled i know the truth

    Universe is not 13 billion years old. Light was created intact.
    “When the heavens can be measured then I will forsake my covenants”
    “He hangs the earth on nothing”
    …..saith the bible 1000 BC.
    That’s before scientist conjured a lie.

  8. Unknown gamer Survival

    I hate people who built amazing object and even though it served them soo well not even one of them noticed
    I bet not even one of those new telescope could replce it

  9. Ian Wilson

    Rewatch the video and count how many times he said “Hubble”

  10. A. Hill

    My high ass watched this whole video upside down and thought I was watching, what if World War III happened today

  11. HaloManiax

    “When I grow up I want to be an astronaut.”

  12. aToz

    If we could somehow make something that is 1B times the speed of light itll be cool to look back at earth and see what really happened. Or just 10x faster than speed of light and look back to see yourself.

  13. Darth Nihilus

    That thing on the thumbnail looks like a lightsaber

  14. Ninja6485

    Why wouldn’t they bring it back and put in in a museum?

  15. Jiajian Hou

    5:32 Interesting when he says “the next generation of space telescopes will be in orbit producing even more stunning images of our universe” and put up a picture of that which probably was taken by Hubble. LOL.


    This could make me finally go to sleep 😴

  17. cheema ch

    My one question, good research on the universe, why NASA haven’t found God till now, where he is, mystery in my mind for many years?

  18. SouthwesternEagle

    I was 8 days old when Hubble launched. I almost feel connected to it.

  19. jarlie lopez

    The comments haha 😂

  20. Indian

    I hope they bring the Hubble back to the earth and give the honor it deserves

  21. Kitten Derp

    I’m questioning my existence.

  22. Franso Arbela

    This was emotional af

  23. K_Crzy •

    RIP Hubble 🙏🏼😞❤️

  24. Rico

    Omg guyz!!!!! Dont be believe in him! He says lies , eart is flat ! Sun is no real at all!!1!
    Also my name is Preston.

  25. G MP

    Don’t be scared. I have an image of me and my ex wife from the past, thats more scary !!!!

  26. Freedom ForAll!

    I wish I was smart. This is so amazing to me, even if I don’t really understand any of it.
    Glad people need their drywall fixed still🙂

  27. robison87

    Everytime I see Hubble’s photos I get a very lonely feeling.

  28. What whate mood! Candy rain

    The universe is 13.4 Million years old!

  29. Обрен Милићевић

    Title:Hubble’s 13 billion years old image.
    Content: literally everything else about Hubble.

  30. DarkSpetznaz

    The Hubble has built an amazing legacy we will never forget

  31. Adna Mumtaza

    flat earthers: “gAlAxIeS aRe HoAx”

  32. b b

    Why does the Hubble look like a lightsaber?

  33. Legato Bluesummers

    This was such a sad episode. I remember in the early 2000’s being in high school and seeing the images that the Hubble Telescope took. It was mind blowing! It still is.

  34. Random Cat On The Internet

    This made me realize the star we all saw at night are actually another solar system

  35. Levi Ackerman

    3:50 I dont know why I just laughed

  36. soreu

    this telescope reminds me that i’m getting old.

  37. Fresh Clash

    5:37 that cloud have scared me

  38. roundysquares

    I hope we will be able to capture Hubble with something like Starship before it burns up, and put it on display in a museum to keep inspiring future generations. That’s the retirement it deserves.

  39. PoloTheGr8

    Looking into space at things that is not there? Gtfo! 🤨

  40. Vodka Tonic

    Nothing like a video full of CGI!

  41. Dehydrated Potato

    What if that far galaxy is the gate to hell 😭

  42. Im_overwatching_you

    For real thought the thumbnail was a lightsabers

  43. Horribly Honest

    It makes me sad thinking this magnificent piece of human history is going to get burnt up and lost forever.

  44. Kaustubh Phansalkar

    Hubble : see those beautiful stars
    Me : OMG yes!
    Hubble : they dead
    *Gravitational scream intensifies

  45. houdoe he

    So even if you are dead for billions of years you might be watched

  46. ahverlodt01

    All I wanted was cool pictures of space but got a bunch of cgi images. Less cgi and more actual images please..

  47. Arjun Gupta

    It did enough in 30 years to be remembered for the next 300 years..

  48. Hype Beast

    Poor Hubble is going to be dead in a few years :( sad space noise

  49. free spirit

    Why cant we all work together so mankind can explore this beautiful infinity and everything within it.

  50. Mike Mason

    Minolta XJ-5: even with my high end lens that distant galaxy can only be rendered as a faint blur.
    Hubble Telescope: “Hold my precision mirror.”

  51. So Animated

    When will they make an modern Hubble? No telling what we would see then

  52. NeoXenoZ

    That 32 billion light years photo looks like an 8-bit game texture pack.

  53. Mr. Beavers

    What kind of WiFi is the Hubble using? I’d like a subscription

  54. Sum Buddy

    3:35 I’m glad God updated the Universe’s texture quality between then and now.

  55. GJBR

    Dad: Why are you crying so loudly?
    Me: *this*

  56. Ian Battles

    It blows my mind that the universe is SO big that it’s physically impossible to even SEE it all.

  57. Juan Delacruz

    *32 billion light years away is just like 100 meters in infinite cosmos.*

  58. OFB

    They should find a way to bring it back to earth it’s to precious to burn out to nothing

  59. Brandon Bunsold

    I just realized that a telescope has accomplished more in 29 years then I have in 38. I’m Reevaluating my life decisions.

  60. ItzJam3z

    The James Webb telescope launches in a little over 1 year from now. I’m soooooo hyped. It could be super revolutionary. The discovery’s it will make. It will be amazing

  61. Itz ya Boi Kevv

    Teacher: hey Kevin what do you want to be when you grow up
    Me: a Hubble telescope 🔭

  62. XYL

    In the thumbnail, I thought that was a lightsaber.

  63. Julio Defreitas

    The hubble is old school, All it seems to see is an aura of the universe.

  64. Daylight Destroyer

    I can’t believe that, we can see into the past

  65. Domingo Evans

    So the thumbnail almost looks like a 3 billion year old lightsaber

  66. AceStinks

    1:56 me nodding my head even tho I don’t know what he is saying


    damm I feel old I was around when they put Hubble up and now I am probably going to see her crash well unless the earth really is flat

  68. Shaun Gomez

    Light years is a measure of distance not time. The amount of time it took to get to us is different then how old the galaxy actually is

  69. TheMrMussolini

    The universe is only about 13 billion years old that means we are seeing the universe in it’s just creation!
    Edit: we should also grab Hubble before it crashes into the atmosphere

  70. Jeffersonian1

    NASA: We can no longer maintain Hubble.
    SPACEX: Gimme a minute.

  71. Keith Douglass

    there is another telescope in orbit. sees much further.

  72. Adedara Courage

    *we found a new galaxy* what do we name it?
    Me:*smashes head on keyboard*
    Perfect :!

  73. Jiro Potpot4

    Netflix biewers be like: MILDRED HUBBLE! You blew up my potions lab again. You think going to space would work?

  74. Daelin Hulse

    Anyone else cry when admiring the heavens

  75. Tom Wolfe

    That’s the best and most clear explanation of red shift I’ve ever heard.

  76. GumbaverianX

    Opportunity: 2018
    Hubble: 2019
    Legends will never die

  77. Drones4bones

    So those aren’t “actual” photos? Just composites rendered from data? I’m confused…

  78. Michael Smith

    That’s impossible, cameras were invented like 1 million years ago. Not a billion silly

  79. Anton Dereke

    why do I feel sad of something that isn’t alive
    shut up flat earthers in the reply section, sad the most stupid flat earther comment was deleted

  80. Ryan Harkin

    I’m just waiting for scientists to be sUrPrIsEd the universe is a lot older than they currently think.

  81. Kevork Manoukian

    I’m naming my kid Hubble. But I hope I don’t have one. “I’m pregnant” will be the worst news I’m ever going to hear in my life

  82. Hyper Trophy Winner

    Maybe the universe isn’t dark, all the light has just red shifted out of our perspective.

  83. ElasticNine26

    This just makes me feel even more irrelevant

  84. MarcD

    That distance almost makes me feel sick… 32billion light years.

  85. Casey Todd

    When it’s term of service is up, this thing deserves to be brought back to earth intact and put into its own hall at the Smithsonian, surrounded by high-res printouts of its best photos.

  86. Frozty Llama

    5:39′ “Hubble’s images will never be forgotten”
    My brain: yes.

  87. Kaz

    0:56 somewhere in that Galaxy, Thor and Peter Quill are arguing over who’s the captain

  88. Brigvadir General

    Damn youtube has taught me more than my school

  89. huskytzu

    Imagine if all the countries started working together putting their differences aside. We’d be on a different level

  90. A B

    Endless money spent on war could go to this endeavour instead.

  91. XanderCreates

    So in a way we are able to time travel, but only through observation, and to the past.
    (Edit: Dont Read the Replies past the Third Reply)
    Edit 2: Thanks for all the likes(??)
    Edit 3: I’m begging you don’t read the replies

  92. AwesomeGamer 11

    5:33 looks like an Angel riding a Horse.

  93. William Sands

    Reaper: it’s time to go
    Hubble: was I a good telescope
    Reaper: no you were the best

  94. Ajc 7575

    Scientist: What’s the date today?
    Scientist 2: “It’s mar-“
    Hubble: *in mechanical voice* A L L

  95. Kahenkilonsiika

    petition to send flat earthers to space to see the real earth.

  96. Joe Davidson

    Hubble: Sees 23 billion light years away
    Security Cameras: 5 pixels ” do you recognize this man?”

  97. Its Scaly

    This mf is about to make me cry over a damn telescope

  98. javier

    photographer: damn this is a goood camera
    hubble: thats cute

  99. Koschke

    Space makes me question my entire life and existence
    Like wtf am I doing here

  100. Jeak Ol

    That scares me… Knowing that the image we see is billions of years in the past, the Galaxy might not even be there anymore.

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