How SpaceX Fixed Its Drone Ship Camera

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The landing of the Falcon 9 rocket is one of the most incredible spectacles in spaceflight. But unfortunately, the camera almost always cuts out right as the rocket comes into view. Until now. This video looks at the clever engineering done by SpaceX to bring us a live video feed of the entire landing.

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  1. Aksuor Nemo

    and after all those suspicions, now they suddenly fixed it. 😂

  2. Onalenna Sehume

    7:56 I hope there wasn’t a time where someone forgot to remove them😂

  3. InspektorDreyfus

    That planet Mors has yet to be discovered.

  4. Taylor Fenoglio

    They can use an automatic drone that just takes off and fly around getting good video than lands back on the ship after. It could be completely automated and fairly inexpensive.

  5. Capshots Media

    “It all comes down to cost…”

    SpaceX: Let’s build thousands of satellites to have a good 720p camera feed.

  6. doodley dude

    8:23 pog

  7. IMBwildrd

    Why not just launch a drone and have it hover some safe distance away? Occam’s Razor.

  8. Ace Max

    Awesome video with great explanations I’m sure the conspiracy theorist are just loving this video 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Material List Pro LLC

    When they first started launching, starlink did not exist. Now with starlink, they just communicate via the satellites they launched.

  10. Wyatt B

    I still want to see a Starlink launch. Some day…some day.

  11. Gacheru Mburu


  12. Gary

    I’ve always wondered why they didn’t just transmit the recording of the landing as soon as the interference subsided. Better a few seconds late than never.

  13. Dan Deeteeyem

    Enemy Mine is gonna happen some day. Thanks Elon. Alien babies are weird shaped Pepsi cans.. All your fault.

  14. Jeremy

    Would be nice if you could integrate part of the landing pad so it can lock the fins down through the circular ring somehow like a turn and lock down.

  15. Ken Jones

    Excellent explanation. It all makes sense now. Thanks!

  16. William Smith

    This video was great. I texted it to a friend it was so great. Always wondered about this stuff and kind of mind blown on how many things need to be synchronized to even get video. Damn

  17. ladi jada

    If only there was a way to store/buffer video on some form of memory so that it could be transmitted when the transmission link came back online.

    Like, some method that would cost peanuts, and could be implemented using current technology, like an SSD and a $35 computer.

  18. ntldr2005

    This was a very well presented video.

  19. pangrac1

    Excelent. 👌

  20. Kamel Labiad

    Drone ships are the closes thing to a Syfy movie, it is a machine on its own somewhere on the planet doing some kind of tasks

  21. Robbie Beswick

    wow this is so fascinating to watch, since 1903 humans flew the first plane and almost 120 years later humans are leaving the planet.. i wonder what we will achieve in the next 50 years


    “Primal Space” is top notch. I’m highly impressed.

  23. c@mbaz

    jamming signals using plasma…never thought of that…

  24. Dinesh Srini

    I was just hoping for a simple answer… The explanation seems more complicated than the actual problem is. :P

  25. Anywhere PCGeeks

    I think the first orbital flight of starship will occur sometime in September.

  26. Chris Lombardo

    Great video. Thank you.

  27. Gabriel Parmley

    What were your sources for this? It seems to check out and I love your work. Curious if you got direct confirmation from SpaceX, other sources, or if it’s just deduction.

  28. Robert Rypuła

    3:28 ahhh, you were so close to be fully metric but studently: “(…) droneship is hundreds of miles out at sea (…)”

  29. John Bourjeili

    I just woke up and i’m already falling asleep again.

  30. russell egan-wyer

    Well presented with great content. Thank you

  31. Umanath Gupta

    8:25 was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    And ofcourse congrats to primal space for 50th video

  32. pccalcio

    I mean… they could buy a DJI drone and film from a secondary POV

  33. Muhammad Hammad

    What a smooth segue to the promotion.

  34. christian Müller

    A Starlink Antenna on a rubber dinghy and the uplink works fine

  35. CraftTech

    I am still amazed by the transition to the sponsor

  36. Cinema Ipswich

    The “BlackMagic” Design camera’s that SpaceX have on site are the reason you see anything on Mr Musk’s feed.

  37. thatjokerperson

    They could just make a mini boat thats hard wired to the drone ship and call it “ugly duckling” and put all the comunications on it

  38. August

    This video was impressively laid out, wow. Great work.

  39. RowDogSA

    Great explanation. Thank you.

  40. Aditya Vardhan Singh

    Coincidentally, I was just watching Primal Space’s video on ‘Why does the SpaceX droneship camera cut out’ before this video! Now it looks like a sequel haha :)

  41. Elliott C

    I watched the first landing in person back in 2015, it was amazing. Watched first falcon heavy and twin landing and Demo-2 in person. I’m glad to have traveled to these events and hope everyone else does too! There’s many firsts still to come.

  42. Dzulfiqar Abduljabbar

    Can’t believe such video with this quality like this have less than a million subs

  43. razony

    This is when I got really excited with SpaceX. Landing a spent rocket, on a floating barge in the middle of the Ocean…Hello. This is AMAZING! This would be great If my 10 YO did the same for his school science project. Paint a big X in the parking lot and land his Rocket. ‘Sorry principle Bob!’

  44. Osel Somar

    Strangely, nobody on the SpaceX team seems to be over 30.
    Looks like Musk is the oldest member.
    Do they discriminate?

  45. pschroeter1

    I’m just glad to find out I wasn’t imagining this problem.

  46. Hastati ™

    Why not just use drone to film the landing of that booster?

  47. Fabio Ferreira Gomes


  48. G. Elliott Nielsen

    Gimbel on the ship? I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  49. lulutileguy

    always thought craft fell into sea and they just switching the pea

  50. Amin

    6 years in and still it leaves me baffled when the 1st stage lands back on earth.. When Starship is online, oh boy is things gonna be dramatically different. Can’t freaking wait!

  51. A. Harshvardhan

    You’re doing a great job too

  52. corujariousa

    Thanks for the video. Great to learn about all accessory technology that make such projects a success. We easily focus on the rocket and spacesuits without considering all else that is critical.

  53. Elon Musketeer

    Elon: You are to work on the video problem during landing.
    SpaceX Staff: Yes boss that is the most important mission I have ever received on!

  54. Elon Musketeer

    Yes, Elon created Starlink so he can have uninterrupted Rocket Landing videos.

  55. jonas1015119

    I was also reminded of this during the blue origin flight, for something that was supposed to be a huge PR event video coverage was terrible, with that low quality audio feed from the cabin.

  56. Morty

    Thanks! I have always wondered about how this works!

  57. Assassinlexx

    NASA are you listening?

  58. Balaji Kartha

    that is the key; “clever engineering from bright minds”
    and SpaceX has that

  59. TheXanUser

    Cool. So once starlink has its space links up, i can use a space based/located VPN?

  60. Maxi Glad

    When I grow up I want to be a space scientits

  61. Operand Assembler

    I really appreciated this video.

  62. T F

    This video is simply AMAZING!


    so starlink sattelite at 550km can cover area of 950km, compare that to starlink map and my location apprently covered by +2 starlink satellite at all time.

  64. Sumatra

    Primal Space is so elegant blending the subject of the video with its sponsor you don’t even realise you were watching an advertising until you’re +30 seconds in

  65. Stephen Little

    For a 67 year young. It blow my mind away we I saw the first booster land back on earth. It was like a scfi film. Wow.

  66. SteveGDubV

    I think Elon is responsible for making this work!

  67. Fire Gamer

    Primal space: they just need more people to be interested

    Me: I’m interested where where WHERE SIGN ME UP

  68. Roel Lauwers

    I got so used to live video feed from spacex that every time another rocket goes up with no live cameras onboard, it feels like prehistoric technology.

  69. hanbanaroda

    – Hey, Elon, we wouldnt be able to live feed the videos of Falcon’s landings.
    – What about sending thousands of satelites to the space?

  70. Hello World

    Instead of a huge ship… could they not of just had a small Bob next to the ship?

  71. Hello World

    Brill video! Where do you find all this info?

  72. AngelLestat2

    6:12 I guess that is quite wrong.. starlink satellites does not have laser communication between them yet, but they communicate between them with the same radio frecuencies, they dont need a ground station for that.. the ground station is just used as a link between ground internet and space.

  73. zyxwvutsrqponmlkh

    Ohh, a second person narrative. How rare.

  74. GregPlanchuelo

    I like that this video came out today, in particular ;)

  75. Florencio Vela

    we visited there last Oct. & it was awesome.. i’ve ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can’t wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the meantime..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well. i love spaceX

  76. dahahaka

    4:04 high amplitude not high frequency :)

  77. mikeselectricstuff

    Or they could just delay the signal by a few seconds, so the landing is sent once the vibration has stopped

  78. Yonghu Noh

    This person has a talent of making the entire video look like it exists just to promote its sponsor.. never seen any youtuber with better ad transition skill than this guy 😌 hats off to you mister!!

  79. Dene. F.

    Having a dish on the successful Star Ship landing never helped the video alas. Great video. Thanks.

  80. Anshu Nayyar

    U are one of my favorite Youtubers. Great video.

  81. Unknown Error

    This means they should be able to keep telemetry up between the rocket and the drone ship. Pretty sure the live feed is a bonus, not the goal.


    perfect explain
    Thanks :)

  83. Geography Nuts

    Very well explained, with right visuals

  84. Ash

    Your videos are so inspirational, especially with that music choice in the background.

  85. Unbeliever

    The quality of these videos is amazing. Thank you!

  86. damf

    “you are currently riding a falcon 9 rocket”
    me eating cheerios at 3am: hmm… *interesting*

  87. Saswot Lamichhane

    A lot of things happened on Space recently, Waiting for your videos on those!

  88. Garrett Michael

    I think your account did a video months ago about why the camera was so wobbly and choppy. I still think about that. I’m really happy to see a follow up video

  89. TheDeviBoi :-D

    I love your channel:)

  90. Rosemary Stark

    Very great! Keep improving, SpaceX! :)

  91. Jean Roch

    Funny, now every time I hear a phrase with the word “skill” towards the end of any video I know I’m about to hear a plug for Skillshare. How much money must they make to be able to pay for so. many. youtube. plugs…

  92. Ambar Pandhare

    well thanks @Primal Space….i was really wondering how did Space X fix this camera issue….now i know 👍🏻👍🏻

  93. Regolith

    Somehow it was both an awesome video AND a full video-length intro to a skillshare ad.

  94. Jens -

    I’m still amazed by a rocket landing on some floating flatform somehwere in the sea…

  95. Random Earthling

    Its weird how this was uploaded right after Roscosmos’ Nauka launch stream is over.

  96. Primal Space

    Do you think Starship will reach orbit this year? – Shoutout to Skillshare for supporting this video, try it out for free here:

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