How many times can the Falcon 9 be reused?

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Since the first succesful Falcon 9 landing in 2015, SpaceX have drastically cut the cost of spaceflight by landing and reusing multple boosters. In this video, we look at what goes into refurbishing the Falcon 9 and how it will eventually be replaced by the cheaper and more reusable Starship.

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  1. Jack Megaro

    How is a comparison in turnover time between the Shuttle and Falcon 9 significant given NASA has MUCH more resources than SpaceX and the Shuttle was a financial failure?

  2. Sp3z

    I have to say that I don’t understand the scenario where Starship replaces the Falcon 9. SpaceX already has a low demand for its Falcon Heavy as there are very few payloads that require that kind of a lifting capability. It seems inefficient to launch 5 tons to LEO with a rocket capable to lifting +100 tons.

  3. A Well Dressed Male Papaya

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  4. Thomas Bensler

    Does Skillshare teach rocket science?

  5. flamencoprof

    I have noticed the reusability thing is hampered by the fact that SpaceX are constantly re-designing as they go. Thus, the newer designs get launch precedence due to SpaceX’s desire to utilise the flights to prove better performance. Three launches is a fantastic improvement over single-use, but I feel they will want to keep up the design improvement trajectory for a while yet. I have noticed they tend to use the older models for high payload missions where recovery is less likely.

  6. Re

    I don’t think he answered the question. Just talked about refurbishment time.

  7. Cool

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  8. Tom Pratt

    spacex ready ufo?

  9. King Slushie101

    I can’t wait until the space industry takes off and asteroid mining becomes a real thing!

  10. Raymond Licon

    Nice Segway. Lol

  11. Shoorit

    How many times is a piece of string.

  12. Dandan Pasicaran

    Damn nice transition

  13. Nunya _

    Legs don’t have to be removed anymore since like a year ago…and, turn around re-usability is a process and a goal. Not something they’ve put 10 years of testing into. It’s their goal and I think will make it or come closer than NASA♥ ever did.

  14. Eric Schmitz

    Maybe a little higher bitrate next vid?

  15. Erik Bongers

    Answer starts at 3:44.

  16. Deformeds

    5:15 pičkeeeee :D

  17. Roman Derkach

    It’s just a huge scam in your face!
    But think for 1 second: spaceflight exists for 60 years and now comes a “self thought” rocket scientist /billionaire that makes space flight costs only for a fraction than any space agency around the globe!
    An engine to last 1000 flights without any major inspection??? What is this sh*t. And looking on the used falcon 9 rockets, I am a bit sceptic. They do not not look quite good.
    Sure Elon landed some falcon 9s but he wasn’t the first to do so,but he reused his rockets. Well not quite…
    You see the reused ones were first refurbished making it almost a completely new rocket and second these refurbished ones were only used for testing! Not a single mission was performed with them. So what exactly does spacex make so unique?

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    Good video. Very exciting

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  21. EnDSchultz

    You pointed out that part of the refurbishment time is due to rigorous inspections because they don’t have enough data to really know the life cycle or MTBF of the components. This is always going to be an uphill struggle for space flight and part of why spacecraft will never have the reusability or turnaround of aircraft. An aircraft fleet can accrue millions of aggregate flight hours in a short time because of the scale of the market and how many are flying. Second, the life cycle and operating regime of a space craft is orders of magnitude more punishing than that of an aircraft, and the vehicles are inherently not very redundant or failure tolerant. A given failure might cause an aircraft to make an unscheduled emergency diversion and landing once in 50,000 flight hours, but a similar failure may crop up once in 1,000 hours in a rocket and result in catastrophic loss of vehicle… so I have no doubt SpaceX will make great strides in reusability, but to think spacecraft will ever be as reliable or have the turnaround of an airliner is wishful thinking at best.

  22. Squirrel

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  23. Dan The Man

    Try to apply for a job at SpaceX without a college degree, good luck

  24. Ryan Nguyen

    Surrounded by amazing tools to learn things, *You are saying we can learn rocket science from YouTube videos?!?!*

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    Surely they should find a way to reuse the fuel as well….

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    I can’t wait to use a rocket for traveling around the world
    Peace from India 🇮🇳

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  41. jonathan lavezzi

    I’m shocked her originally the space shuttle had such a quick turnaround time and the funny thing about the Challenger disaster was that it did not even involve the refurbishment of the orbiter

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    I wouldn’t want to be on the maiden flight of one. Then I also wouldn’t want to be on one that is refurbished. Lol
    My sister probably be all in. She’s a flight attendant.

  48. Happy Aaron

    I would say that 2021 is way too optimistic but who knows? The possibilities are endless.

  49. Peter Houle

    a flight time of 39 minutes is not “well under an hour”, not to mention the commute out to wherever the Starship will leave from, and to your destination from its landing spot, far from inhabited areas

  50. SANKU

    @Primal Space, you barely touched on how Space X refurbishes their rockets!, pls go into more depth in future videos instead of just skimming the topic!

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    Sea dragon or a Verne/space gun still seems like the key to unlocking space.

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    goddamn i’ve never seen such a flawless and undetectable segue into the advertisement part of a video! man alive, that was smooth.

  55. Nunya _

    Also “Challenger” is a payload…NOT the rocket. The Shuttle almost NEVER refurbished any of it’s rockets OR tanks. Also it killed more astronauts than any launch vehicle. Ever. Combined.

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    Just liked and subed. Great content, well presented and great food for the brain. Will watch the previous vids and all new ones.
    I’ve been fascinated by space and space travel for 65+ years. I watched the live broadcast of, ‘(A)nd one giant step for ManKind’, on a snowy 9″ Blk/Wht TV, 50′ underground on Level-2 of a Titan II ICBM Control Center with three other guys. No bunk time that night. But boy, was it worth it!
    I realy hope to be able to see the Mars landing(s)!
    Russ in NH
    316XOF, 62-70

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  59. Simply Space

    Great summary! I was very excited for the first Block 5 launch because of the better reuse potential.

  60. Rahul A

    *interesting to see that spaceX is building STARSHIP in low tax REPUBLICAN states of TEXAS and FLORIDA*

  61. George Campbell

    So SpaceX doesn’t value students getting an aeronautical or other engineering degree?

  62. meenoo meenoo

    Great video. I’ve always asked how was the reusability process done? Thank you

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    That’s why Elon Musk is the best. Doesn’t care about collage degree

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    I thought you were going to say Elon Musk learned rocketry from Skillshare???

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  66. spikedpsycho

    I’m less concerned about reuse and more impressed by launch costs, which Space X has helped to Drive down immensely. United Launch Alliance, atk, NASA pay attention. Shuttle refurbishment record of 55 days sounds impressive but remember every Shuttle mission launch costs a BILLION dollars.

  67. Maawma Opa

    3 times with refurbushment, thats why it sucrified amos17 main booster..

  68. RobertMOdell

    They have multiple falcon 9 rockets so its not an issue of turn around time per rocket. It’s turn around cost per rocket.

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    SpaceX launched a rare expendable non recovered booster last night. A brilliant piece of timing. RIP booster B1047 :'(

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