How Does SpaceX Get Their Rocket Fuel?

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As SpaceX continues to develop their reusable rockets, the cost of fuel will become more and more important. This video looks at how SpaceX sources and transports rocket fuel to their test site in Boca Chica for use on their Starship rocket.

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  1. facts and knowledge

    I love your channel from india

  2. LIST

    So we use farts to go to space ?

  3. Lee Atkinson

    If spacex just uses fossil LNG instead of making their own methane + oxygen from the sabatier process, which seems like the environmentally and ideally better method, I will be very surprised.

  4. CosmoK Space Industry

    Elon Musk made reality into a KSP game because look at the size of the super-heavy and the starship

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  6. ABZY

    1:40 “the falcon 9 will never be fully reusable ” i disagree as they have successfully demonstrated a booster can be used upto 7 times. NOT to mention NASA is going to use a reused booster for their next crew mission in 2021. Yes the upperstage isn’t reusable but I strongly believe that first stage has proven and is capable on flying multiple times. Remember Spacex wants it to be more like a plane land, slight ground maintenance, refuel and liftoff.

  7. Vivek Shrivastava

    When all the oxygen will be burnt. We will start breathing CO2 AND CO. oh wait? They will kill us! 😶👽

  8. burper2000000

    There is (almost I think) no methane in the martian atmosphere, SpaceX will make methane on mars using what is called: the “Sabatier process”. In this process, SpaceX will take the *CO2* in the martian atmosphere, and separate it into carbon and oxygen, and will take the water ice from mars (H2O) and separate it into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. They will take four hydrogen atoms with one carbon atom (obviously it won’t be one molecule at a time), and create CH4, or methane. The leftover oxygen they can use for breathing, or for oxidizer. Using the resources you find at your destination is called: “In Situ Resource Utilization” or “ISRU”. Just a small clarification about the video.

  9. Wallace McDonut

    @0:35 and @1:52. Huh? So it isn’t then? Make your mind up. Maybe try proof reading your commentary to make sure it makes sense before publishing?

  10. rebornranch

    There is not a large amount of methane in mars’s atmosphere, there is plenty of CO2 and there is H2O in the polar ice, using a thing called the sabatier process they can create LOX and Methane.

  11. Heino Matthee

    6:30 this is a horrible animation that just confuses me.

  12. Taco Man

    Musk Industries

  13. jonathan lavezzi

    I love that the cover over the nozzle has removed before flight written on it 😂 somehow I don’t think a plastic cover is going to be a problem on the end of a rocket nozzle

  14. C Woody

    By causing global warming

  15. Evexom


  16. Alan Coker

    Uh…excuse me ? ” cant be reused” ???? How many times did they use the same falcon 9 ?????

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  18. Owen Salisbury

    If making the fuel so easy why space x not making the fuel?

  19. Shafira Meisy

    wow guys

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  22. Markle2k

    You got very mixed up from 2″45″ on. They won’t be pulling CH4 from the Martian atmosphere. They will pull CO2 from the atmosphere and react that with hydrogen from electrolysed water to generate methane and water. *This* is the Sabatier process. The oxygen comes from the initial water electrolysis.
    Ar 6’30” you again get mixed up with that graphic. All the water and CO2 can come from sea water as CO2 dissolves well in water. Or, they could buy the CO2 and distilled water. Supercritical CO2 is used in oil extraction, so there are pipelines running all over Texas.

    Overall, the principles and motivation are correct even if the chemistry is not.

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    Early but not first

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    Thanks has new video😊😊

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    Good explanation

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    I dont remember sobbing to this guy but, I still like it

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    Woah cool

  28. The Science Furry

    The SpaceX rockets are fueled with Elon Musks genius.

  29. WhiteAngelBerry

    There is a mistake with boiling off oxygen, the boiling off tempereture is mixed up.

  30. Jason ols

    Isnt methane an ozone depleting gas? Isnt it far worse than co2?

  31. Johann Pernia-Fulleros

    Its not the most costly thing for the launch

  32. Hugo Coelho

    I want to see people going to Mars, thriving there and becoming Martian citizens. I consider these wishes as life goals that I want to be able to witness before dying. I probably won’t be in Mars, but will die in peace knowing that my species is expanding through the universe

  33. Nolsp

    Since power generation will definitely come before any sort of fuel production on mars, a lot hinges on upcoming rechargeable battery tech breakthroughs which Tesla and other companies are now working on.

  34. What? Inc.

    Elon musk will be remembered as a brilliant mind when he finally rots away in 60 years


    wow amazing


    thanks to you phase one may commence 😈

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    Excellent. Thanks.

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    Great video! YOU ROCK!!

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    I was literally waiting for this my whole life :D

  41. ABMax

    Liquify air at 100psi? Yeah if you cool it to -170C first. Otherwise every mechanic shop on earth would have liquified air in the air compressors.

  42. Florida Man

    they get it from mexico

  43. Tigran Ohanyan

    It’s so funny. Every time when they show Starship they say that its gonna fly to Mars. Hey. Its a great delusion. Starship never gonna fly to Mars. It doesn’t have full G design. No one gonna survive 8-9 month trip to Mars without Full G. Starship can only fly short trip (5-7 day) to Moon and lift some stuff to orbit. It will be used as a heavy weight lifter to Earth or maybe Moon orbit, but that’s it.

  44. Samith Tharaka

    Good Explanation.

  45. Kush Mandey

    Guys watch out for fuel delivery at Boca Chica for SN-8.

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  47. Bakdi Abderrahmane

    SpaceX restored my beliefs in humanity.

  48. WinterHell

    1:07 Dude, you can’t say item A is FAR cheaper than item B while item B is “only slightly” more expensive than item A. That makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. If A is MUCH cheaper than B, logically B must be MUCH more expensive than A. By definition. Or A is only slightly cheaper and therefore B is slightly more expensive.

    Also, when comparing only two items, it should really be “the LESS expensive of the two” not “the LEAST expensive of the two”. Least and most are used when talking about three or more items. But that’s a minor issue compared to the other one.

  49. michael wittmann

    Cant wait for the 15km flight test on nov 30

  50. Aditya Vardhan Singh

    Your videos are indeed interesting and about unique topics… excited for future SpaceX endeavours! 🔥🚀

  51. Wallace McDonut

    @3:11 not mining companies

  52. Chris W

    please dont mix your units. First you’re using Celsius and kilograms and then gallons and psi. please stick to metric.

  53. Damian Ortiz

    Muchas gracias por tus videos, son excelentes! Saludos desde Argentina.

  54. LT Flashback

    The buy h202 (water 2) from eric andre

  55. Sergeant. J

    I cannot wait to see the belly flop maneuver live

  56. Super Hans ✅

    Question: when they have to abandon a launch because of the weather for example and launch on a different day, can they reuse the same fuel or do they have to spend another $150k on a new batch?

    Thanks, Hans.


    Has this guy heard of Boyles law?

  58. Brett Mciver

    Our cows down here in New zealand provide more than enough fart power for this monster, so much so the govt a few years back was looking at a fart 💨tax on farms for a green house gas money pinching scheme, 🤑💰💵💸💶💴💷💨

  59. Kilian Schwiebacher

    they can use biogas/ methane by the way

  60. ShadowkillZ

    When rocket fuel is cheaper than gasoline, bruh…

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    They stole it from aliens

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    This was phenomenal…

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  64. Nils P

    Hi ! Great video as always
    However I noticed that, unlike in most of you other videos, you left out the conversion to metric units for volumes or pressures (see 4:20 e.g)
    It would be nice for future videos if you could include these units (as you did for temperature at 5:46) as they speak a lot more to people outside the US.

    Otherwise great topic, and very well explained and illustrated ;)

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all reading this!

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    sustainably sourced jet fuel ❤💕💗✨

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    Harvest methane from cows

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    There’s a substantial number of small errors in this video :L

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    cant wait for starship to launch all the way into orbit… itll be cool to see what it can do

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    Why this dude sound exactly like Jerry rig everything?

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    2:17 *DOCKING*……hurhurhur

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    why does he keep using the engine in fire footage? it’s getting annoying lmao

  75. Doodle Boi

    I heard that Mars is Losing its Atmosphere. Will it affect Starship?

  76. David Merriman

    Most informative! Excellent presentation of a topic that gets so little attention by us space-nerds.

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    Holy shit. I’ve always wondered this!

  78. Greg Knipe

    hey, that “dirt field in Texas” was and is a sensitive costal wildlife preserve, obtained through the influence of a rich narcissist set on colonizing mars. get it straight primal space.

  79. RonJohn63

    5:45 IOW, they’re *distilling the atmosphere.*

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    I’m waiting for the 15km flight. Look for schedule every day

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  82. J H

    6:30 *”Space-X could use the **_Sabatier process_** of separating oxygen from H2O”* Pretty sure the Sabatier process is for making methane… not oxygen.. The water could be extracted from the H2O using electrolysis.

  83. Ad Astra!!!

    “Space is the place” – Someone

  84. LIST

    The small village of boca chica will become a huge premium city in the future

  85. Srinivas Iyengar

    2:45 AFAIK, there isn’t enough methane in the atmosphere. They’re planning on using the Sabatier process to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and create H2O and CH4 out of it

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    If you’re going through rough times, please don’t give up.
    Better times are coming ❤️

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    A starship launch is just expensive as the fuel needed for launch


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    I got a source of cheap methane at home….*snickers*

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    I still waiting for the 15km test flight,it’s going to be a very historical moment

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    This fuels my imagination

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    “Per aspera ad astra” – through hardships to the stars

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    Do you think SN8 will stick the landing on it’s 15km test? – Shoutout to CuriosityStream for supporting this video (my longest one yet) – give them a try and get a year’s subscription here by using the code ‘PrimalSpace’

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