China’s Rocket Dropping Habit

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China’s space program is now one of the most powerful in the world. But despite all of the success, Chinese rockets are frequently launched over populated areas – sometimes crashing into towns and villages. This video looks at why China began doing this in the first place and how developing reusable rockets might fix this issue.

» Stuck In The Air – The Tower Of Light
» Voyager – Ewan Cunningham

Written & Edited by: Ewan Cunningham (
Narrated by: Beau Stucki

  1. Spacenerd1

    Watching this video before China takes it down

  2. 旅情

    Read too much fake news

  3. matthewweaverworks

    Why I am proud to be an American.

  4. John Goe

    I wish the Chinese intelligence would mix with European wisdom and Indian kindness.
    They need a bit of Europe and a lot of India

  5. Willi Knieß

    Just let China go to the iss if want cooperation not aggrasion


    The biggest problem with China is that it simply doesn’t value human life. With a population of over 1 billion, they simply see 100 people dying in an accident as the cost of doing business.
    You’re not a person in China, you’re a resource or a statistic.

  7. CyFr's Corner

    China at least has a way to clean up debris rather than polluting the ocean where it ends up being out of sight out of mind. Keep in mind those hyperbolic fuels also contaminate the waters.
    Just adding a sort of rebuttal

  8. Brixxter

    I once pointed out this issue in a comment section. I got death threats and insults in return. Say what you want, I don’t like the Chinese spaceflight community.

  9. Chad M Brown


  10. TheUnatuber

    They’ll still beat us to landing people on Mars!

  11. B D

    To anyone not from the US and Russia in the comment section mocking about China’s space program: What can your space technology inferior country make?

  12. Democrazy旭


  13. Tsar Productions

    The last time I was this early Britain was still in the European Union.

  14. Mike H.

    If it is from china, it must be bad.

  15. 落霞之巅


  16. Peizxcv

    The launch sites were inland precisely to protect them from US fly plane overflight and sabotage. Up till the mid-70s’ CIA were sponsoring agents from Taiwan to infiltrate and sabotage mainland space/industrial projects.
    China doesn’t have lax safety standards as Chinese space program haven’t killed a crew nor ground personal yet.

  17. fei zheng

    dark side of American space🙂

  18. Peizxcv

    There are positive space channel such as Scott Manley and Everyday Astronaut and there are negative channel such as this one that brings Earth’s geopolitics and jingoism into space.
    Glad to see the other two channels are way bigger because we don’t need to negativity and ignorance here with us to the future.

  19. Supreme kiwi

    if you can not win them smear them.

  20. Serge I

    China. lmao

  21. Gogreen forever

    Chinese copy this time got it wrong.
    That why I dont buy chinese product.
    Pound land.

  22. Darick Lim

    China might drop rockets in their backyard but USA drops plenty in someone else’s yard 😉

  23. saranga

    Lmao china


    *Made in China…*

  25. 221 b

    It’s nuclear not nucular. The word comes from “nucleus” meaning core (of the atom). So nuclear physics is basically core physics.

  26. Filip Ra

    “USA banned China from coming to INTERNATIONAL space station”…

  27. Jeffccan

    It’s just the Chinese Government being themselves. Not caring about the people. 😒

  28. Aquarian Rabbit

    Chinese people all look the same

  29. Michelle Williams

    China is YeEtINg rockets…

  30. Marcel Silva

    Wow. I didnt realize how incredibly stupid China’s rocket launch operations were. “Let’s just drop rocket parts on and have explosions all over….human beings…by choice”

  31. Rufus Spyra


  32. Nutt YT

    Those are china products what do expect to happen..

  33. Pole Dev

    90% space trash come from china rocket

  34. Zeta0001

    use illegal usa probe in china

  35. Amal Dev U

    **Communism Intestifies**

  36. Warren Mundell

    Which Apollo flight was it killed all 7 aboard?

  37. Holyangel

    The amount af anti China comments here is alarming!

  38. Yuxuan Wang

    People are now just drawing conclusions from a biased and misleading video. Brilliant!

  39. Justin Slay

    Darn Chinese!

  40. Willoughby 1888

    Well, they could always sell their duds to Walmart too like their other stuff. Lower the price if they have to and all. Some greedy person would grab it before the next person probably.

  41. I want my kids susan

    A small price to pay for space exploration.

  42. Adam Stark

    Video talks about landing on the Dark Side of the Moon but then shows the clip with the Earth in the background?

  43. J6 XY

    Iron sky

  44. Mic Edwards

    Great video, love your channel brother !

  45. Grzegorz Kapica

    China is a PR superpower.

  46. aljaž mladkovič dremelj

    Kept it on bro you are awesome

  47. Rxc Fitz


  48. Linkentron pie

    Ah yes, china is copi g spacex now. The reuseable rocket is probably ble awefully similar to the falcon 9

  49. دعاء ولماس

    السلام عليكم

  50. Sky Hiker 9

    Who’d they steal the rocket technology from?

  51. AJHedges

    I wonder where they got the idea of grid fins from, very original technology!

  52. Jttv

    Now I have to ask. Is this more environmentally friendly than dumping them in the Ocean? I mean polution in the oceann disperses. Stuff on land does that in a much more limited scale.

  53. eliya sne

    I don’t think its ment for the development of a reusable long march, they might be using those just for testing the grid fins of a completely new rocket designed entirely for reusability (I don’t think that long march could perform a propolsive landing, it most likely can’t operate on 10% thrust).

  54. Leon Chan

    Thanks for the video. Things are complicated in China. Change is hard to make but it’s still going on

  55. Robin varghese

    01:16 a big holy cross is flying…

  56. gary proffitt

    China dropping Rockets with there own houses, pity !

  57. y z

    Rockets made by nasa sometimes blew up in mid air too

  58. Brandon Smythe

    That’s pretty dope how the launch tower encases the rocket and it opens. That was cooooooooo. But it’s not too dope too drop first stages all over your peeps.

  59. relu ion

    innocent civilians : exist*
    chinese government: It’s free ballistic range !

  60. TheGamerPokemon

    Everybody gangsta until rockets start dropping from the sky

  61. INERT

    All of their rockets are called “dong” and they often break up or crash violently.
    Phallic symbology and representative of weak Chinese masculinity and impotence.

  62. Dhruv N

    For the first time I’m here on time
    Btw legend has it that ma man will heart this comment

  63. Peter Byrne

    The Long March was an epic retreat that resulted in 90% loss, though glamorized by Beijing. They still don’t care about human loss, only their goals, power, control and such.

  64. GB

    Unbelievable. 😟

  65. Rishikesh Ingle

    They don’t give a damn about their people.

  66. T-65B X-Wing Fighter

    Step 1: Slap a few parachutes on board
    Step 2: Drive a big ol truck out there and take the booster home after it glides down

  67. William Sheehan

    “Rocket dropping habit”, damn that sound positively menacing.

  68. Clark Howell

    Nice try. But you didn’t answer the question “WHY”

  69. sbmphr

    This was an very informative video would love a part 2.

  70. Zeta0001

    if USA never ban ISS for china and dock iss

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  73. Dave 22

    Steal technology? That’s so stupid

  74. Skiper747

    since when China care about human life and rights??

  75. J Dwin

    In short ” well its china ” .

  76. ClanBez

    developing reusable rockets or stealing the tech?

  77. another lab

    Only china?

  78. FrancennGaming

    Proudly Made in China😂😂

  79. Chris1911

    SpaceX: designs reusable rockets to save money and cut costs per launch
    China: designs reusable rockets to stop killing and endangering it’s own citizens

  80. Chris D'Agorne

    Most underrated YouTuber. Always enjoy your content – it should be getting much more attention! Maybe you could do a collaboration with someone like Henry from Minute Physics?

  81. Dustlotus

    There is literally no location in China without village around it

  82. DeadlyHunter 6699

    Plot twist : China playing simcity

  83. mylocalibre

    0:24 lmfao if they landed on the far side why can you see the earth

  84. nonameleft1

    It is expected when Launch site is in land. Especially China has 1.4 billion people so people everywhere

  85. Zakariya mohamed

    After starship’s incident I basically rely on this channel to lift my moral and keep me interested in the space news and history and development.

  86. MindLaboratory

    Me, in America: our government is awful.
    Looks at China
    Me: our government is flawed but could be much much worse

  87. bingo_fuel

    thank you for doing this video! this is not talked about enough

  88. Azures

    what did you expect it’s made in China.

  89. MΛX

    How fitting for a rocket called long march to kill a lot of people.

  90. dxxPacmanxxb

    1/5th of the video is just ad space

  91. No Name

    China landed a rover on the backside of the moon and crashed a spent rocket in There backyard. A for effort!

  92. Rob Potato

    There is a dark side to China. Full stop. I would be seriously concerned about China having a powerful space program.

  93. evanr32

    Landing attempts without legs what even is this

  94. dxxPacmanxxb

    2:53 Me playing KSP

  95. Dan Chang

    Hey check out my new house-
    *rocket part falls on house*
    Looks great!
    Correction, our house

  96. WKD

    3:17 – image is of Russian Soyuz debris.

  97. pulsar's beam

    And everyone is here yelling they hate America. At least they are not droping stages on our houses.

  98. dxxPacmanxxb

    China is literally playing KSP irl over there

  99. NovorSec

    “Why develop technology when you can steal it”
    “People are expendable, all you need to make one is 15 minutes of pleasure”
    Ancestral Chinese proverbs

  100. Lithostheory

    If your social credit is too low you’ll get a rocket dropped onto your house.

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