We Asked a NASA Scientist – Does NASA Know About All the Asteroids?

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Does NASA know about ALL the asteroids? We know about the vast majority of larger ones and none of those pose a threat, but space is big, so we’re always on the lookout. NASA asteroid expert Dr. Amy Mainzer explains. Learn more: nasa.gov/planetarydefense

  1. tohtoriTurvotus

    Quick, hide the asteroids! NASA is at the door!

  2. Gregory Kitchens

    That’s probably not a question you want the answer to, and you also don’t want the answer to what the plan is if a major asteroid is going to hit earth. You really don’t want the answer to that.

  3. Khaleda Begum

    Wow, I want to be an astronout of NASA.


    What about solar storms?

  5. Jenniffer de Jesus

    Next: how many rockets has been launch

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    I want to know about Aliens….

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    Will the world end in 10 years from now?

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    Interesting…. I like it 👌Astronomy is so amazing 😍❤👌

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    Just worry about that rogue planet comin at us that is 2000 times larger then the sun UY Scuti, lol

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    That background music is totally distracting, can’t hear a thing with concentration. Please remove the background music completely for next videos.

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  15. M. Richard Speights

    NASA produced this video?

    Grammatically, the answer to this awkwardly worded, vague question is, yes, NASA knows about all the asteroids. If the space agency were this imprecise in building space ships, we’d still stare longingly at a Moon we’d yet to visit.

    Before studying the stars, how about we spend a little more time studying the language we use to describe the stars?

  16. HYPER Ꝋ

    i kept on picturing going to my window right now and seeing a giant one falling because that’s the one we missed

  17. Mystical STD

    If big big asteroid comes. We are fu*ked

  18. Gaurav Tyagi

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  19. klutterkicker

    This is the little video you see satirically playing at the beginning of an asteroid apocalypse movie.

  20. Abdo Samir

    Why is Pluto not a planet nasa

  21. Max Power

    I saw a few chart sizes and when compared to our planet its insignificant. We could be in a collision course. The furthest we ca see is not even close to the mass of this object… just wondering😯

  22. MattsLegoChannel

    Question is astronauts brave? Idk just wondering

  23. svenm sandity

    Wow i would of thought making a rover/satellite on a asteroid that doesnt rotate and putting a means to communicate with it on the level of using our own stars light to see things moving around us at a point which could be very powerful in knowing whats moving faster then us around us making a sort of triangle view as we communicate with it every year

  24. Dino Nucci

    Has NASA found a sane Democrat?

  25. Duly Noted

    Our sun, our planet and planets around us, our entire galaxy, is traveling through space. We will encounter something in our path.

  26. Parodist

    Aren’t those ‘smaller pieces’ the ones literally crashing into trucks and stuff here on Earth? Oof, space you scary 🥊🎮

  27. Gerald Key Sr.

    How about the 2 massive planet sized space objects headed toward Earth as we speak that is from another system. How about that this is the reason for the blacklight’s.

  28. Shannon Wilson

    What are all these really dumb questions that you ask nasa? Oh wait, it’s nasa, even these simple and dumb questions is too hard for them…

  29. sparker68

    The answer was no

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    God bless America.🇺🇸🙏🏻

  31. Nighthawke70

    Not until SPACETRAK is deployed, dedicated exploration/exploitation is established and in full production, is when a full understanding of the belts is gained.

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    Ah nice to see Amy Mainzer after such a long time. I had crush on her. 😁

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    If a big asteroid was going to impact earth, you all would not tell us anyways……

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    Fun fact: If there was big asteroid going to hit earth we would know millions of years before.

    Keep up good job Nasa

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