The Shuttle’s Last Flight | An End. A New Beginning.

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Ten years ago, the last shuttle mission (STS-135) dropped out of the predawn darkness and landed at Kennedy’s Shuttle Landing Facility Runway 15 for the final time.

Over the course of the more than eight days, Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim had spent much of their time delivering a stockpile of supplies and parts to the space station. 

The end of their mission aboard Atlantis may have been the end of the shuttle era, but it was the beginning a new stage of exploration.

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 Preparing to launch
2:48 Launch delay
3:34 Launch
4:01 Arrive at the International Space Station
5:51 Returning Home
7:04 Landing
8:51 New Beginnings

  1. Space x astronaut

    I loved the SS and I’m sad to see it go 😔 but I know nasa space x and blue origin are going to vary the flag for this ship

  2. Lexus Driver

    The space shuttle was an amazing reusable space vehicle. Five Space Shuttles: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavor. Unfortunately during the program they lost two Space Shuttles but on the bright side we still have Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavor along with Enterprise as these orbiters are still here with us today in museums.

  3. F1ashhay

    I can’t wait to see all of this in my life time, like humans make a base on the Moon and maybe, live on Mars. Then after years and years, go farther and farther in the Universe.

  4. F1ashhay

    I was soo happy to see Chris Hatfield on the ISS.

  5. Naytan H

    Me and my brother watched the last shuttle flight, still remember it like it was yesterday

  6. Alex Szabó

    hello nasa ive always enjoyed watching space footage i think you’re doing well nowdays cant wait for sls :)

  7. The Static Shock Aka Stat

    Man Our planet is the most Beautifuliest thing in the Universe I Love our Planet so Much

  8. random vids

    This are the things that made real men cry😭😭

  9. One Nation Under God

    Sure wish we a vehicle as capable as the shuttle right now so we could service Hubble!

  10. Robert Cortez

    Amazing Doug Hurley on the last shuttle mission and then was a first for a crewed mission Dragon for space x.

  11. pawsryanTV

    This was a vital stepping stone to the future of humanity and space flight

  12. BOBON TV

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  13. Titi

    wonderful adventure thank you for making us dream


    يااالها من رحله 🙂

  15. Sam Ruben Immanuel

    End of an era 😭

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  17. Bern Alfie Saysip

    Oh this got me emotional.

  18. John E

    It is weird. Going from the Space Shuttle and then to take a couple of steps backwards the way to go to space.

  19. Biswajit Das

    Lots of love from India❤️

  20. Kyle Elliott

    I love that they so conveniently left out SpaceX.


    I fell in love with the shuttle and the white plane the very first day I saw it in a book called children’s encyclopedia

  22. Inazarab

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  23. Jim O Brien Tech

    Stunning video and music. Any video of the ignitions? Like in this one but longer

  24. T Von

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  25. Álvaro Guzmán

    Absolutely awesome but at the same time I´m missing some SpaceX images, where are them?

  26. Mr Slim 1959

    Since we retired the shuttle fleet we are going backwards,so sad.

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  28. Pepe

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    I love NASA💜

  30. Suddhojit Gon

    Your heart becomes heavy after watching this video. It literally brings tears to your eyes.Such an an incredible part this space shuttle programme occupies in recorded history. Thank you so much NASA.
    An outstanding achievement for humankind in the field of space exploration. Love and respect from Calcutta, India.🇮🇳

  31. Benoît Cocheteux

    Thank you, NASA.

  32. Iasmim Zimmermnn

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  33. Jason Bartlett

    I grew up watching the shuttle missions on NASA TV absolutely an amazing space craft. The one day I was late to work was because I wanted to watch Atlantis make her final landing. I miss the shuttle.

  34. jahra tonni

    I am student . I have a dream I want to be a Astronaut . Love from Bangladesh . Good luck NASA.

  35. nigh

    It’s really cool that Doug Hurley took part in both the final shuttle mission and then many years later in the first crewed US space mission after it aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour.

  36. Gábor Tóth

    I’ll never forget how much the Space Shuttle programme inspired me as a child and what a crucial role it played in piquing my interest towards astronomy and space exploration. It’s been magical. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

  37. Nithin CR

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    One of the best spaceship ever built by humans….

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  43. Alsabith. P. S

    This made me cry too, it was in the fall of 2018 i knew that the shuttle retired. I was’nt able to handle that fact. The shuttle was actually a engineering masterpiece.luckily we have SLS taking shape. The shuttle for the moon

  44. Ruthless

    I remember watching this lauch live with my father as a kid.

  45. Sachin Kumar


  46. A scientist's journey

    This is the type of documentary we need😊. I grew up listening to and watching the space shuttle and it’s just sad for me to know how it came to an end. 🥺But I am excited for NASA bringing up the private space players to the centre stage.

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  50. Luciano Bernardo Dias Ber


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  57. holyhandgrenadeo

    When I was a kid, a space shuttle on a plane flew over my school. Watching this video made me go down to the picture board in the kitchen to look at that photo.

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    Atlantis: Hey son
    Dream chaser : hey dad

  62. ashtonsethreimer

    The ULA plug at the end as the “New Beginning” is a bit strange. I wish them luck, but ULA doesn’t feel like a new beginning, rather more of the same old way of doing things.

  63. SwissScouter

    Thanks Nasa for this short documentary of this amazing part of our history. The next Starship is coming but you laid the ground for the next genaration.

  64. Jeffrey Tibesar

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  71. xIconikkxGaming

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  72. CC Q

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  73. Bri Nicole

    Though I loved growing up in the 80’s, I do wish I had been alive for the very beginning. What an incredibly exciting time for everyone.

  74. Melon_Coaster

    Thanks to all the people working on it. It was and is a great inspiration for a lot of people around the globe. It was at least the thing, which started my interest into spaceflight. And if everything is going well I will start to study aerospace engineering this year! So thanks Nasa for being a inspiration even for the people not from Amerika like me.

  75. Larry Whittington

    Well Glory we are doing the other things today we’re actually accomplishing small to great in the boundaries of safety On into deep space exploration.
    💫🌎 🇺🇸

  76. ToasterNova

    An incredible finale to an incredible spacecraft.
    Such ingenuity for its time is what inspired me into aiming for the space industry as a kid.

  77. BigDukeX

    Hard now to realize that this program spanned 30 plus years… and concluded 10 years ago.

  78. Lil Yaro

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  79. Michael Harrison

    Doug Hurley might sound familiar to some….he also flew on the first US manned launch after STS-135 on Crew Dragon.

  80. Brandon E.

    While beyond expensive, the Shuttle program did two things right. Build the ISS and launch the Hubble / fix… Other than that it was a waste of money.

    Just like NASA is wasting money on Boeing…

  81. Dahlia O

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