Space Grown Crystals Offer Clarity on Parkinson’s Disease UHD

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Parkinson’s disease affects more than 5 million people on Earth. Research on the International Space Station could provide insight into this chronic neurodegenerative disease and help scientists find ways to treat and prevent it. In this video, NASA astronaut Serena Auñon-Chancellor narrates as European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Alexander Gerst uses a microscope to examine and photograph the LRRK2 crystals.

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  1. B N

    *I want to be an Astronaut.😥😢*

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    This is very defficult wark

  3. Shiatbiatch

    I wanna snort said space crystals, like Chong when he came back from the ufo!!

  4. Nooran Mirza

    Nasaaaaa 😂❤️❤️

  5. Michael Workman

    I doubt that it’s practical but hopefully you’ll someday grow time crystals in space if for no other reason than how cool that sounds.

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  7. Arthur Oliveira Lima

    Nasa 🇺🇸😂❤

  8. Bumble Douche

    Morally objectionable as this may sound, let’s consider: if Parkinson’s effects *only* 5 million people worldwide, a mere 0.0007% of the population, is this disease receiving attention & research funding disproportionate to its prevalence in the community? I mean, barring the occasional Michael J. Fox-type statistical aberration, aren’t the majority of that 0.00007% chronologically advanced & near death anyway?

  9. Larry Whittington

    Exciting 😁👍

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  14. Zachariah Willburn

    where’d you get that protein? animal flesh? the only substance to contain cholesterol…
    maybe you can inform your viewers on how oxidized cholesterol crystals are linked to these neuro degenerative diseases? you know, like the crystals you’re attempting to form more rapidly …

  15. K1llerm0th

    This looks like beans

  16. Davin Tate

    Why is there any dislikes?

  17. David K

    What is the gravity on the ISS?

  18. Bella Umbrellla

    Dr Serena Auñon is so smart and an excellent teacher explaining things so well. Love these ongoing ISS experiments! Keep it up NASA 😍👏👏

  19. Echo

    So… how do these crystals have anything to do with parkinsons? Do those crystals form in people’s brain?

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  21. 360 tech

    1st viewer and liker

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  24. Play Station

    Try finding a cure for cancer

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    What if they get bad wifi? Does the connection ever drop?

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    Yay NASA

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    God Bless America 🇱🇷

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    Alex is up there again?

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    Cross-field science and assist – that’s a perfect example of how we all should strive to help and assist each other. Marvellous!!

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  37. Mam Amheus

    Absolutely fascinating! If this works and you get a cure for such a cruel disease, those naysayers will not have a single toe, let alone a leg to stand on. I think the space programmes (whether it’s NASA, ESA or any of the growing number of countries with them) are worth every penny that is spent on them, but developing new and top-quality drugs will make them even more valuable. Good luck!

  38. Jake DeBlasio

    How fasinating.

  39. Shanna Wheeler

    That’s awesome!

  40. Kundan Kumar

    Anyone Give me suggestion for cure of Parkinson…more need of…your suggestion…

  41. Erik Laken

    When you search in science, there are so many people who suffer from this illness only 10 % of the people on Earth do really get the new medicine from there healthcare program, Maby we must say if you wane use our space station that is pay from all the people, that medicines discover on the international space station should be available to all people, not just 10% who can pay the new medicine,…..

  42. Hellena Rose

    Amazing ♥️

  43. Pup314

    Are the crystals the cause or the cure for Parkinson’s?

  44. Trebuh Repus

    Share The UFO file

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    Your cable management is terrible :P

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    Why’s mikes beard looking so fantastic? Never knew there were Barbers on the space station

  47. bigbabyzubas

    We are.going to gave Satellites, Owned by either nations or Company’s, all over the place!
    Mostly for Production of Low Gravity Goods.
    Would be another good excuse ti clean up the Orbiting Space Junk as well. At that would open up Launch windows.

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    I want to become an astronaut how do I become one I want to be like Chris Hadfield I’ve watched all his masterclasses (I know that I probably sound needy but I’ve had a passion for it since I was 3 )

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  52. Génialissime / Dav

    Can someone translate this in French for my grandma plz ?

  53. Jeff Vader

    I just went outside and saw the ISS fly overhead. It’s a beautiful sight, I thought back to this video and reminded myself that there are people up there working for all of mankind, and I gave them a wave. Godspeed ISS!

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    Great !!!! 👏👏👏

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    Wow! Thank you so much. :-)

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    Hope they work on a stupidity vaccine at some point in the near future….
    People have regressived back to bronze age intelligence….

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    Bon courage nasa

  59. Colin Boyle

    How is it determined what experiments get conducted on the ISS. Who decides?

  60. jeremy orourke

    My question is is your experiment because you’re in space or is it because the oxygen levels inside where you’re growing the experimental crystals what is the oxygen level compared to Earth’s oxygen level

  61. liquidbraino

    Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

  62. Marco Ara

    Geez, make some 10 min videos. Surely you’ve got waaaay more footage. These are just too short…

  63. rednael500

    Science is so fantastic and an important good of humanity. Thank you for this great research and space exploration!
    It’s not just for fun, but for health, technological development, education, and of course curiosity. I really hope for a better funding and much more space missions.

  64. Amethyst Crystal

    Now grow an Amethyst, please?

  65. Erik 567

    I bet there will be found many new ways to make or improve all sorts of product. Micro gravity is a very different place.

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  67. Green Light

    that is quite amazing – good to actually see an experiment going on up there

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    Good jobe astronauts!

  69. Tom Hell

    Parkinsons disease: you will never find the cure not on the entire planet!
    Nasa: Hold my Crystal

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    Who ever type the captions they forgot about caps lock lol.

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    You guys are amazing!!!

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    Isn’t alex that German guy who took “Die Maus” to space?

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    So science right? Why do u look nervous

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    Somebody fix MJF

  75. Kimmy Kimbo

    When I was in high school I did an experiment with the Texas Space Grant Consortium in Houston on protein crystallization as part of an essay contest and I always wondered what kinds of things they were going to be used for. Thank you for posting this!

  76. Erik Laken

    With the help of us all you are in space, will the new medicine come available for us all?

  77. leatherneck joe

    I’m 70 years old how can I get some crystals…..just kidding I just love NASA……

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    NASA 👌👍 you are the best 💯🚀🌌

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    I would love some pictures of these crystals from that space microscope, NASA. Please.

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    Never stop searching and being curious ..Thanks NASA!💚

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    who downvotes something like this, wtf?

  82. Harvey Reed

    Wow! Thank you.

  83. rpbsjy

    This is a really satisfying explanation. I often feel that some of the experiments done on the ISS are poorly explained, e.g. “We want to understand how the blah blah process works in microgravity”, but never explains how microgravity has any relevance to the blah blah process on Earth. This was super simple: crystals grow bigger or more easily in microgravity.

  84. Fredrick HT

    My grandma is suffering form Alzheimer’s and can’t remember me anymore. I hope in the future we’ll be able to cure all diseases. Thank you nasa for making our future brighter

  85. FelixCalamatus

    I take care of a Parkinsons patient daily. Thank you so much for your work astronauts!

  86. turdl38

    This is so freaking cool. I would love to see what they’re doing with arthritis, if anything. Like, do those people who’ve been in space get it less because their joints had that period of microgravity without as much stress as in a “normal” earth environment?

  87. Mick Power

    What a time to be alive. Keep up the great work NASA.

  88. Akakun

    And some people say space science is a waste of money and resources…

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    Inspiring… Never give up! No limits! Great video and discussion 👍

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    Thank you space floatie bois

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    Thanks so much for sharing this with us, the progress of our species is charted by the progress you make. Thanks so much for posting!

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    I love you so much🇺🇸🚀🇺🇸🚀

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    One of the reasons I love NASA

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    Fantastic! That’s so amazing. Godspeed, and thank you for your service.

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    oooo wow wow nasa is super .

  96. Jeff Vader

    Imagine how much more could be done if we had 10 times more research stations up there in orbit. Another reason to invest in space exploration!

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    NASA back at it again with pure science! :D You guys make the fiction our reality! Amazing! :D

  98. Luda Critz

    Can you guys believe there are morons on this planet that think these people are faking this in a green room. Get stuffed flatearthers.

  99. The Exoplanets Channel

    One example more of how important is the research on the ISS. *Thank you astronauts*

  100. Felixkeeg

    Chemist here, clarification for people interested what’s going on here:
    You probably know that proteins are the molecular machines of all living things. What a protein does is dictated by its structure, they work on a key-and-lock system. The problem right now is, that we don’t really understand how the structure of a protein relates to its reactivity. So we try and take proteins of which we know what they do and determine their structure to learn from that.
    There are a couple of ways to figure out a protein structure, but X-ray crystallography has proven to be the best method, because the data is very clear. The problem is that in order to get a clear structure, the molecules may not move a lot (think of a taking a picture of something fast moving). The best way to keep them in one place is to crystallize them. But that is kinda tricky too, because large molecules like proteins don’t tend to crystallize well.
    And this is the reason why they are doing these sorts of experiments in space. Because of the low gravity, the molecules can find each other undisturbed and thus crystallize better. In some cases, this is the only way to get crystals of sufficient quality.
    Currently, we know the structures of over 130.000 proteins, and the number is increasing by the day. The ultimate goal is to finally understand how the sequence of amino acids dictates the structure of the protein and how the structure relates to a function. If we can figure this out eventually, this will be the dawn of a new era in medicine. Understanding life in that much detail may one day give us the power to not only fight, but ultimately cure diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS and – of course – Parkinson’s.
    This is a very brief take on the subject, feel free to ask if you want to know more

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