Priming NASA’s Artemis I for Launch to the Moon

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Every element of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System rocket, and ground systems is now at Kennedy Space Center — the final stop on planet Earth before the uncrewed Artemis I mission around the Moon. These critical components are being primed for flight through final assembly, stacking, and fueling operations. The first in a series of increasingly complex missions, the Artemis I flight test will provide a foundation for human deep space exploration, and demonstrate our commitment and capability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond.

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  1. New World

    Wow that’s awesome!!!
    We are finally going mooooon!!!

  2. RCnerd74

    We are living in very exciting times. Looking forward to the first Artemis moon mission :o)

  3. Venusian Creative

    I know there are genuine complaints around Artemis, but I am still so excited to see Artemis I launch!

  4. Lettermansgirl

    Couldn’t be more excited!!! We need this👍💯

  5. Living Excuse

    If they added a clip of SpaceX SN15 landing or the SN20 stack this would have been truly top tier.

  6. vulcanewok

    bro cant wait to see the second most powerfull rocket lift off it will be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepic gettin me shuttle vibes with dat paint job

  7. Elivelton Muniz

    Ola, sou elivelton do Brasil, admiro e amo o trabalho da nasa e da exploração espacial, um dia quando tiver condições irei ao seu space center

  8. Lrr, ruler of Omicron Per

    “If we can’t do a rocket for $11.5 billion, we ought to close up shop.”
    Bill Nelson, Administrator NASA, 2011.

  9. EndreaiYT

    Since the last space shuttle missions happened, I’ve never been this exited for space exploration

  10. Weird NotLame

    “I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready” in my spongebob voice

  11. Jarid Gaming

    Im so happy. Last time we went to to the moon it was to say hello. This time we go to the moon it to call it home.

  12. Josh Wooding

    I’m hoping the next video about Artemis has the narrator saying, “This is the way.”

  13. musiclover

    finally, been like forever since we made some decent progress towards large space missions imo
    hopefully the process will accelerate in decades to come


    Удачи! Вы огромные молодцы!!!!

  15. Sina Seirafi

    Great work!
    Looking for the age of rapidly sending people to the moon, and back, 100 people at a time, with a large reusable rocket.
    Go team Space!

  16. Face Rug


  17. Haroldinio

    I love that line “everything we need to go to the moon, is here”

  18. Joseph Steinhauer

    This is what we’ve been missing, something to keep us hopeful and to make people dream big, god i hope we make it to the moon again.

  19. Rajesh Singh

    This is a Great Mission. A great Salute to all the Scientist.

  20. NeoFrontier Technologies

    It would be fascinating to look up at the moon and know that people are there. Tellecope sales will go up… Great work NASA. We are exited about the progress of this craft and are looking forward to the test flight.

  21. Edward John Daniel II

    I am so excited for the launch!

  22. Elias Steregaard

    Im soo exited and so ready to see us going back to the Moon
    gooo Artemis💫

  23. Tessa Woodyard

    Wow that’s amazing however I still love the Apollo program maybe NASA should remodel it but he honors program is really cool

  24. Roadkill7878

    I watched all the Apollo missions now I get to watch Artemis with my children

  25. SpaceyGamez

    As much as I am excited for the next landing I can’t help but be angry at Jeff for making the HLS process so much more difficult

  26. Edward Lobb

    It would be great if these remarkable images could be held for a split second longer duration.

  27. FlyingWhales13

    Props to whoever directed and edited this. It’s reminiscent of the 2019 Apollo 11 documentary, especially the first half. You rock!

  28. Phoenix591

    Go NASA! Go Artemis!

    Its quite exciting seeing all the progress made in space, both from NASA and private companies

  29. Arttops

    Can’t wait to see the moon base! Imagine, any of us could soon be living and working on the moon in 20 – 30 years!

  30. mpendulo Jwara

    Let’s do this!! 👏 LY❤

  31. Exot1cz 25

    I’m so excited for this.

  32. Tree of Life

    Im pumped about this. Were lucky to experience this.

  33. Mars

    It’s really exciting seeing the SLS take shape!

  34. Aram Becker

    Whatever you happened to mankind… I would have loved for them to swallow their pride, acknowledge the contributions from all over the world and cast an international crew for this. Still excited though

  35. 7TH2_30_Trần Phương Quỳnh

    i’ve been waiting for a long time and I hope NASA’s gonna make their way to the moon soon !! 🌙

  36. Veronica Abbott Cazares

    I’m in awe.

  37. DEfan

    Great sales on the mission but lacking in details. I want a deeper understanding of the ship, the crew, the test, everything.

  38. JMarten Studios

    Impressive. Much delayed, but at least it’s happening.
    Also for a second I thought they were gonna show a full SLS with the booster, the SRBs, Orion and everything else, but I guess not yet.

  39. M. L.

    Just epic. This is a step toward answering the question ”Why are we here”.

  40. Infomezia

    I am so excited for this mission !! I can’t wait to see humans back on moon !!

  41. Walter B.

    NASA’s motto: “We are going.” – My motto: “My mind and heart is already there!” Let’s go!!! 🌟

  42. Nishant Revur

    Excited for this and starship! I wonder who’ll get there first!

  43. KayAndroid

    I’ve been so hyped for this, and this video is amazing.

  44. bwjc

    I want to watch this launch. We’ll see if international travel will let me. It has been so long in the making, it is about time it finally arrives.

  45. Bee Sod

    As a child of the 80’s I never thought I’d see a return to the moon, Thank you NASA & everyone for making this a reality. Let’s fly!

  46. Hoani Warmenhoven

    Yeah I think it’s been a long wait, but am excited for NASA and their Artemis project and plans for a return to the moon. Good luck with the test’s, can’t wait to see this beast of a rocket soar through the sky.

  47. Tom Foolious2

    Exciting! There is a machine I helped design that manufacturers a part of the Orion space capsule. I’d like to think have a .0000001% part of the project lol ^_^

  48. Thomas Lund-Molfese


  49. Sarah S.

    I need a LOVE button! I look forward to going the Moon and then to Mars!

  50. twisterwiper

    That’s how you do it NASA! A little more fanfare and passion. We need to rally the masses behind this and get EVERYONE excited about mankind’s next endeavor!

  51. Caleb Higginbotham

    Oh my gosh this gets my heart going!

  52. Wedge Antilles

    Thank you NASA! We love you and support you ALL! ❤❤❤

  53. Jess Marie

    If it were possible to hold my breath till this happens…I totally would.
    I look up constantly at our moon and can’t wait to look at it for the first time in my life and KNOW there’s our people there.

  54. David Wolf

    I am so looking forward to this!

  55. Kerry McCarthy

    Fantastic Teamwork!!!!

  56. Jared Owen

    Let’s do this!

  57. Logcolla

    I’ve been so hyped for this I’m so ready LETS GO FOR HUMANITY

  58. Jordan JK Koman

    I really hope Christina and Victor are going to the moon! They are both amazing!!!

  59. Aloe Sci

    Looking at all the Artemis promo material, there are so many hints at Cristina Koch and Victor Glover being the Artemis III astronauts. Anyone think it’s possible?

  60. Evan Sager

    I’m so happy to be alive and be seeing this with my eyes so lucky such an exciting time🙏

  61. Clay Suddard

    Hair raising, can’t wait to watch this live.

  62. Gian Barbarini

    I am proud of being human and watching humanity take it’s first step on a mission to forever. Thank you to all the humans working towards this noble cause and shall everything run smoothly, and as planned.
    I hope one day to be part of this.

  63. Sanjay Yadav Movies

    I am waiting for this mission🗺️💰♥️💯💫

  64. Rhode

    I cannot wait to see this beast of a rocket liftoff from LC-39B.
    It’s gonna be amazing!

  65. mary

    What a WAY to wake up!!! Tears of joy streaming down my face. Good lord we all NEED something beautiful to look forward to at this fraught moment in time.

  66. Arlidan

    It’s been a long time coming..thank you all the people at NASA for your hard work.. can’t wait to see this and Starship in space.

  67. goawayjose

    I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭😭😭

  68. Taha Karamat

    Thank God this is finally happening. Super excited for this and hopefully we’ll see James Webb Telescope launch soon as well. it’s been too long NASA.

  69. Bri Nicole

    This makes me crazy happy. How exciting!

  70. Stephen Cook

    I still remember staying up all night to watch the first landing, and then going to work with only an hour’s sleep! And I’m still excited by space travel.

  71. liju philip

    Congratulations to NASA. Look forward to see the upcoming mission!

  72. steve craig

    I’m so glad my sons will experience our return to the moon…and beyond. As a kid in the 60’s, I watched and learned about Apollo and our quest of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth”. I can’t wait for the launch. I hope to be at KSC on the day Artemis begins this generations mission.

  73. A A

    The beginning of interstellar Exploration is NOW.

  74. Diksha Keshwani

    Chills! Literal chills!!

  75. SpaceÇ

    Her bildirim geldiğinde aynı heyecanı ve mutluluğu hissetmeyi seviyorum

  76. Tamzid Tonoy

    So cool..
    This mission is going to inspire a lot of kids to become scientists and engineers .

  77. Cristián Ladisla

    So glad to see we are returning to the moon, and that it’s the US that is leading that effort once again. Your country is an inspiration to the rest of the world.

  78. Dharma Wangsa

    Oh god, please bless this mission, do not delay and launch ASAP. As a young generation that born in this era, im so excited to see what the future of moon exploration. Letssss goo

  79. devikwolf

    Can’t wait to see the SLS and Orion fly! Boots on the moon and boots on Mars!

  80. DJ Farandula

    This is awesome cant wait to see the Launch live!!😎

  81. Çağrı Tunca

    NASA flexing video production. Absolutely amazing!

  82. Aditya Bapat

    It’s happening in our lifetime. We are just so lucky to be here and experience it.

  83. loekpro 2

    i am very very very exited for the launch and the rest of artemis. can’t wait :)

  84. Joehonson

    I hope nasa will get funded more after the landing.

  85. Hanré Swanepoel

    So exciting!

  86. Antonio Bete Neto VINIL

    spectacular, these scenes are very beautiful

  87. Jesus Christ

    I can’t hardly wait

  88. Taco ._.

    Woah, this is actualy epic.

  89. Termite Studios

    Im exited for this NASA, as a kid from this generation, In exited that we are going back to explore the moon 🌕

  90. xyz123

    I love these once in a week: hey don’t forget about us videos

  91. Emily Nguyen

    I’m so excited! Lookin’ forward to its launch 💜

  92. Hello world 25

    In my opinion, there is no soundtrack more fitting for the return to the moon than “Apollo” by Thomas Bergersen. It makes you feel like it’s YOU who is lifting off that launchpad to pay a visit to our only natural satellite. The entire album which “Apollo” is a part of should be the soundtrack for space exploration in general! ITS THAT GOOD!😁

  93. Aaron

    So excited for this!

  94. The Meme Dynamics

    1964: We’re going to the moon
    2022: We’re returning to the moon
    2040: We’re living on the moon

    Excited to see the liftoff of SLS for the Artemis 1! Can’t wait to see the glorious Sound Suppression System go online again! Keep the good work on, NASA!

  95. Critically Stoic

    Been waiting for this for such a long time. Good to finally see Artemis getting ready for launch. A new age of Moon exploration is coming.

  96. facts ballast

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

  97. Jared Frankle

    So proud to be working as a part of this! To the moon!

  98. American Virtual

    Excited for Artemis and love the SLS. Happy there will be humans on the Moon in my lifetime.

  99. meenaksy nair

    Man it’s awsome💙

  100. Teddy Vision


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