Newest Astronauts Graduate with Eye on Artemis Missions

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It’s graduation season for our #NewAstronauts! 👩‍🚀🎓👨‍🚀

An class of 11 Americans and two Canadians became astronauts on Friday, increasing the number of those eligible for spaceflight assignments that will expand humanity’s horizons in space for generations to come. The new astronauts successfully completed more than two years of required basic training and are the first to graduate since the agency announced its Artemis program.

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  3. xolltar

    🤣🙈🙉🙊🤣 22 billion this year! Go NASA go!! Lol , what could you do with $61,917,808 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do something NASA

  4. abdul01234

    Congratulations and all the best to everyone involved in this endeavor!😀🌠🌠⭐🌛

  5. SarmaT BeeFeateR

    Это Соединённые Штаты Америки.Вы самое лучшее, что сделало человечество.Спасибо Вам граждане Америки.😙😋😊

  6. V

    Humans were designed to inhabit an oxygen based planet, not a box in the middle of some foreign planets desert. 🤭🤭🤭

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  8. James Masters

    NASA’s pretty good at keeping secrets.
    Maybe Boeing should have been one of them.

  9. Flat Earth Watertown New York

    Im here for flat Earth comments

  10. Carl Boucher

    The first space station was Russian… the initial control center for the ISS that we know today what is a Russian designed fabricated and launched.. the leaders in space exploration went to the moon orbited the Moon 60 million dollars a day… only to have the Russians have the first orbital space station and also the second orbital Space Station.. and the 60 million dollar a day NASA lost the technology on how to go to the Moon amazing unbelievable

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  12. Arts & crafts TV

    Great 👌👍❤️

  13. Hacer Çadırcı

    I will be an astronaut.👩‍🚀

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  15. Ronald Mcgovern

    where is the sign up ! for the space program

  16. Tim Wade

    I like turtles!

  17. Jessie Ants

    Best team hard works well done 👍🖖🌍💝

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    Good luck and best wishes for you travels how exciting 💎🌈❤

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    After so many years!

  23. Christopher Pips

    Ahora en español porfavor

  24. BoomedYetLush

    Congratulations astronauts. Congratulations NASA. I loved the pin story. Much respect. Go astronauts, go CSA, go NASA.

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    Frank Rubio😎👍
    🇪 🇱 🚀 🇸 🇦 🇱 🇻 🇦 🇩 🇴 🇷

  27. William Fairchild

    I am going to be a NASA Astronaut someday

  28. Aravindalokam

    53:37. I couldnt see India’s flag😐

  29. 김영재

    In the darkness between the planets and the stars,
    I wish them godspeed with the decisions that they are going to take,
    I hope that place can turn into a space for hope as well forever.

  30. David John Thistle

    BRAVO ZULU. Well Done. Amazing and awesome achievement. Fair Winds…..

  31. Seastallion

    Congratulations Turtles..! Looking forward to all your great accomplishments in the future, and may God be with you on your journey!

  32. Calendar. Try! Best channel 2 save time.

    🚀🌕🔭👽 🛰️👍🏼 I wish them all the best!👍🏼 Save that day in Calendar 📅.

  33. Gaurav Dahal

    wish i could be part of nasa in coming future although i am studying highschool now
    and i am under aged

  34. Joseph Arce

    Nicely done Rubio! Way to represent West Point!

  35. carlos ruiz esparza diaz contreras

    Al fin!!!; después de más de 50 años, regresar a la luna es escencial para la exploración del sistema solar.

  36. Bobby Causey

    What a joke!

  37. gabo rey

    El Salvador in the houseee🤟🏻🇸🇻

  38. BlenderBurst

    Epic!!! Congrats!

  39. eric Gitobu

    All the best team.

  40. Outback 'On Air'

    More Nasa actors …Awesome :/


    One small step….😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
    -Om Mishra

  42. Will Kelly

    Astronauts are cooler than fighter pilots, that is no easy task.



  44. Alyssa Norman

    Congrats to all! NASA and anything science is my love. I love seeing all of these amazing people get this awesome opportunity that they have earned! Woohoo!👏

  45. David Carson

    U say it’s 4 us , What’s 4 us the fact u guys are trying 2 hide GOOD?

  46. Alcir Vogel

    Today, we can keep track of NASA’s live day-by-day activities wherever we are! Grateful that we can, since this Modus Operandi, effectively contribute to Save our planet. Quoting the classic and great astrophysicist Dr. Carl Sagan – “We are all passengers of the same spaceship called Earth”!!! Love for alls!!!

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    Wooow, proud of you all

  49. snuffeldjuret

    Teddy got applause ::D.

  50. da man grows

    I think that I have the solution to get through the VanAllen belts I will sell it to you for £20 million and if it doesn’t work I will give you the
    £20 million back
    it’s a deal it’s a steel is the sale of the century

  51. Crypto Jack

    You guys have never gone to the moon, and never will!

  52. I support you

    Congratulations 💖💕

  53. karlzen86

    38:22 – oof

  54. yMasterZueiro DZN

    Vocês deviam estudar os Brasileiros, esses sim são feras desconhecidas hahahaha

  55. Chris Reid

    Ima get in uranus

  56. markerdude

    Just one Eye, right? ;) oh NASA… nice cast.

  57. House of Venus

    Congratulations!! Many of us look forward to your legacy and one day being a part of the program as well! This is America at its best <3

  58. Felipe Weber

    Great and simply inspiring!!!

  59. Booba Fat

    Why not 4K?? Is year 2020..

  60. Mustache Medic

    Jonny Kim is a SEAL, harvard doctor, & now an astronaut 💪🏻

  61. Merion

    OUR S T E L L A R R O C K S T A R S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💙 🤘🏼

  62. ISBG

    Is there a spot for one more Astronaut?
    This is my dream
    To be an Astronaut and go to the moon

  63. Maximino Reyes

    torch bringer? the light bringer anyone? buff…

  64. Chifave

    Relatable moment at 34:53

  65. Michell

    Absolute Amazing Crew😊👍

  66. Carl Boucher

    Astro by definition.. means beyond Earth’s atmosphere… these people are.. AstroNOT’S. It’s the equivalent of saying I am a deep-sea diver when I am snorkeling around a reef in 10 ft of water… I’m a sea captain because I have a rowboat… at best they are high-altitude Pilots or explorers..

  67. jack siscavage

    At least we know what team Ted Cruz plays for. Thanks for the heads UP! I wish they could all hear the millions of people laughing at them.

  68. 8unnyLove

    Congratulations! ❤
    I want to be an astronaut 🙃

  69. Hulbog Stonethrower

    I wonder if they will leave a camera there to take an actual photograph of the earth from the moon.

  70. Vem

    Was waiting on the next update! Congrats to the Turtles for graduation!

  71. MorgFlame

    Wow this is INSANEE!!!!

  72. C Hopkins Hickman

    need more diversity

  73. Carl Boucher

    In my humble opinion it’s demeaning that they refer to these young men and women as “”Turtles”” over and over again… if we’re going to go with that form of reference…. let’s refer to all of the prior astronauts and everyone who worked for NASA as .. leeches… I mean it’s only proper the brand new.. certified young astronauts are turtles… the older retired NASA employees collecting a pension are leeches… I mean if you’re going to label people like that let’s call it what it is

  74. Apsorrus von Lötzing

    You guys must know we’re gonna need a lot more for this decade.
    It’s about to get crazy.

  75. Brandon Bennetzen

    “The Turtles” and I don’t mean the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

  76. psycleen

    permanent firmament smiles

  77. stillFLiP

    JSC = Jebediah Space Center.

  78. Daedalus Community



    Még talpon allo adeline
    Kéthely nádland német tate no

  80. Derp Bruh

    Nasa, you already had my attention when you first announced the SLS, I just got one question. Where do I preorder

  81. zulkifli md hussain

    I was so interested with the programme of the NASA , would the Agency took my son , Aiman to join the NASA one day & undergoing training there until he was qualified to become an astronaut ? Tq.

  82. Let's Play VR

    Can you imagine going to the moon on a flying missile must be terrifying

  83. J Dwin

    I’m an immigrant and how I wish I could be an astronaut .

  84. zulkifli md hussain

    I would like to congratulate the thirteen astronauts in conjunction with their convocation !

  85. Peppermint Ghost

    When SLS takes off it’s going to be the same year I graduate I CANT WAIT

  86. Angel Alvarado

    But earth is flat and it’s a dome above us

  87. محضار الفضلي

    Great nasa and great usa my dream flying with nasa to moon ..
    Just a dream!!!!

  88. Alie A

    That’s impressive ✨ hard work – big dreams – exploration – journey. These all what MUST be valuable in our century 🚀. Keep going 👩‍🔬👨‍💻👩‍🔧👨‍🏭👩‍🚀👨‍⚕️

  89. Carl Boucher

    Graduating astronauts they are going on a voyage which humankind has never seen before… this guy actually said that I mean how much more plain and simple does it get

  90. zulkifli md hussain

    After their fist moon landing , I will suggest that they will reparations for Mars landing !

  91. snuffeldjuret

    22:53 lol, it freaked me out when a name “from” “For All Mankind” popped up :D.

  92. zulkifli md hussain

    When these thirteen astronauts will make their first landing on the moon ?

  93. Kid Vid

    With Eye on Artimis missions! Gee I wonder what that could mean. I really don’t no how these people can live with themselves

  94. Aryadilla

    Me: waiting for simone giertz

  95. Bryn Whitehead

    Congratulations and godspeed.

  96. Wheatfie1d Beats

    This must be an amazing feeling for these men and women, although I can’t help but imagine the disappointment it would be to not be chosen for a lunar mission.

  97. good stuff

    I love your program. My dream is to someday become an astronaut for NASA. Best of luck to these new astronauts.

  98. Paul C.


  99. Ozair Kazi

    “Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker to train astronauts to drill than drill rig workers to go to space?”
    Yeah… it would be…

  100. Dewadatta Avasare

    Some of these 13 peope are going to walk on the moon, how cool is that

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