NASA Explorers: The Family Moon Business

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Lunar exploration runs in the family for the Petros. NASA lunar scientist Noah Petro interviews his father, Denis, about his work as an Apollo program engineer. In a heartfelt conversation, Noah and his dad examine the human impact of the momentous Apollo 11 mission and their shared passion for science and learning.
Ginny from Danville, Kentucky, tells a story about celebrating the Moon landing with her childhood friends and a secret lemonade stand.

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    Hola, aparezco en youtube xd

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    Its business for nasa do not family…the earth flat….

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    Third Apollo Crew

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    Moon is belong to……another…….for got this….🇬🇳🤓

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    Hey???NASAs all???i hope you are all well.Alien living in the Moon its true???so many people believed Alien living in the Moon.

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    Best of luck to all scientists who regularly monitor the planet.

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