NASA Explorers: Moon Girl

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Meet the scientists who are making big discoveries by studying some very tiny rocks. The women of NASA’s Mid-Atlantic Noble Gas Research Laboratory (MNGRL) are getting ready to analyze never-before-seen Moon samples. These samples, collected by Apollo astronauts and brought back to Earth, have been carefully preserved for half a century so they could be studied by future generations of scientists.
Sophie, a 13-year-old from Athens, Greece, shares how lunar exploration inspires her to become an astrophysicist.

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  2. nagualdesign

    Mid-Atlantic Noble Gas Research Laboratory? Shouldn’t that be called _Man Girl?_ I guess feminism trumps (trans)gender equality. 😕

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    Earth is FLAT!!!!

  6. Ken Elliott

    so ya ripped of a show and did voice over

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    You are all wrong the answer is five

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    Oooo planets

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    Always makes me laugh to hear Armstrong so surprised at moon dirt!

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