NASA and International Partners Sign Artemis Accords

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On October 13, 2020, NASA and international partners from Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom signed the Artemis Accords agreements for international participation in the agency’s Artemis program, during a virtual meeting of the International Astronautical Congress.
While NASA is leading the Artemis program, international partnerships will play a key role in achieving a sustainable and robust presence on the Moon while preparing to conduct a historic human mission to Mars. International cooperation on Artemis will bolster space exploration and enhance peaceful relationships between nations. The Artemis Accords will also reinforce the principles of the Outer Space Treaty.


  1. richard dsa

    Congrats nasa may your plan be successful may god bless u abundantly 💖

  2. nesseiht gnay

    I can’t wait. NASA and spaceX are the future of our space exploration

  3. Areeba Sajjad

    Love this!!!!!

  4. VSSRCP Worldofwarhipsgame

    Finally no more war against SpaceX instead world peace!

  5. Golden Ratio

    When Mewn?

  6. Shreya Shrestha

    Hope it’s journey 🚀🚀will be safe. 💪

  7. Space x

    isro, make space station you go to moon nasa.

  8. Free dom


  9. Chad Whitaker

    Too bad such an important and historic document has to have that losers name on it

  10. Shannon Wilson

    Hope the moon landings happen one day, I bet the first ones will be far away from the “first landings” so you have time to build them first and say “see?”

  11. Louis

    I’m not crying, you’re crying!

  12. alex dude

    Best moment of history.

  13. Jack Taylor

    So awesome! Glad that our allies will be with us when we reach another planet!

  14. Critney

    I’d sign for germany, if I could :) – great program

  15. Nathan Higa

    I’m the 436th person to watch this video!

  16. Lea Palladino

    Message aliens we are coming


    Finnaly ARTEMIS is getting closer and closer to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Naithik Joga

    I wish ISRO is also added to this.

  19. Antonio Maglione

    Mr. Bridenstine’s pen looked like a rocket leaving the launchpad and going to the Moon!

  20. nadieselgirl

    Congratulations! In a year of bad news this gives humans a peaceful goal to work together.

  21. hartX Kisaka


  22. Leo Geekiyanage

    They gonna start mining the moon for profits now. what a shame

  23. Jamie Marvin

    This is great and all but are y’all gonna ya know build the rocket on time??

  24. Itz Lich

    It’s so weird that we’re all the current humans who get to experience the awesome, yet awkward threshold that we as a species are about to cross. Future generations will look back on this spec in time when we first colonized space

  25. kaspar k

    Can someone tell me why was the russia ban fron international space station lifted?

  26. Jason Usborne

    Build the Space Elevator. Cut spacelift costs by orders of magnitude

  27. Vega EDM

    All the love from Brazil! Good lucky on this historical moment on our history. ❤🇧🇷

  28. Muuip

    Humanity reaching for higher goals and ideals! 👍👍👍

    Let Artemis be an example and motivation for many more ideals!

  29. Takanzwa Makoni

    I know things look bad now but I cannot say just how much hope this gives me

  30. Daniel HLW

    i just got the chills from watching this. Go Humans!



  32. Jovi Choo

    This, is history, not made by NASA, not made by the US, but made by the whole world

  33. Dennis Huppe

    When are we going to get together and clean up the pollution we have created on this
    Planet ,?
    Maybe we could make plastic houses on the moon using the the plastic bottles we trow in landfills

  34. Burk Prael

    Not sure how useful this will be without Russia and China onboard. Also, “Artemis Accord” is not very international sounding given it’s named after the next US Moon Mission.

  35. July Lost

    So glad that my country, Italy, helped!

  36. Gibb

    Governments already making rue;s on who and when things happen in space. A massive sign of war in space, and we have barley even got there. Such a shame.

  37. Droize !!

    This Is Great … Cant Wait For The Artemis Mission 🔥🔥❤️

  38. swervvo

    Space exploration will drive world peace. Absolutely incredible next steps.

  39. Nguyen Dai Lam

    Send Buzz back even if he is getting on a bit now!

  40. hamaczech13

    Finally, we can have peace with the Klingons.

  41. Random Hoovy


  42. Félix Aka

    Exiting to be 10/15 years later to see how it will be 😬

  43. Ian Niculescu

    They really should sign Starship accords

  44. StickySli

    Wait, my purpose is being a background character like in a movie?

  45. Alexander Nichols

    It’s all civility and cooperation until someone finds kyber crystals on the moon… Sorry. 2020 has shaken my faith in humanity. ☹️

  46. Gobinda Dutta

    ISRO Should have taken part here. Anyways, Congrats NASA, all the best!

  47. 큐브 소CubeCow

    I love to see this live on TV , you feel that the shining bright object in the sky , there are people on it. Biggest Achievement In human History. Go Nasa, and spaceX for Our future Exploration.

  48. Elroy velban

    Happy to see Canada as founding member….🙂🙂🙂

  49. stardude2006

    The Artemis Accords
    I hope no additions are made and the articles agree upon the “peaceful “ development of planetary bodies.
    I fear that the military may become involved and we’ll see the militarization of space.
    This may still occur, it’s the new High Ground.

  50. Pink Elephants

    Why was the EU not included as a signatory to the Artemis Accords? Very surprising.

  51. Filip

    yay, something interesting might actually happen in my lifetime

  52. Matt Kelly

    I’m so glad to be witness to this, I pray and hope wholeheartedly for the success and future success of this and all space travel and exploration across the board. The work you guys are doing is far more important to our grandchildren and there’s future’s then we could ever imagine. So God speed NASA and all countries in line with Artemis.

  53. Y̶a̶g̶o̶D̶a̶G̶F̶M̶ 0̶0̶1̶


  54. Aditya Kumar

    eh, could this go on to become the predecessor of United Nations Space Command (UNSC), which may be based on some fiction, but is definitely possible in reality, yes please?

  55. DJ GRAPE

    Finally.. stop fighting amongst us and start milking the milky way.

  56. 큐브 소CubeCow

    Moon will be the great training area for harder mission to mars.

  57. alex dude

    We are humans
    I want to be Astronomer in nasa.

  58. Dhiraj Thakre

    And 3 big space agencies from Russia, China and India are not part of Artemis 😐

  59. Gamma_001

    Wasn’t born to witness the first humans land on moon, so glad I’ll witness this

  60. Float Circuit

    The 3 P’s of Space: Peace, Progress, and Prosperity 🚀👨🏽‍🚀

  61. nerdydude 1.8

    Global warming
    Nuxlear armaments
    Wide spread nationalism

    All simple annoyances on mankind road towards dominance of the galaxy

  62. Caleb de los Angeles

    1:02 “It about peace, freedom, justice, and security for my new Empire”

  63. Nasreen

    I guess that the first human beings will set foot on Mars in 2033. I wonder who they will be. Let’s see what the future holds.

  64. Inte Culus

    Waiting to see when India will be signing the Artemis Accords

  65. paul zet

    no one:
    Luxembourg: S p a c e J a m

  66. planetsector9

    I swear to god if the next administration cancels this….

    they’ll show how little they actually care for the progress of mankind in space

  67. Arun 10

    I wanted ISRO to be part of this.😢😥

  68. Saswot Lamichhane

    Thankfully, got something awesome today, and it should not collapse, Let’s use our voting power for the humans to develop and reach new milestones!

  69. Michelle Dieber

    This is great news. So basically it will be nearly all developed and financially stable countries working together to defend the world from China’s attempt to control and dominate space exploration and innovation

  70. BOBXFILES2374a

    “City Zero was an ARTEMIS operation?” – Planetary…….


    Yay we are finally going to the moon again! I have always wanted to be an astronaut my whole life since I was 2. Keep up the good work NASA! Good luck Crew-1 and Artemis

  72. Saket Vaidya

    Why isn’t ISRO a part of this?
    Still so cool


    My dream

  74. ekoden

    Literally cannot wait for 4K footage from Lunar orbit. Gets my adrenaline flowing just thinking about it.

  75. Håvard Skauge

    In the future we will look at this day, like a day we changed. A day humanity changed, the day we went to Moon, Mars and beyond. Good job Nasa!

  76. space teach and scientifi

    I also want
    To became the nasa and space x chairmanship

  77. Sullivan Young

    Now we are talking! NASA is closer to world peace than the rest of the US government!

  78. Piyush Verma

    Waiting eagerly for the next man and the first woman to visit the moon.

  79. Thomas Banks

    One day, I hope I will be able to ride in the orion.

  80. Niccolò Circhirillo

    Dear Moon, we are coming back!!


    Love it I am from the UAE 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  82. Erik McKenna

    When humans realize that our future lies among the stars, we will become a civilization of unstoppable coexisting force

  83. AnDyChAnNeL

    I’m so glad to be italian, and passionate for space. Non vedo l’ora!

  84. Anushka Sharma

    Very historic moment, looking foward to seeing how this solidifies a united approach to cis lunar exploration.

  85. The life of the Henriquez

    I want to be in NASA when i grow up and I been studying Makemake the drawf planet on your NASA app and on some research

  86. Life rises

    Waiting for future.the future is nasa

  87. Sameer Ahmed


  88. Saswot Lamichhane

    Now I don’t need another space war or race, I need international partnership!

  89. Planetary Facts

    Lexumbourg has a space program? I didn’t know that.

  90. Pinochet

    “For the very first time Humans have landed on another planet, welcome the mission to Mars, and godspeed, we also would wish The New Astronauts a safe return”
    – 2029

    I honestly cannot wait for the first time I hear a form of those words!

  91. LethalLion

    This could be the beginning of hope for a better earth. Godspeed.

  92. Eric FlyingRaccoon

    I don’t know why but I became teary-eyed.

  93. Areeba Sajjad

    When humans realize that our future lies among the stars, we will become a civilization of unstoppable coexisting force of nature. This is AMAZING!!!!

  94. Wayne Scott

    So glad to see Australia as a foundation member

  95. Ved Kolambkar

    We wish this community gets more and more members.
    “United we stand divided we fall”

  96. Toxic Rene

    Even as a luxemburgish, I was very surprised that NASA collaborated with the Luxembourg Space Agency. I didn’t even knew that it exists

  97. GalacticTommy

    This is very historic!

  98. ___FolaNdo___

    Yo Congrats NASA for coming up a plan to go to the moon

  99. The Rambunctious Reincarn

    I really hope this doesn’t get canceled by the next administration, but that seems very unlikely because this is so far ahead compared to the past canceled plans

  100. un mec

    This, will be a huge part in The History of Humanity.

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