Meet the Artemis Team

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At NASA, we have always answered the innate call to explore and our achievements have changed the course of history. Now, we’re returning to the Moon under the Artemis program to learn to live and work on another world for the benefit of humanity.

NASA has selected an initial team of astronauts – the Artemis Team – to help pave the way for our next human missions on and around the Moon. The Artemis program includes sending the first woman and next man to walk on the lunar surface. Let’s meet the team!

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  1. Lineax Xx

    I hope one day I would work there

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    I hope Christina Koch will be the first woman on the Moon! 👍

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    YOU COULD DO IT. Now, please , go to mars

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  13. Mariam Fatima

    So inspiring!😍♥️

  14. MiloTheSwift

    one actual astronaut, a few civilian mission specialists full of…diversity and the military presence (the real reason for the mission).

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  22. Blauer Panzer aus Mario K

    Is it going to get cancelled for no reason just like the constellation program

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    Ok, I think we can lift the pause since the Apollo era. Press play to continue

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    Good Luck and Thank you for your efforts!

  37. Kenny Holmes

    I recommend setting up an orbital elevator on the moon once we have the initial settlement up and running.

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    I have a feeling that at least one person who had a say in the title for this video played TF2.

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    Amazing! Got goosebumps! 👏🏻

  51. Alan Martinez

    Never has there been a better year to leave the planet than 2020, where can I sign up?

  52. Holmesy87

    Imagine ~60 years ago, telling the world “hey guys, in 60 years we’ll be landing on the moon for the SEVENTH time, wooo”
    They’d laugh at you, and probably have a heart attack doing so.

  53. faburisu

    What a chance we got to see that again ! Praise the sun \[T]/

  54. Pratik. Chari

    Just can’t wait for the program to reach moon, proud to be chari

  55. Bukurie

    NASA THE Artemis Team.NASA has selected an initial team of astronauts-the Artemis Team-to help pave the way for our next human misions.

  56. Ortherner

    This sounds like Xenophobic Propaganda.
    I love it!

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  58. Blauer Panzer aus Mario K

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  62. Chris Gerty

    Nod to the editor. Not every day you have to seamlessly introduce 15 astronauts and one of them (Kate!) was already in space before you chose the backdrop. (1:04)

  63. University of San Diego

    Congratulations to our alumni Jonny Kim ’12 and Matthew Dominick ’05!! USD couldn’t be prouder. 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀🌕

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    Shazam can’t recognize it

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    Soon we will live in a doctor who/Star Trek world and I for one am stoked

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    Loads of respect, all the way from Pakistan.

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    Feels great to know that’ll we’ll witness the colonization of other planets in the coming decades, at least in this lifetime :).

  81. Jewel Maria Biju

    One day, I too will be proud to say that I’m a NASA Astronaut.
    All the best team Artemis!!

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    These men and women are heroes of humanity who have chosen to sacrifice their safety and security for a better future. God bless all.

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    I give this a SweatedMetal’s Badge of Quality Approval! Go Team Space!

  84. corey fields

    Oh this is going to be good for the exploration of the universe and our solar system. Can’t wait to see us on different worlds and actually live there.

  85. Waker of Winds

    If we’re going back to Moon, it should be in Starship or the Alpaca lander, not the dangerous old National Team Lander.

  86. Andrew Padilla

    Can we name the first rocket “Rocket McRocket-face”???

  87. Vinícius Ortega Calvo

    Electric Vehicles School free: Vinícius Ortega Berdinat. Facebook 2: Carro Elétrico Brasil

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    *No, I’m with the Science Team!*

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    Meet the astronaut: Tf2 music plays

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  91. Maycroft Holmsky

    “For the benifit of all *mankind*”
    There is beauty in those words, and for some reason I want to beleave them.
    America is probably the only country capeble of such proclamations, and I want to beleave dispite the political turbulence of recent years, this words will become true.
    Please, guys, we know everyone’s life can be tough sometimes, but the next time you decide between paying 1% more tax to help the humanity and buying a bigger better meaner car and upgreading to the latest Iphone, think of the people out there who can’t affort themselves such privilages. If you will not welcome the change, noone will, and change we need in order to not only better ourself – but to survive as a species.
    Cheers from Russia. We too had space program some day.. Then, we decided to choose “stability” over progress. The results you can see.

  92. muhd akieff

    I dreamt that I’m floating and jumping on mars when I was young.

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    Can’t imagine how happy these guys and girls are to be on this team. Wishing them the best of luck and safety.

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    I intend to get my masters in aerospace engineering, and after two years, I hope to apply to be an astronaut. Its always been a dream.

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    I always hear my grandpa talk about apollo with a sparkle in his eyes, I’m glad I’m going to experience the same in my lifetime with Artemis

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