Meet NASA’s 2020 Earth Expeditions

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Did you know NASA studies snowstorms, sinking coastlines, wildfires and many other processes affecting life on Earth? Join our experts live as we preview five new airborne science campaigns taking to the field in 2020 to explore questions critical to understanding our home planet. Tune in for the live broadcast from Hangar 703 at our Armstrong Flight Research Center on Tuesday, Jan. 7, from 11 a.m. to noon EST.

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  1. TheFinalHour

    50 billion a year!!!!!! On what? Where are the tapes of moon landing?! Why can’t we go back? “Cuz we never did” – Buzz Armstrong

  2. tinkmarshino

    notice how they always take the credit.. but never say.. if it wasn’t for you folks taxes none of this would have happened.. thank you all for paying your taxes.. Nope it is just.. we gods here at nasa have done the impossible because we are so talented..Egads.. this is just what we have come to expect from great government training.. can’t do it.. have to leave ..

  3. Ruben Janbroers

    Thats all they are doing, exploring earth and waisting money of the american people. Well done

  4. i me mine


  5. Ted Striker

    Never landed on the moon. Shame on you NASA!

  6. Alberly Gonzalez

    Iran is trying to start a war we could nuke them if we wanted to

  7. Realist 1801

    It’s 2020, still no terraforming , no Mars base, real slow progress

  8. Juan Anibal rodrigues catrileo


  9. TheFinalHour

    Every person on challenger had identical twin? All seven of them? Some have same name. That must have been confusing growing up.

  10. Glory333

    So…NASA can’t get to Mars until 2050(if at all), but can fund underwater science experiments…NASA 1960’s – moon, then low earth orbit, now… underwater…lol – this is utterly ridiculous

  11. Raptor

    *Working for NASA has to be the best job… You’re literally working to push humanity forward, to the sky and beyond*

  12. Texas Made 979

    I thought we were taking people to Mars in 2000, now in 2020, we are exploring the earth, looooooool, these flat earth dummies are winning me over slowly

  13. Pablo Serrano Ortiz

    Who imagines😄 Slenderman in Dragon ball?

  14. Anurag Yasodharan

    If you dont mind, cokokola vault is stores the recipe of that drink, this is my question we know H2O is water and we found a black hole, parker made more than 2flybys, but still thay tells that recipe is……………………….. unknown to the world

  15. hunter crook

    And this is why we haven’t been back to the moon

  16. Sandra McGill

    This is Sandra Ann! And i just missed your program!!!! Hopefully you all aren’t missing me! I’m just the one you were designed to save!

  17. Brooke Bishop

    good job nasa

  18. Mr Yusuf

    We are in stone age our ships are gas rpopelled with billions of dollars why not build electric ships

  19. Téia Santana


  20. Robo- films

    For a moment I thought I saw footage of a flat earth.

  21. Truc Bi Official


  22. Josephat Kibet

    Trying to tame nature is a waste of public resources

  23. Х -Мельник


  24. A14LNC

    Very poor audio, sorry NASA I love ur work and are thankful but this video was unwatchable for me, only made it half way through 🙉👎🏻

  25. Ana Hilda cruz

    Eh. Hola se que no me entienden pero algo paso anoche aproximadamente a las 06:30 de la mañana estando en el trabajo eh donde trabajo hay mas de 15 mil personas y todos miraban el cielo se que no me van a crer pero 16 o mas no se eran muchas estrellas en perfectamente aliniada y en la misma trayectori y a la misma velocidad
    Yo no se en que crer ahora. Y es primera vez que se ve eso en suelo dominicano

  26. Hector Gonzalez

    Hello! this question is for NASA .When will you definitely debunk the “flat Earthers ” delusionals with some real live stream of the full earth not your photoshopped images .so REGARDLESS of those cannabis addicts flat Earthers, where can we watch real footage of the full Earth rotating as it really is. And if there are some like videos would you please provide a link. Thank you!

  27. Wonderpolice's Channel

    NASA is the best!

  28. Soufien Ethny

    Hail science🙏🔝

  29. 2078 Memes


  30. Nino Travis


  31. Jesda Prasirth


  32. Cold Spaghettee

    I HATE SCHOOL I missed the livestream because of that😕😕😕😭😭😭

  33. Game C'Game nitinan

    จริงๆโลกเราไม่ได้สมบูรณ์แบบ กาแลคซี่ที่เราอยู่ก็แค่มีธาตุต่างสาร ที่กาลเวลาคอยผสมผสานเกิดธาตุใหม่ๆ มนุษย์เราแค่ประยุกต์ใช้กับสิ่งที่มีต่างหาก กาแลคซี่ต่างๆก็มีธาตุที่แตกต่างกันออกไป
    เราไม่รู้ด้วยซ้ำว่าธาตุต่างๆเป็นของใช้หรือต้องใช้มันยังไง มนุษย์เราเองที่สรรหา พออะไรไม่ได้ดั่งใจจะโทษว่ามันแย่ว่ามันผิด


    Can Algerian girls work in the NASA crew as a surgeon ?

  35. wolf 101

    Our empire of science grows

  36. Threw The Looking Glass


  37. Emely Show

    Nasa nothing about toi 700d??🤔🤔

  38. Igoo

    Thanks! You make the world a better place!

  39. Kajal's Music


  40. clungebucket23

    Sound quality is a bit poor

  41. จโจ้ สีสุลาด

    I Love NASA

  42. Adrian WM

    NASA when is the mars mission?

  43. the best season

    A Moroccan student discovers an alternative theory of superstring theory, which will answer all the questions posed, as the student stressed that his theory will help to travel through time … I hope that America intervenes and criticizes this Moroccan student from the corrupt Morocco system …

  44. Splashysmile

    I’m going to work for nasa and this will mark my words

  45. Brawl stars central Funny clips

    What space centre is this.the one in Florida???

  46. hunter crook

    Those graphics are awful Like they’re from the 1970s

  47. Jack Rush

    5 mil yay!

  48. international space station


  49. Rafael Melendez

    Nasa amor gracias saludo feliz anos nuevo abrazon arriba todavía woaaoo

  50. Николай Чорбаджиев

    autoheal if i buy you a new software?

  51. Ranoon Sumer

    Analyze wildfire patterns in the future. Also enhance your patrol with civilian perimeter surveillance cameras.
    There is a difference between normal fire and arson.

  52. Mechafinch Personal

    Thank you NASA, very cool

  53. Jeroen Kuilman


  54. Jack Rush

    Omg NASA every video you just shock me

  55. Mimi Games

    Pq meu sonho é trabalhar ai na nasa será q um dia vou conseguir 😭😭😭😭😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  56. Perla Sotelo

    Traducción por favor

  57. rohayu binti yusuf yusuf

    im interested to know ho wabout proses to be astronout //durung the child what must to prepare for ambition

  58. w1k

    first stop making waste in oceans…. lol

  59. Death Valley Dazed

    NASA rocks our planet and space, loving this!

  60. sr biel

    Amo nasa quero ir ai ver camo e sou do brazil

  61. Alex Strat

    Exciting music!

  62. Andr0meda

    THIS is how you make american great again… not by invading another country!!!!

  63. Pedrinhoball 456

    Area 51 :(

  64. Ashuri アシュリー Denwa

    Marc Simard!!! 41:53 <3

  65. Fretalhp Dnal

    40:20 duh erflat af

  66. wolf 101

    I missed the live stream cause school and now I’m sad

  67. al gore

    I wish you guys had more funding so we could already be at Mars by now, or at least have an orbital moonbase.

  68. Elsa Alvarez

    Excelente ¡ Saludos¡ Muchísimas felicidades ¡ =[]…=[]

  69. permadi fauza

    😇 from NASA with love & peace
    😈 from US with war & twiter

  70. It's Trixs

    I thought I was watching an ad but then realized it was the actual video.


    Salute from Baja California

  72. Kaylee Wright

    I love NASA!Does anyone else??🤗

  73. Sam Bretton

    When the space program runs out of fuel so goes looking in other countries

  74. Biraj Niraula

    support from nepal eyy im here

  75. Biraj Niraula

    i discovered lot of things even tho they were already disovered i guess unlucky me or maybe i just understood it and helped by youtube?maybe!😂

  76. Andriy Manachinov

    Sometimes I find it that my life and the pieces of my life just fall out of the sky. I’m still missing a pizza box, Pizza, a tire to a number two of some kind of a year model Ukrainian vehicle, a train, a tire iron to the tire, and the alarm clock.

  77. Unhack Mypc

    Never an straight answer!

  78. Ronan Parsons

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