How to Make a Demo-2 Straw Rocket

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In 2020, NASA and SpaceX will launch American astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. soil for the first time since 2011.

Would you like to learn how to make your own Demo-2 to launch in your home? Watch this tutorial to learn how.

All you will need is paper, markers, scissors, tape, yarn or ribbon (optional) and a straw.

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library:

  1. NotPenguinFrog

    Lol a NASA safety engineer came to my school and showed me how to do this ages ago

  2. vivek joshua

    Caution: check the weather before the launch.

  3. ANTECAR 6

    Nasa make another video like this but like version 2. Why you ask? Just because….and i wanna watch it…

  4. Nathan Higa

    I’m the 272nd one to watch this

  5. Cat CatCatCat

    I LOVE IT 🤩😍

  6. Diego Sanabria

    we are so exited about Saturday Launch!

  7. Dreamy-prince Jaden

    Well, if you can’t launch the rocket, i’ll do it myself!

  8. Aguilar Family

    We should all do this and when the falcon luanches on saturday luanch these with it!

  9. Marco Conenna

    Instructions unclear, it dropped on the neighbor’s garden and killed their dog.

  10. 1TrTlq

    Okay I’m worried now, are you okay NASA?
    Please just keep taking JWST seriously.

  11. RSpudieD

    A cool, simple craft idea! Good thinking, NASA!

  12. KatzeLetsPlay xx

    Mars im on my way!

  13. Matieoxxx xx

    Wtf?? It s amazing idea, Elon need learn ,,How to build a rocket”

  14. Igor Kurpis

    NASA is cool again. Some huge changes happend in last year.

  15. Zaheer Sarang

    Why is there a furry at the end?

  16. Star Man

    Make sure not to *scrub* the rocket

  17. ส.อ.มงคล โพธิ์ตากุล

    Hi อีตัวเป่าหมากฝรั่งทำโปร่งมาอีกแล้ว

  18. ravi garg

    Seriously , awesome , I am fastly going to try it out😎

  19. II ME ll

    I am loving it….. thank u NASA… I will try

  20. Paris 1900

    NASA : *have a ( very ) low budget to fly rockets*

    A drawing boi : Don’t worry guys I have the perfect idea for this!

    The idea :

  21. Zeina Abdelwahab

    You guys read my mind I was just about to craft something for Launch America , and then Boom I find this in my feed..Thanks a lot NASA💙❤️

  22. /-\L1eN

    instructions unclear: the rocket crashed

  23. milkyrice

    I just did it! it looks so cool! thx nasa

  24. GTR TV. TH

    wow เป็นกำลังใจให้นาซ่าครับ

  25. SARS-CoV- 02

    I want to add liquid oxygen to a little tank which I attached to it, is that possible?

    P.s. You all gonna see me in TV cuz I’ll launch that thing with me as an astronaut in it

  26. Paul St. Davis

    I mean, I had 6 hours of my life wasted yesterday.

    Add an extra 1 minute and 29 seconds

  27. MJ Water Shark

    Also NASA can you please do more of these!

  28. Anonymous

    until this I always drew at school …… 0:18

  29. Reex

    tat`s so sweet. that’s what I’m building

  30. Lakshay Vijayi

    NASA: why you wanted to be astronaut.
    Me:I know how to make paper rockets.
    Now I am the CEO of nasa

  31. NickJ RED

    Help i accidentally did a real rocket.

  32. Ileen Antoinette Geisel

    Sending this video to my 3 sons. Awesome fun ! It might alarm Ariel, their Cockatoo… 🥰

  33. Shreshtha Tiwary

    How to be an astronaut in NASA …?
    I am from India!🇮🇳

  34. NASA and SpaceX

    Demo-2​ straw rocket is awesome 🇺🇸👑💕💕

  35. Gaming Turtle

    Please tell me

    Why is there a furry at the end?

  36. Dominik fffss

    when does the rocket start on Saturday?

  37. Samuel Alvarez Alvarez

    Nasa: How to make a demo-2 straw Rocket

    First: Be Elon Musk…

  38. Noobmaster Gameplay

    Works perfectly as “(not) advertised”😂

  39. Larry Scott

    Now take deep breath. Hold it. Hold it ….

    Go ahead, Exhale, it’s a scrub.

  40. Lonystal

    5-Minute Crafts ❌
    NASA ✔️

  41. The Universe of Pol C.M

    Always i make solidfuel rokets with 3D programs , i love the rocketery and cosmology.

  42. Philie Spiess

    Greetings fellow kids!

  43. Nazmush Shaker

    is it compulsory to check whether forecast for straw rocket??

  44. Crisgamer63YT

    Amazing what they created greetings from Chile I would like to work at NASA but I cannot☹️

  45. anwar croix

    No maaa, así de fácil fue hacerlo… Con razón no despegó ayer🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Atakan Duman

    Lvs from Turkey 👍👌🇹🇷❤

  47. Maverick

    Who’s here before the dragon launch gets delayed again in a couple days?? 🤣


    I’m assigning this today to my students for at-home learning. Thanks NASA! And great music!

  49. Jamniczek PL

    Congratulations for 6 mln subscribers!!!

  50. Kapitan Nex

    SpaceX: we are going the ISS
    NASA: How to make a straw rocket Demo-2

  51. TodiTops

    No one:

    The NASA xdxdxdddd:

  52. Lakshay Vijayi

    My brother made this, Now we planning to explore The Orion nebula..

    After 1344 light years we landed
    It takes total 2600 light year to inform you we made it..

    Wait did I say landed..

  53. Imię Nazwisko

    I didn’t now that furry’s are working in NASA

  54. sheriffskull 007

    I think so ,if we use this rocket we can go to moon easily , within few minutes , I’m gonna try this today * lol*😁

  55. The SpaceGuy!!

    That’s the best they could do.

  56. maria fernanda

    Numero 40 jajajaj temprano :v😂❤

  57. Luis Lopez

    Something interesting in this quarantine

  58. Said Nasereddin

    In the space of Corona,

    we can’t even step out of our house, lol

  59. Shaleen Mohan

    Its all about inspiring the new generation and being cool :) I would have never expected this to come on Nasa’s channel !! but very well done, lets launch the rocket

  60. Xmun

    Do I have to take into account weather conditions before launching?

  61. UK USA BOXING Live

    Who else had to skip back on the video to see what materials we needed. We’re not all as quick as Elon you know😁

  62. gulgs

    Now I can finally be an Astronaut

  63. Brickmaster 5000

    When the real falcon 9 doesn’t work:

    NASA’s plan B for demo 2!

  64. godless entity

    “Mom, can we get a rocket?”
    – “We’ll have the rocket at home”
    The rocket at home:

  65. Konstantin Alexandrov

    Those plastic strokes are banned in EU lol :)))

  66. Southend Spotter

    The closest launch of the Demo 2

  67. MJ Water Shark

    Pause at 1:14 this is the best image that could ever be imagined

  68. WunderWaffle

    This is what happens when you put engineer’s and LSD together.

  69. APEX_Private Bounty

    the evolution is amazing from real rockets to paper rockets

  70. Micah T.

    They call it….the Strawket….

  71. Javier Verme

    I can’t take off my rocket
    its to cloudy!!!… 😂🤣😑

  72. Murder Bong

    “Thank you!” from this parent.

  73. H o t r e t a r d e d c h

    That’s what NASA thinks of your rocket, Musk

  74. Max

    5 Minute Craft intro plays

  75. Astro Hoff

    0:16 For a second I though this was going to be a very different kind of *_rocket_*

  76. Wiktor Guzowski

    NASA in 1969: *sends people to the Moon*
    NASA now:

  77. Barbie

    *Wednesday’s launch is delayed*

    NASA community manager:
    “I have backup plan”

    The backup plan:

  78. Lucas Simpson

    Flight of your straw rocket might get cancelled because of the weather

  79. Jeremy Hou

    NASA: All about precision, everything has to be perfect
    Also NASA: 0:17 Amazing drawing precision

  80. Anita Childers

    Oh, fun! Can’t wait to see the rocket launch on Saturday!

  81. Luke Idowu

    this + firecrackers….

  82. Craftio Playz

    Nasa’s next video: How to build rocket in minecraft

  83. KingTurtle37

    How are there comments from 2 weeks ago when this was uploaded 5 minutes ago?!

  84. Johann

    0:17 that boy aint right

  85. CinematicToaster43

    Imma fly this into my moms car

  86. Şóçįąļ Pôîñť

    Im coming soon to nasa ! Its my aim!

  87. It’s your girl Sariya

    I love 💕 this!!!!

  88. Valentino and the Univers

    Ohhh! I love it. I love the physical of that.

  89. Craftio Playz

    hmm didnt expect nasa will make this video but whatever good job :D

  90. Rehoboth Farm

    With NASA producing this level of engineering it’s hard to imagine why they are using SpaceX rockets.

  91. BikeStuff

    this explains what you haven’t been back to the moon in awhile hey

  92. oNucx

    I did never expect this from Nasa. It’s cool though!

  93. Jody January

    Elon take note this is how you do it

  94. Lotte

    NASA’s quarantine seems fun

  95. Kainoa Davis

    Just in case you wanted to fly into space, just build this

  96. Furmeli

    I like that NASA has improved live’s and making this kind of stuff, even if im not going to do it :D Good job NASA.

  97. The Un-Known Musician

    I love how they develop proper rockets and create this for the broke kids like me lol.

  98. Simon

    so this is what my kindergarten teacher meant when she said “of course you can be an astronaut”

  99. clarion gaming

    I want to go to NASA and build a rocket
    My parents:

  100. TheLastHabanero

    NASA: We are going to the moon!
    Also NASA: How to make a rocket that shoots 2 feet and then falls back down.

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