Hot Fire! Orion Spacecraft Service Module Completes Critical Propulsion Test

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Volume up: On Aug. 5, 2019, we put our Orion spacecraft’s propulsion system to the test! Watch the auxiliary and main engines fire up, simulating a challenging mission scenario: boosting Orion into a temporary orbit. This test helps ensure the safety of astronauts on #Artemis missions to the Moon. More:

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  1. Nani Permadhi


  2. Andrew Krause

    I’m not sure what we’re testing… this is the same AJ-10 series engine that was used on the Space Shuttle as the OMS engine. In fact, this engine was first used to put Vanguard into orbit in 1958.
    SLS should have flown a decade ago when it was called Constellation. This is all flight-proven off-the-shelf technology. You have now taken twice as long and spent twice as much money as Apollo, but have created no new technologies, and haven’t actually flown any new rockets at all. Fix your little problem, and let’s light this candle.

  3. the legendary gamer offcial

    Poxa . Que propulsão.

  4. Marco Osvald

    This is Sooo Awesome


    dylaan made this?

  6. Dmitry Alexeyev

    Why there are no Mach diamonds in the engines exhausts?

  7. will friar


  8. waffielz

    almost has hot as my house

  9. Blazin UP


  10. Kerry Hughes

    Cool, great to see these tests being performed. More please.

  11. Weird video's

    How cola is made.

  12. Bradley Beauclair

    I came here to see lift. How long until I can see lift?

  13. Just Justin

    Is this in a big vacuum chamber?

  14. EyesOfByes

    But can it run Crysis?

  15. Lisa Bowers

    Nice 👌🏻

  16. Blorps _

    69 likes nice

  17. AkulTV - Best Edits!

    Asmr for my ears!

  18. Ya H

    Not interesting. Fire engine and nothing more, SLS 4 years static fire and no launch.

  19. R.E.D Respect

    Well to summarize that would rly hurt to get burned by

  20. Cameron Grizzell

    Nice job

  21. LOC USTE

    even with the trust we can see very little fuel left on bottom.

  22. Timbyte

    FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap

  23. 王安

    Poor Orion, he has been waiting for SLS so long

  24. Rahmat Fauna

    nasa apakah benar 9 september 2019 ada asteroit jatuh

  25. Ray Fluke

    Shouldn’t the burn be more uniform?

  26. James Meritt

    Wish they called it something else. “Orion” makes me think of the explosion drive.

  27. Mr. Tea

    I thought the thumbnail was minecraft ray-tracing

  28. Aurobindo Ghosh

    those grasses are very strong to survive rocket exhaust

  29. Be Kind To Birds

    Jeremy Clarkson Voice: POOOOOWAAAAGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  30. Jack Hollingsworth

    Love the communication

  31. Uknowit Hastobedone

    Another rocket hmmm, how about using the other propulsion you have kept secret for decades, instead of this over sized firework

  32. Boots Shamrock

    Was that the staff bbq below? 😝😝😝

  33. Mar

    not a single word about this being ESA? or that it’s build in germany? what is NASA about this?

  34. CHROME.

    Feelsgoodman Clap

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    บ้างครั้งอาจจะเป็นมนุษย์ต่างดาวอีกโลก เพื่อมาอะไรก็ได้ ………………….

  36. Nathaniel Grauel

    Let’s see them aliens! 🤣

  37. Marc Wolfgang Zastrow

    Yeah Baby🌜🚀🌛

  38. Ting Lo

    Can use on the galaxy?

  39. Montgomery's Lyric and Video Channel

    ¡Ir a la NASA, Seguir explorando!

  40. matejB13

    thruster music
    cant be better

  41. CR8

    If there’s no aliens in Area 51 then why is it so heavily guarded

  42. Hal Lynme

    WSTF?! 😂 What space the…😅

  43. Jake JK

    Sounds like an scp or something lol

  44. Kevin O'Connell

    slap some handle bars on there and we’re all set

  45. Matt Mickus

    I still want to know why the service module isn’t American made.

  46. akil moore

    Imagine if the rocket just started lifting up the entire building….

  47. Larry Whittington


  48. Elijah Till

    These engines are not designed to run at optimal performance in atmosphere though.

  49. Tomas Eriksson

    I’m excited! And a great hairdryer too!

  50. cadkls

    This is me, the following morning after a bad curry.

  51. Kite Kat

    🍿😸🗯But the workshop will not fly into space, Is it firmly on the ground?))) 😺👍Bravo NASA! I like!

  52. Spirit Gaming14

    Yes NASA fire is indeed hot…

  53. Nitro Reviews!


  54. mars star1

    That’s sounds be good

  55. Lonesome Kiddo

    Silly me i thought it said “minecraft” 🤦‍♀️

  56. Xiph1980

    Headphone users beware…

  57. Mystic wolve

    hats off to all the gas prices rising when they test there next rocket..

  58. Emanuel Menin Pellizzaro

    I think I could taste a good meat after this little buggy fire… 👌

  59. Cyphon

    Next stop: space

  60. Ri br

    Yeaah a successful test.

  61. The Wick-J

    Good job thanks for sharing.

  62. 6Diego1Diego9

    How powerful is that? Man give us some numbers

  63. Mr Madazza

    There’s a lot of simple here😲

  64. Paul May

    Congrats!….roast some dogs on that fire and celebrate.

  65. Cody Avant

    Okay this is awesome. What a weird looking main engine though

  66. Glaven Maven

    …..and there goes my iPad speakers 😂

  67. Cyborgnik

    Was the final engine the AJ10, without it’s vacuum nozzle?

  68. Ethel

    Exactly .. Fast & Furious.

  69. Marcus Swegsire

    Fly me to the moon!

  70. David Thomas

    Feel the burn 🔥

  71. Gabriel Dos Santos

    I came in looking for the atomic bomb propelled orion.

  72. Enki Son Of Anu

    Blowing up some steam, aye?

  73. Kyle Randle

    I’m a simple man. I see a NASA rocket test I hit Like.

  74. Penny Curnow

    Wow, that is amazing.

  75. Dutchdude Grow

    What a great barbeque <3 Where can i buy this?

  76. herkyuman

    Now that’s *H O T*

  77. Khloe Rabnta

    Awesome! You guys are working so fast.

  78. YouTubalcaine

    That’s really impressive power. Judging by the vibration, stabilizing that rig must be quite an engineering feat in itself. I guess sometimes sending a rocket to space is easier than NOT sending a rocket to space. :D

  79. space stuff / stuffy

    i like you’re vids nasa

  80. Zalamedas

    Supah Hot Fire!
    This also reminds me of the hydra scene in Half Life.

  81. Kate Boylan

    I’m so excited for the main launch ahhhhhhhh

  82. It Means Joy- My name

    Flame On!! 🔥☻

  83. Ivan Ranković

    This is very impresive but would like to see some other propulsion (useful) than rocket motors though. In my life.

  84. rukiddinbro

    Good luck and go on. I want to see this in space.

  85. alarcon99

    Go Artemis Go!

  86. Chico Kpoper

    Great job NASA, i admire you, good luck NASA

  87. HammadRn Rana

    Amazing really excited to see the launch!

  88. lama Gamer

    Love you guys i got a nasa backpack lunchbox bed cover and lots more

  89. MrMichaelXX

    These are exciting times. Can’t wait to see Orion and SLS fly!

  90. 2000coco

    Progress! That’s progress people🚀👍 Keep it lit!

  91. Dark Knight42

    Great! I’m so elated by those roaring engines!

  92. Noah Oh

    Let’s hope that humans will no longer be bound to the blue planet in the near future!

  93. Mr Derek Huang

    I am SO excited for the first launch! I just can’t wait!!!!

  94. Jacob M

    Awesome! I am so excited for the future of spaceflight. These Mars missions are going to be amazing

  95. Bella Umbrellla

    Super charged!! Super heated!! Y’all dope NASA!😆💥💥⚡️⚡️💥🔥

  96. Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali

    Technology and testing are inseparable.

  97. RichRacc

    Cool! That’s awesome that you already have the engines for the job!!! Great job nasa.

  98. Elhadji Amadou Johnson

    Glad to see something is good is happening in this country. Thank you!!!

  99. Savvy Slavvy

    Sounds like me when I’m hungry for dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets

  100. Start 73

    Hats off to the the engineers who are making this possible!

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