Dreamed Of This

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The next frontier isn’t just for the next generation – it’s for this generation.

With our Artemis program, we will land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024. Then, we will use what we learn on and around the Moon to take the next giant leap – sending astronauts to Mars. We go, as Artemis.

Learn more here: https://www.nasa.gov/artemis/

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  1. SuperNinjaPedro1

    In hopefully 10 years, I will be part of this.

  2. KO Trần

    When nasa go to moon

  3. Death Valley Dazed

    So inspiring, so daring, so cool! Go NASA!

  4. Iddi Adama Salahedine

    We all get to some where. I will do same

  5. Tom Klein

    I have been waiting for 50 years and watching NASA getting downsized. The time is now we need to get going, I want to go. Count me in

  6. Roger Smith

    Please take a GoPro with you. 🙏

  7. Kaustubh Pandey

    should have used the Interstellar soundtrack

  8. ReigningThunder

    Awesome video! SLS will launch in defense of our dreams!!
    Go Artemis!!! =D

  9. Lucas Isaac


  10. Adi flash

    My dream to

  11. Nabiha Syed

    Yes!!!! I have dreamed😆😆

  12. Vspoke 91

    One day I will be able to be on those rockets

  13. Абуабдулло Рудаки

    NASA, спасибо вам за ваш труд за благо человечество!.👏👏👏👏👏

  14. VKermode KumaV

    Soo looking forward to this!

  15. Guigui Ferrand

    2024 lift off lift off of Artemis 3 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. The Vintage Nerd Productions


  17. Kinu Grove

    Looks like a new generation is waking up to the idea that space is the new frontier. Can’t wait for this I’m only going to see the tip of the ice burg in my life time but my 6 year old son and his future kids will see so much. We just started flying 100 years ago think how far we have come and with computers…. It is a great time to be alive.

  18. president Shorif

    I love to see them

  19. Juan Francisco V.D.

    _My Generation_ ❤

  20. Daniele Gigante

    …”probably”…yes!! 🛰 🌍 💜

  21. Kerry Hughes

    I cannot wait for the mission to the moon.


    its amazing 😭

  23. Jim Hart

    It’s a shame we choose to militarize space instead of adequately funding nasa

  24. ScullBayProductions

    Artemis launch when ready.

  25. Azaz Khan

    I love my girl friend ♥️

  26. Troy Crith ll

    Bei 💣

  27. Extreme 16

    Not if SpaceX makes it first

  28. Smazey 2

    Go chills at 1:01

  29. Alien Anthony

    I love the fact that youtube put this video under conspiracy theroys. you can tell by the fact they put under the video.

  30. kim Kardashian

    I had a dream about this mission to the moon. But it end tragically . It exploded on the take of pad.

  31. Kk Jj

    it’s amazing really nice
    good luck

  32. Lisa Bowers

    Did anyone else get goosebumps? Because this gave me goosebumps. 🤩🚀

  33. Diana Vargas

    This is so inspiring!! ❤

  34. lord beerus

    Trust me i will just not sit and see.i will respond.

  35. Widget

    Oh yeah! BRING ON THE MOON!

  36. Sulung Darmawan

    I think falcon heavy is safe more than any rocket

  37. Amit Mohite

    Yes! Dreamed of this!

  38. What This Video - WTv

    Because of these men and women, we are what we now today.
    Huge respect.
    I want to see live moon landing. So much exited…

  39. James Curtis

    I think our space program is the single most important thing we do as Americans.

  40. WizzardOfPaws

    The men walked on the moon on my 14th birthday and I was hooked all things space after that

  41. Nate Vailikit

    Popcorn, newest first, enjoy.

  42. Learn with Sojib

    Best of luck😍

  43. Louis Owings

    We should make sure we put our efforts into the mission itself, not making sure we get every ethnic group into the video

  44. mc code

    Elon Musk: get the starship ready
    NASA: so um is SLS still in construction?

  45. Sita Rauniyar

    The dreams are being reality…
    N I will be success to make my dream reality
    I m always inspired by u NASA
    So I wanna work in your mission n I will

  46. Kameleonic

    Absolute YES.

  47. mushy peas

    I’m crying gosh

  48. It's Earth!

    I love it the nasa boi

  49. Nerdy Patatoe


  50. Batman

    I am really excited! finally I can see moon landing with my own eyes along with my family! Go NASA!

  51. Jfjffjfjfjf Jfjfjfjfif

    Nasa I want to be an astronaut working with you
    And I wish that my dream will become true !!!!!!

  52. Ian Paul

    It’s so sad that this doesn’t get more attention.

  53. Fazli Shah

    Just go, feel your time with that if you want

  54. Sarada Mitra

    Ohhh no!!!!!! It’s making me so emotional 😢❤

  55. Ahmad Khan

    I dream of becoming a mathematician for the space sector. Go Artemis

  56. Akeem RW Ross

    Mars solo Mission has too be Strategically planned out wish everyone in Humanity well holla at me if y’all got love 💗 for Broth”A” Amen 🙏🏾 amen.

  57. Jot S

    finally, it took y’all a good 50 years

  58. Harith Aldabran

    I think the dream will be truo ❤👁🌌🎆✨🎇

  59. Aanya Devburman



    i feel like my mom is talking to me.
    all the video’s statements are true.

  61. Simeon B

    Dreamed of jumping in a green swimming pool? Sure. Each to their own.

  62. Nate Myers

    On the way can you grab Bob Kerman I left him in orbit with a ton of science

  63. Elon Musk

    Yes yes yessssss
    Starship is with you…..
    I’ll be coming with you

  64. shantanu jain

    Wish I had US citizenship .

  65. Koushik

    I literally dreamed of this🙃

  66. Cloгох Блять

    I hope we’ll see similar missions by ROSCOSMOS, ISRO, and the Chinese space program soon.

  67. zombigirl 1

    be grateful

  68. Søren Nielsen

    Relax, take the moon first. When a lot of experience about humans in reduced gravity is done, then we maybe are ready for Mars, but maybe not this century.

  69. Trainsmurf

    this gives me goose bumps

  70. Lamar Clintn

    Stop making these videos and acualy get to the moon.

  71. Jack Shore

    They keep making these videos but they are so general 😂 “We Go” but they don’t tell us where and when…

  72. Karman Shah

    Who’s the astronaut who narrating the whole video? Iove her accent

  73. John Minton

    cried tears of joy. After decades of disappointment, were finally going back.

  74. M e m e s

    I’m so excited for Artemis! Good luck to everyone at NASA

  75. Torben

    “To boldly go where no one has gone before”. 🖖 Godspeed!

  76. Anmol Poudel

    Entering new level in the history of science
    May all the physists,astrophysicist,cosmologist,etc will succed to make their dream sucessful
    I salute them 🌍

  77. AgAug Gaming

    *Its not for me nor for you, its for humanity.*

  78. Станислав Кошечкин

    In ARTEMIS we trust.
    Eh, I wish I was one of those people who will fly to the Moon. Dreams should come true, right? I hope. Anyway Good Luck guys!

  79. Cronch

    LUL wasn’t expecting this to be an ad for Artemis, still nice tho

  80. José Gustavo Sandoval Velasquez

    I almost cried watching this 😭 This is gonna be awesome!

  81. Sheeple are Lame

    So when are NASA going to start deep space mining on an industrial scale, using the current science, technologies & machinery we have?
    Or are NASA going to keep wasting trillions on your pet space projects?

  82. M. Saad Iftikhar

    😭grieved.. living in the developing country I can’t full fill my dreams of space walk..micro g..lunar and martian landing..but still hoping my day will come. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Best luck to Artemis astraunauts and team for their mission in deep space

  83. fox aches

    I dreamed of NASA taking us to the moon.. I’m still waiting

  84. ehyoumon

    Been waiting 32 years, I wont hold my breathe

  85. Nick Purnell

    I want to go, GODSPEED ARTEMIS!

  86. Astro physicist

    Why can’t I choose where my taxes go? I want them all to go to NASA.

  87. drizzetsrevenge

    Thanks NASA, I’m excited to see my dreams become a reality.

  88. lele pavele

    the description reminds me of star trek

  89. Człowiek

    whens the next mission..?

  90. SFS Eagle

    And Now a word from our sponcor, RAID Shad-

  91. YouTube Zone

    The next frontier isn’t just for the next generation – it’s for this generation.

  92. Epic

    “and this was all possible by our sponsor Raid Shadow Legends”

  93. Liam Svensson

    Cannot wait for this and im so glad to be alive when all this happens

  94. NightriderX2

    When I got laid off back in 2011 from Atlantic Precision Inc I thought the space program was done. I got goosebumps watching this. Glad to have you back NASA.

  95. Old Man

    My generation’s time for space was taken from us by a greedy and corrupt congress. I sincerely wish all of you the best. Go out there if you ever get the chance. Go

  96. StarkosGuy

    Starship, SLS, New Glenn

  97. Mr Sokol

    Cannot wait to see myself the live streaming of landing on the Moon! And new historical words of our generation of people standing on our natural satelite! We are with you NASA!

  98. Sergusy

    I really hope the program Artemis won’t be cancelled.

  99. Mars Mountain

    Very inspiring! My favorite video is still “We are NASA” though.

  100. Jesus Christ

    Heck yes! This makes me cry science tears.

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