Becoming Astronauts: Are You Next?

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NASA is hiring more new Artemis generation astronauts. Will you be next?

NASA’s latest astronaut class shares their journey.

To join them, astronaut candidates must have earned a master’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics. The requirement for the master’s degree can also be met by:
• Two years (36 semester hours or 54 quarter hours) of work toward a Ph.D.
program in a related science, technology, engineering or math field;
• A completed doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathic medicine degree;
• Completion (or current enrollment that will result in completion by June 2021) of a
nationally recognized test pilot school program.

Candidates also must have at least two years of related, progressively responsible professional experience, or at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft. Astronaut candidates must pass the NASA long-duration spaceflight physical.

Apply to be an astronaut by 31.

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library:

  1. Sev Sev

    Great, new astronauts!
    But please, don’t over-dramatize …

  2. Nikesh Ranabhat

    So awesome. I respect this.

  3. Neloy nel

    I wish I would be a astronaut!!!!! Bangladesh

  4. ThePolandMan

    I’d love to, but I’m still too young :(

  5. Gokumann12

    I wish I had done more with my life and could apply, but I am ecstatic and overjoyed that NASA has been given the means to return to manned space exploration

  6. Nirjal acharya

    What are the qualifications for being astronaut…

  7. Estevan Lopez

    I would love to be an Astronaut some day

  8. Monaliza Milloroso

    NASA, I’m 16 and I always dream to see the Earth from space, please take me to space, I really want to feel the overview effect.

  9. 6 A space research organization

    It’s my all time dream to be an astronaut of NASA
    I will try my best 👍💯

  10. 中國共產党亡

    I’m gonna cry ♡

  11. JuneJourneys

    I hope I can be an astronaut one day!!

  12. Kauliukas LTU

    Do i need to know math, chemistry and phyzics like rly well, i mean like A+ to be an astronaut?

  13. MK

    Yes I am next 😤
    19 years old at present

  14. Stupid buds

    Ahhh welp gotta go through another decade of education before that happens.

  15. Kevin

    I wish ESA recruited the same way in Europe… it’s a lot harder here to become an astronaut :(

  16. FOCV

    What a shame for me because that require so much knowledge, but dreaming it’s free

  17. Eric Siegfried

    Sagan’s legacy lives on! 💪🏾😎

  18. UPGRADE Já

    It is wonderful ❤️

  19. Ablak Singh

    I have want to be an astronaut I have been learning science for 3 years

  20. Nav roop

    i want to be an astronaut 😊

  21. Technical Tony

    I’m from India.. Can you hire me 🙁

  22. Haяuкa™

    I would LOVE to be an astronaut..I’m in 5 year dual Aerospace Engineering course at university, know a bit of russian, know basics of flying etc *BUT I’M NOT AN AMERICAN* 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Yeison Perez

    Amazing its my dream

  24. Gato Astronauta

    Es muy emocionante ver cuando los astronautas pasan al frente y son presentados.

  25. Doug J

    Good luck and God bless to you all, I wish I could come with you

  26. LSSJ Quan 01

    I wanna be an Aerospace engineer

  27. A.I. Developer

    I want to live in space, and die in space, thats my dream! No matter what is my health – please build station with a gravity – and I’ll do whatever you want to come into that station.

  28. ilâydanur cicek

    This is a amaizing 🙏💙

  29. Chaos Diverse

    ซักวันผมจะไปที่นั่น (from TH)

  30. Ann Z

    This suit of NASA😍😍 I hope I can wear it someday

  31. Riley

    Id love to be an Astronaut but I’m Australian

  32. DJ JimJam

    I love what you and space x do, NASA I hope to join you some day!

  33. Norman M

    I am REAL Astronaut .
    The BEST of The BEST.

  34. Adarsh Bajpai

    Take me with you NASA!
    COSMOS is <3

  35. Josh Playz Gacha

    I’m doing my best to help you

  36. the society

    Those spacesuits look like the sweatshirt my mom bought me and never grew into.

  37. Josh Playz Gacha

    Keep going there’s nothing you can’t do NASA❤️

  38. Sebas Astronomer

    I wish that I could apply 😭😭

  39. Satellite Squirrel

    I’d love to go into space. I interviewed a former astronaught during the 2017 eclipse and asked if they accepted civilian applications. Sadly 34 year old TV producers aren’t needed. Major props to those who make it!

  40. Cold Spaghettee

    I call first dibs I’m going DEFINITELY, SAYONARA EARTH 🌍 !!!

  41. Тамара Николь

    Yes, yes I want to be next!!

  42. ERA__ Phantom 78

    What background of work do you need to get to be an astronaut

  43. Josh van der Bij

    I am a Dutch 22 year old man. I volunteer. I can overcome any obstacle

  44. Silent Gaming

    My dream is to become an ASTRONAUT :< sadly I'm not from USA nor Russia :<

  45. Shahzaib Stranger

    I want to see the beauty of space with my eyes.

  46. Yu Zhong Lin

    I dreamed of being an astronaut and I want to be one as my job


    I Wanted To Go Together; -;

  48. Lauren Camila

    I just watched Interestellar for the first time at 21 years of age. There is no way I would ever become an astronaut after that

  49. lightswitch.mp4

    I joined air cadets because I want to be an astronaut when I’m older :)

  50. Gingerbred_Hed

    Star Trek: Artemis

  51. Doom Metal

    Frank Rubio Saludos, tus raíces están en el salvador…

  52. Jihen Missaoui

    I’m the next astronaute inchallah
    Just wait

  53. Mwongeli 1405

    one day, I’ll be one of them

  54. Muhammed Talun

    NASA you are the beeessstttt 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  55. Alric Luis

    I’m only 16 but I had always had a dream to become astronaut because I got what it takes. And no matter what it takes I’m ready to give my best because life is to short.
    Someone said this “if you can dream it you can do it”

  56. XAbiGamerXX

    NASA: were having new astronauts!
    Me again: wait I’m 13…. dam it

  57. General Pes

    Remember me NASA I’m gonna be one Someday, my real name is GianXyrus Pesimo

  58. Fatimazahra Naâs

    omggg my dream is become an astronauts 😣

  59. Heather Morehouse

    My son will be! <3

  60. Alan Cabrera

    I would like to be a astronaut its my dream job:)❤

  61. mk사라

    Yes, I’m the next!!!

  62. Adriana Verdecie

    I hope I can be able to watch them going back to the Moon

  63. Ms. Potter

    I want to be an astonauts🌕☄🙏🏼

  64. FLERFS Are Idiots

    Dear NASA, I can’t afford to go to school and work at the same time. I have always dreamed of exploring the cosmos. Please hire me, or send me to school so I can work for NASA. I would like for my dreams to come true. Thank you

  65. Jamieism

    One day. I’m almost 40 and one day I will start my college journey that will lead to space!

  66. Kyla Finez

    my dream, my home. soon i will be an astronaut.

  67. Ev. Pradator

    I’m from Ukraine and that’s my dream to become NASA astronaut. I’m 15 years old and love physics and know Russian language
    UPD: I know how to become a US citizen

  68. Benjamin Dockx

    Wow, respect to all of you, to be able to achieve something so great. I hope you all achieve the greatest things!

  69. Black Pink

    I will be an astronaut of the new generation
    My friends and family say it’s impossible but I say it’s necessary

  70. OwO Reagan

    I’ll just admire you guys! Good luck!

  71. Michaela Batino

    I’m a 15 year old girl living in Spain. I’m not really from here and I’m still struggling to speak Spanish. I’ve always wanted to become an aerospace engineering at NASA but I think it’s too much for a Dream 😅

  72. Brent Vanloozen

    I’d love to put rockets on my wheelchair and become an astronaut!!!!

  73. rumbombo 2

    Me: Oh Yes! They are hiring!
    Me also remembering I almost failed my science subject in high school.

  74. tazkiyah 47

    yes i am, the first muslim astronauts. Aaamiin

  75. Madelline Naomi De la Cruz Martínez

    I’m not a US citizen, I’m from Dominican Republic but I know that one day I’ll apply to this program. It’s my dream.

  76. Desert Ants

    Easiest way to be an astronaut:
    Laxative and a sleeping pill. When you wake up you’ll jump outa bed so fast..

  77. 19Aviationmax94

    Johnny Kim showed the survival teachers how to stay alive in the wilderness. :D

  78. Shiva Reddy UwU

    On 11th January 2019, I Learnt that I was colorblind..
    I was soo determined to be an astronaut since my childhood.
    There were times that I simply cried thinking about space, when everyone else in my family was sleeping. Becoming an astronaut itself was a task next to impossible. But.. Now.. Colorblind.. Ok I know even if I was not colorblind, I may not be smart, I may not be intelligent, but I don’t care just.. Space..
    I learnt that only 1 person out 7 Billion people became an astronaut who is a color blind, but atleast he was born in USA.
    Not me.. Iam born in India, struggling with the overwhelming competition.
    Iam depressed, disappointed and frustrated.
    But, as Elon Musk said “I don’t ever give up”
    Edit : Yes, Iam a colorblind and short-sighted. Idk, what I will do if I don’t become one, but I will just stop caring about my insignificant life, and just let time take over.
    Apologies for bad English. English is my 4th Language sorry.

  79. Justina Ekwonye

    I’m turning 13 this year, I love computers and things that have to do with space, I want to become an astronaut but my mum laughs everytime I tell her that. To me I think NASA is doing a great job and I wish to work with them when I grow up

  80. ꧁Kriss_ Kate꧂

    I’d love to apply
    But I’m 12

  81. Aditya Priyanshu

    Nasa : You are next
    Me : really me ??
    Nasa : Yes
    During selection : No

  82. MarsManiac

    Here’s hoping. I’m nearly qualified, I can try for the next cycle.

  83. Willisthehy

    I would love to work in the space industry don’t know how to get started


    Also my dream is to be an astronaut and I’m confidant that I can do it

  85. The Exoplanets Channel

    I’m prepared to be an astronaut… *in a videogame*

  86. ninjalel

    wow im literally the first to oomment on NASA vid wtf

  87. It’s meh Elvis

    I wish I can become a austronaut but I’m still 11 years old and I’m not an American I’m a Filipino.

  88. Sadece

    I want to be an astroant in the future.. 👨‍🚀🚀

  89. Derek Trammell

    I love this! It’s a remarkably frank and blunt testimony, and I respect it immensely. Here’s to the Mars Generation.

  90. Mehdi Kadiri

    I wish to be a astronaut but too bad I’m still young 16yo

  91. Shyam Kumar Sharma

    I want to be an astronomer

  92. Kitty Cat

    Me: *Reads title* *Becomes happy*
    Also me: *Remembers that I’m a minor still* *becomes sad*

  93. Andrew Slawson

    Nasa: let’s inspire the people to become astronauts
    Also nasa: you need a master degree in a stem subject

  94. Nerdy Patatoe

    Whew really wanted to say that :D

  95. illuminico

    can i test the effects of marijuana in space? i’ve been studying it’s effects on earth for a very long time now

  96. GTwSCEP

    I’m fifteen going on sixteen and I have ALWAYS wanted to go. I would be exited to even be in basic training.

  97. J Roache

    I would LOVE to be an astronaut! Lets see how:
    *Needs masters degree, pilot’s license, and many flight hours.
    Guess that’s not happening!

  98. Iopla Rux

    2020: NASA is recruiting astronauts
    2040: Space Pirates is attacking Mars Colony, join the Space Marines today and help your Galaxy!
    2100: Good news family, on vacation we are going to travel to andromeda, I know it is close but it was the only one we managed to pay, maybe next year we will travel to Messier 64, I know that the hotel reservation there is very expansive.
    2150: Join the Multiversal Human Republic and fight the Humanus Empire.

  99. OmerGamerTV AZIZAJ

    I am 11 years old and my dream is becoming an astronaut of NASA

  100. Tom Watts

    NASA: We are hiring new astronauts!
    Me: holy heck
    Also me: *remembers that I’m not american, and am a chemistry student with flying anxiety* guess I’ll wait for space tourism to take off then…

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