#BeAnAstronaut: What Advice Would You Give to a Younger You?

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The newest #Artemis generation astronauts revealed the advice they’d give to their younger selves: “Work on things that you think matter.” “It’s okay to dream big.” “Keep that curiosity alive.” “Find mentors early.” Ready to #BeAnAstronaut? Today, March 31, is the last day to apply: www.nasa.gov/astronauts.

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    I would advice my younger self – Don’t get married, study and focus on your career.

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    Knowledge makes life much more fascinating and amazing. So much to discover

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    I am so glad after seeing this video . I will definitely follow these advice as I’m 14 right now wanted to be an astronaut for the future generation.

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    I’m just 17 ! Yh that’s correct . Thank you NASA . Set you dream hight and work hard to get it

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    I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut! I hope it will be possible.

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    Woow great advices,I appreciate that what the astronauts are doing just to lead as and make us focus and don’t stop whatever it taks I am 15 years old I hope to be an astronaut in the future

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    Yeah that’s right i have to love my self and learn as possible i can and i am doing it
    these advices are not only for those people that want to be an astronaut
    they are for those people too that want to be an astronomer
    i really want to be an astronomer and join NASA
    nice work for the video
    the video was really really useful

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    Thank you for the advice. I’ll work harder and continue to pursue my dreams and love myself.🙏

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  79. Iconic Questions

    Since I’ve been in quarantine I’ve been working in my math and physics cause I’m really bad at math rn :) I wouldn’t say I want to be an astronaut but I wouldn’t mind being a astronomer!

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    Having doubts recently and I guess that this motivated me to pursue my passion❤️

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    I like this thing….
    i wanted to be a member of nasa…… and this is my dream
    My name is (Limon)
    From (Bangladesh)

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    “i can’t even explain how much i love you.”

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    Wwow i would love it to be an asstronaut👍

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    is it true that astronauts have lost their finger nails while in/ going to space?

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    Believe in yourself have respect for space and learn to respect mother

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    Be happy, enjoy every moment…⭐✨🔭dream more!

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    Am from INDIA nd wanna become a NASA Astronaut…
    How can I??

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    Dear dream
    I want to achieve you as an astronaut and want to be with you rest of my life. As I am 14 yet 😅 but still keep on yearning to achieve you in future. You live in my heart always. And I try my best to achieve you.
    Yours truly..

  89. Anthony Umana-Paniagua

    What I would tell my younger me, be bold, be faithful, be brave,

    and to play alot of kerbal space program

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    I can’t wait to see these guys and gals on the Moon and Mars!

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    Why give the today’s youth hope when that will never happen.

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    I love NASA!
    I love space and earth and all planets 🪐 🌍 ❤️ :)

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    Thank you…🤗
    you all have a great sense of humor We all proud of you guys keep it up 👍

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    Oh my God …
    I’d advice him the same what almost all my teacher adviced me back then … which was :- “Dear pupil , Invest your time as much as you can in correct ways … Do Not Waste It … time is precious and the enemy as well ”
    What a waste of tallent

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    Don’t get Kidney stones
    👋😂👍 but, for 20 years I found something I’m great at
    I feel confident as a researcher growing in a variety of fields as a specialist for the love of all astronauts for our heroes during the journey to the present day it’s an unconditional Love.
    Sincerely From LarryWhittington your Buddy Always everyone 🙏🏻😇👍 with sincere Gratitude!!!

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    I want to be an astronaut
    I love astronomy.
    I’m space lover

  97. Nevis Carolina Cuadros Agamez

    I’m 15 and I’m from colombia and wow I really want be an astronaut!, I love learning new things and new experiences every time that I can, and my greatest inspiration is all those astronaut who teach me that is okay dream big… “moon, mars and beyond”!!

  98. Prastuti Adhikari

    I am right now 15 and I want to be an astronaut and during thing this lockdown I am learning quantum physics.

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    This is what we need to succeed in our life

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