#BeAnAstronaut: How Did You Get Interested in STEM?

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“I really liked to build things and I really liked going fast. And to do these things, I needed to understand science and technology.” Our newest #Artemis generation astronauts remember how they got interested in STEM. Applications for the next class are open until March 31: www.nasa.gov.astronauts


    It is a gift from God Almighty

  2. Steve Spam

    How do you get interested in science? Don’t be white and male. That’s how.

  3. pbekkerh

    Please NASA, can you make a channel for only rocket launches and other space happenings or space related technology?
    We get flooded with a lot of these strange videos. That is not what I subscribed for.

  4. Is God Real? Check This Out!

    “The more I study science, the more I believe in God.”
    -Albert Einstein

    “Don’t doubt the Creator, because it is inconceivable that accidents alone could be the controller of this universe.”
    -Isaac Newton

    “The universe has been wrought for us by a supremely good and orderly Creator.”
    -Nicolaus Copernicus

    “The laws of nature are written by the hand of God in the language of mathematics.”
    -Galileo Galilei

    “What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.”
    -Nikola Tesla

    “Some call it evolution. And others call it God.”
    -Charles Darwin

    “God is the kind Creator who brought forth nature out of nothing.”
    -Johannes Kepler

    “God has given us evidence sufficiently clear to convince those with an open heart and mind…”
    -Blaise Pascal

    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
    -Jesus Christ

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    *Almost* first comment on a NASA video!

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    I don’t like science

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    *”İnsanlığın sorunlarının üst üste yığılarak neredeyse çözülmez hal aldığı günümüzde, Hz.Muhammed (S.a.v)’e her zamankinden daha fazla muhtacız. Eğer O aramızda olsaydı bütün bunları oturup bir fincan kahve içme rahatlığı ile çözerdi. Ben bu hayret uyandırıcı insanın hayatını inceledim. Benim görüşüme göre onu insanlığın kurtarıcısı olarak tanımamız lâzımdır. İnsan büyüklüğü hangi ölçüyle ölçülürse ölçülsün, acaba ondan daha büyük bir insan bulunur mu?” (George Bernard Shaw – 1856-1950-İrlandalı Dramatist-Sosyalist-Yazar)*

  9. Mars Mountain

    Sad that STEM engagement gets cut to 0$ in next years budget in favor of SLS/Artemis.

  10. interested videos

    First comment

  11. Ioana Maria

    Hello! I am the first comment no one cares about.
    I want to go into STEM too, but because I live in a foreign country I don’t have many ways of getting materials to study from.

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    Love Math and Science. Recruit Me! Won’t be sorry!

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  22. Abrar Ahmad

    But I am not good in science and math. My first year math marks are 99/150 and 2nd year 134/150. After that in graduation math marks are 96/100.💔💔💔

  23. CALCUM

    I wana go fast u can?



  25. Dia Tambe

    NASA I am 12 I wanna be astranaut I am not a citizen of US can I be astranaut. I’m good at math and science so please take me for artemis. First comment. Christina koch inspires me. Its 12am I did not sleep only to see Christina’s live show. Jessica meir and whole 2013 astronaut class inspires me( Anne, jessica, christina, nikhol, Josh, victor, nick and Andrew) NASA is my only dream. I wanna be space scientists and rocket engineer too at nasa. I try my best to learn more about space. I feel space is my life.

  26. Mao Tsuyuri

    from Thailand I like NASA

  27. jobygeorge1914

    During the journey, the scholar asked the ferryman, with obvious pride and mockery, if he knew anything about grammar and the rules of language.
    The ferryman simply replied, “I don’t.”
    “Alas!” retorted the rude scholar of grammar, “You have wasted half of your life.”

    At this, the sailor was terribly hurt and aggrieved. But he kept quiet. Suddenly the boat was extremely nervous in the high waves and gushing water. “Do you know how to swim, learned Sir?” asked the sailor.
    “No!” said the scholar.

    The ferryman remarked, “Alas! You have wasted your whole life for the boat is sure to capsize in a few minutes.”
    Story from internet.

    I m dreaming about Earth 2.0

  28. Inquisitor obiwan Sherlock clousseau

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  29. MindFlowersDotNet

    Lies only lead to dead ends.
    Challenge the claims of NASA, be free of their deceptions.

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    Gracias pero no entiendo pero me no entiendo nada más que el español y el andaluz pero me ha gustado tanto los planetas estrella el universo en los confines de los confines porque se expande y no tiene fin y he creído que había vida en otro planeta no sé lo mejor reír de mí feliz os agradezco mucho la verdad que aunque no puedas escribir bien en tindo todo lo que León soy feliz mi nave bese no puede ir tan como yo quisiera pero cuando puedo mejor me cojo el ritmo me pongo navega ⚘🕺💃⚘💫👏

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    Guys people who disliked this video are flat earth believers

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    Science is simply the pathway to reality

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    I would like to ask you what is happening to the stars now. Thanks for the help🤗

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    Thank you.. Amateur Rocketry for our high school age club too.

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    I hope i can go to space for once in my life

  67. Random -

    I could never do this :(

  68. el tío nayel free videos

    Si Dios quiere este año que salga de la secundaria me meto a ciencia Yo ahorita estoy aprendiendo son mi inspiración

  69. Tala Alomari

    Like wow lam so interested in NASA And I wish and hope to be an astronaut but I want to ask you a question what do I have to study to be an astronaut ? 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🔭🌌🌍

  70. George crist

    I’m a Sri Lankan student. I’m Studying Bio Science for A/L exam. I like to join NASA. Can I do It ?

  71. Subika Haider

    I can resonate with each one of these HEROES.

  72. Leeam

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  73. the craft king #1

    Maybe you all could stand up against the proposed new rules that the FAA is trying to impose trying to shutdown rc aviation including airplanes, drones and model rocketry. You have an audience say something . 👍 help save our hobby

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    Amazing NASA 🥰💙. Nasa is my role model 👩🏻‍🚀👋🇸🇰🚀🌍✨.

  75. Stargaze

    I wish I could go in space… but I created a youtube channel on space instead lol😂. Love NASA🌎💪

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    I cant wait to the artemis mission and watch the mars landing in 2033! Love form norway

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    I also enjoy building things, specifically lasers.

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  81. 3lovely sisters O.L.R.

    I love NASA and every one in it .. I have read many books and articles about it , I love scines and maths my favorite subjects and always get high marks …
    I would really like to go a trip to it because I have never been there.

  82. Eric Pearson

    I’ve always loved Math! I’ve always hated science before the age of 30! I now can’t get enough it & realize its importance!
    Science Technology Engineering & Math affects everyone & everything! To not love it is to not understand its affects.


    I love to explore universe and I get what it takes to be an astronaut

  84. Black Emerald

    They’re have determination,big desire and full love for sciences before realize dreams 🙂
    Thank you for inspired me and others :)

  85. MEIDAN

    I’m going to buy binoculars to be able to attend the next trip to the moon, we are ready for 2024 :)

  86. crazy der zweite

    I like physics and maths too.

  87. Edd Animoots

    I want to be an astronaut just because I’m a huge nerd that loves space and I need to go


    I think that the best way to explain your self to finding own curiosity…

  89. Bill Bickley

    My Son is local President of Our towns Astronomy Club– so I got interested…………

  90. Iñaki 28

    Love science

    Edit: I think these are for kids who want to work with NASA but gets bullied of it……like me

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