#AskNASA┃ Is the Sun a ball of fire?

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Is the Sun a ball of fire? And why does NASA send missions to the Sun? NASA’s Heliophysics Director Nicky Fox explains NASA’s latest solar science findings. The Parker Solar Probe mission is revolutionizing our understanding of the Sun, where changing conditions can propagate out into the solar system, affecting Earth and other worlds. It will travel through the Sun’s atmosphere, closer to the surface than any spacecraft before it, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions — and ultimately providing humanity with the closest-ever observations of a star.
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This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: https://images.nasa.gov/details-NHQ_2020_0106_AskNASA

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  1. Red Pill Think Tank

    Did they just assume the gender of the spacecraft? How dare they!

  2. Zalamedas

    It is totally wrong to call the space around the sun as the sun’s atmosphere

  3. Salman Rashid

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  18. Richa pandey

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  19. legends of game power

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  20. Tina Corbett

    “Everything at the center of the sun gets squashed together and chemical reactions occur…”
    *eye twitches*
    Did she just say that??

  21. Muhammad Rakha Fadhilah

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  30. J Dwin

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  33. TheRedKnight 237

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  46. Randy farm and lifecraft

    What do you think about the idea of ion space jets?
    A jet engine that is, more, or less, a ion engine that uses the atmosphere as fuel, and switches to a fuel for space as it gets higher.

  47. crimson coin

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  48. Khaled Abdul Alah

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  54. A1R radHE

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  55. Rick Borghuis

    I know that the sun is a nuclear fusion reactor and the sun is plasma only.
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  56. Shaurya Bhatt

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  58. Dexter Morgan

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  64. Leche de caballo

    When I first saw the thumbnail I thought this was satire.

  65. Nikhil Kumar Raghav

    I have a question for all
    If Space is expanding according to all theories then space in expanding in what ??as space is vacuum and vacuum is expanding in ?what? Like gas expands in a room similarly space expands in _______? .please answer and fill the blank

  66. Cantara Bella

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  67. Medium D Speaks

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  68. Vivek Acharya

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  75. jo jones

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  76. NewWhirledOrder

    How is space supposedly so cold with all the heat from the sun passing through it?

  77. Szevér Holdosi

    What if you guys recived the same amount of funding as the military? What would you do with it?

  78. veon Almeida

    Why sun’s magnetic field turns in ‘s’ shape


    I’m a welder and I looked at the sun through my helmet many times, and I see no flames it looks as smooth as a cue ball orange red and yellow in color

  80. Rohan Khatri

    Why is she refering to parker probe as ‘she’

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  83. Yoza Anugrah

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  84. Muzzamil Mahir

    Is it possible to Land a heat resistant spacecraft on sun

  85. Comment Highlighted

    Could we ever use a strong enough magnetic field to protect a satellite when heading towards the sun?

  86. Jim Mulholland

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  88. LeviSquadReject / Anbu Avengers

    Her: the sun is basically like a giant nuclear reactor
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  89. John Delacruz

    I love when shes says “Mars and beyond” she means moon

  90. Tsahkratis

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  91. Clint Cheng

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  93. Vortex Eleven

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  94. Baron Von Crispy

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  95. Ferrariman601

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  99. Somnath Roy

    2500 Fahrenheit = 1371 Celsius
    80 Fahrenheit = 26 Celsius
    EDIT: welcome

  100. Christian V-H

    Is the Sun a ball of fire? No. The Sun is a deadly lazer.

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