Will the James Webb Space Telescope get delayed AGAIN?

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Will the James Webb Space Telescope get delayed again? A new problem with the Ariane 5 launch vehicle may delay Webb’s launch for a few weeks past its current launch date of October 31.

01:24 Magellan TV
02:15 GAO Report on JWST
03:20 The Ariane 5 Launch Fairing
06:59 New Fairing Vibration Problem
08:22 Alternatives to Ariane 5
09:16 Likelihood of Delay and Impact to Schedule
10:06 Ground Testing
10:46 Next Steps for JWST

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  1. Mike Home

    Such a good update with tons of details earned my subscription I don’t know how I hadn’t seen your channel before now. Thanks

  2. S. Munro

    I look forward to this launching. Apart from looking at Proxima Centauri, which I consider first priority, It needs to image the solarsystem for anything that intersects a laser beam sweaping the solar system because thats the only way we will find a very low albedo Planet 10 (or is that Planet 9).

  3. Pakaderm Gaming

    Thank you for making these videos; You truly are passionate about telescopes and astronomy.

  4. John Brooks

    If this telescope fails in space then Northrop Grumman should be held responsible.

  5. Mephistopheles

    I’m throwing a JWST party when this baby is in space and functioning!!! 🎉 🎈 it will probably just be me and a party hat because none of my friends care about telescopes. 🥳

  6. Angel Gonzalez

    I’m just praying the rocket doesn’t blow up on launch.

  7. bbird a12

    Knock on wood, it’s gonna get all the way out there, and there will be a thumbprint on the mirror. It must have some sort of lens cleaning mechanism?

  8. mike mars

    That’s the last thing you want to hear if you designed it.

  9. Fred Hearty

    That ‘free ride’ is purchasing 15% of JWST’s observing time — at $10B for JWST, that’s a $1.5B loss to taxpayers for a $150-200M launch.

  10. Deamon93IT

    JWST has been quite a headache for NASA but then again it’s a massive and object which has to be flinged at L2, to then remain there without any hope for a patch like in case of Hubble. I hope everything will go smoothly but only time will tell

  11. Freedom Phoenix Goat

    seeing project like this getting loaded into rockets, and just hoping for the best as literal explosion shoots this high tech equipment out of our world.
    yeah, I can imagine the final count down is where people get gray hair. so scary, and so incredible

  12. shadowfax games

    Hey I would rather they get it right then be mad.

  13. jppagetoo

    Are we waiting to launch until the red shift of all the remaining photons is in the radio spectrum?

  14. jiang xiao

    Really appreciate the team who built this incredible machine. Can’t wait to see the origin of the universe.

  15. pm

    The problem is Northop grumman. Military con artists

  16. rick fucci

    This feels like one of those Rube Goldberg projects that ends up being so compromised by the overreaching arrogant criteria, sorta like the shuttle but just too fragile.

  17. VJ Rei

    That sunshield is a piece of crap. I can not believe they came up with such an imbecile idea as a solution. That telescope is going to fail. As a project manager myself, this telescope has way too many issues, the worst ones are the incapable people behind it. A bunch of man-babies and inepts who are betting way too many things to go right based on “luck”.

  18. Peyman Sayyadi

    Great video; Thanks.

  19. fornax333

    I wonder if it has ever happened that a scientific project was so delayed that it was outdated before it could be put in to use?

  20. Greg Economan

    The specifications of the launch vehicle fairing has been know for years. Will the JWST team ever pull their heads out of their collective back sides? Quite frankly this project should be cancelled. If it ever gets into space it will certainly fail. What a bunch of idiots.

  21. Piotr D.

    This joke has already costed as much as Gerald Ford prototype carrier or yearly NASA budget.

  22. lasarith2

    Today the Jame Webb telescopes II launches today 2035,

    meanwhile the James Webb I is Still TBD .

  23. F Ma

    May be we need to ask our friendly aliens to help us !!

  24. esphi LEE

    Now listen, delay if necessary. Just don’t rush it and then blow it.

  25. hawkdsl

    NASA, try this; 1-800-ULA

  26. Massi Mo

    Ariane 5, a proven and reliable rocket, is still the best and safest choice. And since you have to launch a 10billion bucks piece of hardware that took 10+ years to be built safety is everything.

  27. Efstathios Dimopoulos

    The launch vehicle is not the only contribution from ESA. They provided also optical instruments

  28. R2 — UG


  29. Jon Nupe

    It been 12 years so far, still hoping to see/hear about the JWST

  30. Darren AM

    Man, there are so many things that could go wrong with deployment. I had no idea it was so complicated to set it up in space….not to mention the launch risks. Let’s hope all goes well.

  31. Bryan Drewry

    They sell the Chinese version of these at Costco now for $599. Rocket sold separately.

  32. jasonmushersee

    how long did it take nasa to put together the hubble repair mission? i understand hubble was not designed to be serviced but they pulled it off

  33. enigman44

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. This telescope will not work! There are just too many things that have to preform perfectly to make it function properly! And once it is launched and NASA finds out it is not working the way it should, it will be in an orbit that they can’t reach to repair it like they did the Hubble. Besides the VLT being built will do a better job and it’s here on Earth! The billions spent on this telescope would have been better spent making upgrades to Hubble, or better yet, make Hubble Mark II with the latest equipment.

  34. Andrew Labat

    Seems like vacuum pumps could insure there would be no atmosphere left without the need for cutting into the fairing more..

  35. NeverTalkToCops1

    Tartigrades, look out for the damn Tartigrades.

  36. NeverTalkToCops1

    So, by this time, most of the original tech is obsolete, right?

  37. Paweł Czerski

    No delay would be newsworthy. JWST delays are part of the project schedule planned for another decade or two. Unless they just sink it on the way to the launchpad.

  38. William Sheehan

    I really love this channel. Always the straight facts with a little humor mixed in.

  39. David Gretlein

    Generally, your customer will forget it is late when you deliver what they want. [edit] and you get it right (it works).
    Great summary and update.

  40. Funken Gruven

    If I managed Ariane I’d run like hell from this launch. If they screw this up they’ll never recover. Too much of the world has been waiting far too long for this to go wrong. Sure, the JWST team building the telescope have a tiny fall back position; it’s only the most complex telescope ever designed to go to space… But there will be NO mercy for the cargo hauler who ruined all of humanity’s chance to observe the first galaxies (not to mention all the other wonderful things too numerous to list…) They won’t be able to show their faces in public.

  41. Seal Piercing

    Boy it’ll be a relief to get JWST into space. HOPEFULLY doing science (fingers crossed, knock on wood etc) but it’ll be over one way or another.

  42. Rare Pulse

    I am over here losing hope that it will be done anytime while i can still see decent enough.

  43. Dean Cook

    Don’t dare delay James Webb again NASA 🙄

  44. Salil Thakur

    The real talk at 11:44 is something a lot of people need to hear and digest thoroughly. Well said

  45. john s

    Dont want to be that guy but. With all the delays. What ever rocket takes this up explodes 15 seconds after launch. . . .

  46. The Crazy Old Coot

    With Webb’s luck it will deploy perfectly and then get wacked by a 1 foot meteor !

  47. Gruxxan

    just stick it on a falcon heavy

  48. OtherTheDave

    5:12 Thank you for getting the lack of “°” right WRT Kelvins. Too many people who should know better (and sometimes that includes myself) leave it in out of habit.

  49. Kompieter

    Thank you for all your videos, Christian. I love everything about them.

  50. manw3bttcks

    Hard to believe the s/c can take the violent buffeting of launch but the fairing eject is that big a deal

  51. Nico Ambroise

    By the time this telescope is launched, there will be nothing left in the sky to see.

  52. Baharuddin Bukari

    .. I don’t wanna wait in vain for your launch .. and when it finally launch, I hope everything goes well at launch, during launch, after launch

  53. fifilafiloche

    Why giving the launch to french launchers with all the risks of crossing the caraibs when the US has very efficient industries to do it on its soil?

  54. Ff Tg

    by the time this thing lauches its tech will be outdated

  55. DeBee Corley

    The SpaceX model: Build it cheap, fast, send it. NASA Model: Greek Philosophize about what could happen. Vibration? Exhaust air from the fairing? Just now working on unfurling the package. How many workers, who knew what they were doing, have retired. Replaced by newly graduated “Woke”, engineers.
    Just launch the thing. If it fails, at least it is off the budget. Build a new one, fast and cheap.

  56. Steve Pashley

    Great video, thank you. I’m just about to celebrate my 67th birthday. Will this telescope make it before I’m 80? Greetings from Australia

  57. Dana Peck

    James Webb and Hugh Loweth would never have allowed these ridiculous delays to persist.

  58. Feelin Nice

    Great video. Thanks for posting. You have a new subscriber, sir.

  59. Charles Smith

    At 78 I’m beginning to lose hope of being alive when JWST finally launches.

  60. BanjoGate

    Dumb question, but why not just wait longer for the vacuum pressure to equalize to deploy the faring?
    Is the mass of the faring so significant that it wouldn’t be able to be orbital, or sub orbital, by the time the air leaves the faring?

  61. Scully's House of Thrille

    This is such a great video. The channel is simply awesome. The silver button is close, too.

  62. Jeffrey Miller

    I’ve been waiting for the JWST since I first heard about it a few years ago. Just knowing how much has to go right is stressful.

  63. ThompPL1

    11:51 . . . SpaceX (and possibly NG) will be the only entity on Earth that could go fix this thing if any of the many deployments break down ! . . . much less useful if even *one* of the >200 actuators does not work. Dead if one of a few critical ones break !?

  64. Dean Roddey

    This won’t be anywhere near the biggest roll of the dice in history, but it’s a huge one. Way too much riding on too many things having to go right. Maybe the Fates will be off getting drunk somewhere and fail to notice the launch and we’ll get lucky.

  65. Hind135

    thnx for the comprehensive update

  66. Sam Harper

    There are so many things that could go wrong, it gives me anxiety. I wonder how the people actually working on it feel.

  67. Plutonium 239

    I hope there is something we learned about mars rover missions perseverance! Always keep you fingers crossed and hope for the best! 🚀🤞🙂

  68. Steven Puglisi

    SpaceX to the rescue!

  69. TheNasaDude

    It’s strange how space telescopes and satellites in general are not perceived as complex objects. We tend to imagine them as boxes with solar panels and that’s not fair, especially considering some of the latest missions – Osiris-Rex, Hayabusa2 and Rosetta-Philae in particular

  70. mdb123

    My bet: it will be delayed 2 more times.

  71. Luigi R. Bedin

    I love your show!

  72. joe dasilva

    I am one of those who can hardly wait to see this amazing telescope up and running in space.
    I had no idea there was so many considerations n no margem for errors.
    Thank you Christian for the all the information. I love your videos.

  73. Ramey Zamora

    Didn’t realize JWST was currently in Redondo Beach, CA. Thus – the Panama Canal! Doh.

  74. Infinitum Neo

    I imagine the insurance on a $9 billion telescope would be astronomical. I would be sweating bullets. I’m glad to be in the cheap seats.

  75. tessie

    They have delayed this thing so many times I’ve just written it off. #hubble4life

  76. Chris Cender

    lots of cynical people in the comments. hubble went through the exact same budget overruns and delays and if you look at the best pictures of space + our understanding of physics before and after hubble, it’s insane what it’s accomplished. arguably the most successful mission ever. simply put, these things are some of the most complex engineering challenges we’ve ever faced, but the payoff will be more than worth it!



  78. Kito Grova

    Excellent and extremely interesting documentary. Thank you for your work Sir.

  79. takanara7

    “Will the James Webb Space Telescope get delayed AGAIN?” — probably.

  80. Rod Anderson

    Why am I not surprised? Is this project doomed to fail — much like the SLS 🤔?? $10+ billion for the JWST and $20+ billion for the SLS. Just print more money.

  81. Naamã dos Santos Silva

    Would Venturestar be able to carry JWST?

  82. ksg

    I’m just relieved the telescope itself is about to be ready for launch. Little hitches like these are not much to sort out compared to some of the previous delays.

  83. MeTwoFirst

    Hubble you might need to hold on a while longer since we have very long way to go w/ JWST plus no backup.

  84. thunder sheild

    The inner kerbal in me is saying to just add more struts.

  85. Fernando Leanme

    Fill the volume inside the fairing with helium 🤷🏼‍♂️

  86. micosair

    If somehow NASA would have known of Starship I bet they would have build it simpler: AFAIK the crazy, complex, multi step unfolding plan was necessary to fit in a traditional rocket.

  87. James T

    Amazingly detailed explanation as always! I’m going to lose so many days sleep when this finally launches 😂

  88. Dave Brewer

    I was hoping to at least be alive when the first Images from TJWT were sent back to Earth . That is beginning to look less and less likely as another delay may be on the horizon ? They should have considered creating a Telescope to replace Hubble that was much less high Tech . Especially knowing that after Launch it cannot be repaired anyway .

  89. Freedom Operator

    I’m glad to see enough people with the proper attitude about this. We started this, it’s been an uphill battle and win or lose, we need to see this thing launch.

  90. Yevgenij Palaguta

    The only question remains unanswered: did the space cowboy asks before shooting : ” do you feel lucky, punk?”

  91. Robert Horvath

    Fill it with helium and retrofit seals. :D

  92. Israeldiegorivera2 Genius

    Why does Venus have an atmosphere? when it is closer to the Sun, with no strong magnetic field

  93. Michael Chiarcos

    I am so glad to hear someone say “It is not a matter of if but of when it gets launched!”

  94. Dan Slotea

    By the time it’s ready to launch it will be technologically obsolete so it will be sent to a museum.

  95. dražen g

    i’m looking forward to this for so long. having this telescope up in space is next best thing to “peace on earth” for mankind.

  96. Squirrel ASMR

    “You dont turn down a free ride to L2” 😂 idk why that’s so funny to me

  97. Niklas Paulsson

    “You don’t turn down a free ride to L2”, wise words to live by!

  98. Legiran

    “The James Webb Space Telescope gets delayed. . . and in other news Lava is very hot”.

  99. Orhun Tore Yucel

    even though it is a meme right now this telescope will have the best redemption arc mark my words :D

  100. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 Check out these four future space telescopes NASA wants to build AFTER JWST: https://youtu.be/R8KlX2OFg-s

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