Why are we drawn to Europa?

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Jupiter’s moon Europa is the most likely place in the solar system to find life beyond . Beneath its icy exterior lies an ocean of water, likely capable of supporting life. Now, NASA is preparing to send the Europa Clipper mission and ESA is sending the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) to study Europa in unprecedented detail, and lay the groundwork for a future lander on Europa to search for life.

00:43 Discovery and Naming
01:43 Ad for Babbel
03:20 Exploration with Pioneer and Voyager
04:46 Possibility of an Ocean
05:11 Galileo Orbiter and Europa Geology
07:40 Tidal Heating
08:51 Surface Radiation
10:30 Discovery of Water Plumes
13:01 Ocean Properties and Magnetic Field
15:11 Potential Habitability in Ocean and Lakes
16:45 Europa Clipper Mission
19:13 Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) Mission
20:26 Future Lander Mission
20:49 Thanks and Support!

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W. B. Sparks et al 2016 ApJ 829 121 http://dx.doi.org/10.3847/0004-637X/829/2/121
Paganini, L., Villanueva, G.L., Roth, L. et al. A measurement of water vapour amid a largely quiescent environment on Europa. Nat Astron 4, 266–272 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41550-019-0933-6

  1. Bitchute is better than Y

    So when Europa heats, where is that energy coming from? Im assuming orbits arent slowing (or are they?) and wondering, since energy can only be transformed, that something is losing energy. I just dont know what is losing that energy?

  2. Dark Matter


  3. Angel White

    Why. Why. The reason is their is life on europa..

  4. Derrek Anderson

    Thanks again Christian, for yet another interesting and informative video…I just learned a ton more about Europa and it’s probability and possibility of holding life… I’d like to become a patreon, possibly with my next paycheck I’ll do so…Thanks again for the great and fun videos you do, and can’t wait for the next…And just food for thought, why didn’t they just call them “lines”, lmao…


    sir use some no copyright music. awesome

  6. pipertripp

    Europa is such a captivating place. Looking forward to these two major missions back to the Jovian system with more modern kit. With any luck, Clipper will sample something very exciting in the plumes coming off the moon. Here’s to hoping.

  7. Henry Dorn

    Back here on the earth, our moon during a good portion of its 29day cycle around the planet is beetween the “blue marble” and the sun (I get the axis and other variances ). How is it visible every night ? ( from this vantage in the pacific) The earth makes one 360° rotation every 24 hours, and the moon takes 29 days to complete its orbit around tbe earth. Hows that work?

  8. David Sims

    So we could stock Europa’s oceans with some sort of fishy food chain?

  9. tech 52

    Number one reason? Science fiction.

  10. xjohnny1000

    Space mermaids.

  11. William Buckman

    Water water water!

  12. Israeldiegorivera2 Genius

    Is Europa more promising to find life on, than the Earth?

  13. PafMedic

    Your Videos Never Disappoint,and Im Appreciative,Getting Ready For A Vacation,Maybe Can Get Caught Up..Great Video Again Christian,Thank You,and I Hope You Had a Good Thanksgiving,Be Safe,and God Bless🙏🏼🇺🇸🌏🔭❤️

  14. colin Paterson

    We need Data but he is not found until 2338, so we have a long wait.
    I suspect that if you YouTubers use all the facilities of all the sponsors that you get very little sleep.
    Seriously, another great and informative video about ourneighbourhood and the prospect of finding life. I believe that we will find life when we stop looking for Terrestrial type life and think out of the box.

  15. Amir Safari

    I have a question for a while in my head,i want to know if SpaceX develop starship successfully,will we see more probe launches because of decreased launch price or still developing a probe will be so expensive and we will not see a significant increase in probe launches??

  16. weshard1

    Advertising ruins everything..

  17. Gji Joj

    Ma sai anche leggere e scrivere l’italiano?
    Nice video (I don’t know if it is write correctly, I am italian)



  19. Wolfvale 1965

    Before watching video: I know tons about Europa.

    After watching video I know many more tons about Europa.

    It is a very interesting place. Maybe THE most interesting place right now from a science point of view.

  20. Hiroshi loves You

    I love the Baby Gallileo!

  21. Israeldiegorivera2 Genius

    So you could have an Epsom salt bath in Europa.

  22. Chanodom Nakalagshana

    Those animated scenes of Europa’s surface with the geysers are just majestic. One can only imagine what it would be like to really stand on that surface.

  23. Janice Williams

    Wow love it x

  24. Wayne Palmar

    I try not to miss your episodes
    Theres so much out there right :3

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    I am a huge admirer of your presentation skills. Such a pleasure.

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    The bombardment by adds and sponsors have gone way beyond what I can endure. Time to unsubsribe! Thank you for the videos i,ve seen so far. It was cool.

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  28. Michiel Hollanders

    Fascinating subject! And have you been in Italy? Cheers from Greece!

  29. Ringleader

    15:13 “ Galileo is most likely a liquid ocean” *Europa?

  30. Scully's House of Thrille

    I love this channel. You will be amazed at the content.

  31. Mr Mox

    imagine being able to set foot on another world for the first time. I cant think of anything more exciting than that. Almost a shame I was born too early :)

  32. Janice Williams

    So awesome video I have ever seen thank you so much

  33. Book_ Davies

    Pwyll, prince of Dyfed.
    Good story, look it up.

  34. Martyn Hollinshead

    once again another excellent video. I enjoyed the livestream too, we need Heidi back ASAP for the follow up on Neptune. Keep up the amazing work Christian! It is very much appreciated

  35. NGC 6543

    “We need data.” 
    I hope all instruments will be focusing on what interactions (inc, magnetic reactions) occur when Saturn and Jupiter are saying hello on the Solstice.

  36. DogCarMan

    Fantastic video. Science starts with a dream and this video is excellent dream fodder.

  37. Mugwump

    “All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there.”

  38. morn1415

    I see… But the only question remaining is when exactly will we drill trough the ice crust,
    making first contact with an ancient aquatic civilisation of intelligent radioactive squid?
    Asking for a friend.

  39. Andrew Hasler

    The book “Galileo’s Dream” by Kim Stanley Robinson is a wonderful alternative history that really brings the time period to life and has some wonderful descriptions of Jupiter and it’s moons

  40. RogerM

    It’s time to send a rover to Europa’s surface. It would amazing.

  41. J Shaf

    By far, this channel and PBS Spacetime are the best places for deep dives into astronomy and astrophysics that don’t talk down to the audience. I enjoy your work!

  42. Big_Tex

    Wow nice segue from Galileo to your ad lol

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    “… I’m talking to a puppet.”

    Lockdown has taken its toll on us all… I feel ya, man.

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