What’s happening to Betelgeuse?

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What’s happening to Betelgeuse? It’s faded to an all-time low, which got people wondering if it was about to go supernova. It isn’t, but something very strange is happening to the red supergiant star Betelgeuse and nobody is sure why. Betelgeuse in Orion is about to go supernova, but probably not for up to 100,000 years. In the meantime, why is it so dim?

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    Where can I find the video at 8:27?

  2. Horny Toads

    i was observing beetlejuice as it began dimming down and i thought maybe it was just me who was observing that as i thought it was because of atmospheric distortions or maybe smoke and other pollutants in the sky! But then in early december i just knew something was up, i never did any online research! And just weeks ago i saw people talking about it on youtube.. i guess it was a good feeling because i knew i was observing something correctly!

  3. Seventh Mist

    I said its name 3 times and it didn’t get any brighter. I’m out of ideas.

  4. joe dasilva

    The amount of information about Betelgeuse was awesome . Thank so much for gathering so much details and sharing with us .
    Magellan tv seems very interesting.

  5. D.A. Risse

    No doubt galactic climate change, and Trump’s to blame.

  6. Mike Schiavoni

    100k years, i am starting to think we have only been around 6k years at best.

  7. A made up name.

    Is it sick?
    Has anyone called for a doctor?
    How long has it been unwell?
    I’m so worried.
    Don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.
    Is there anywhere I could send money to help?

  8. Crown Dater

    light takes a while to reach us so we are technically seeing the past

  9. Ray's Astrophotography

    Great Info! I took few shots recently just checking!

  10. Stephen Clementson

    According to my atomic sundial, it will explode on star date 1443.13 during the late medieval period.

  11. Maria Cardoza

    The first five minutes is a AD

  12. Isaac Boisvert

    im excited too see it go off during our life time itll be so amazing to photograph

  13. Reverend Christine

    That’s really good info. Nice.

  14. Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    I thought it said beatlejuice…

  15. B A

    It’s the alien armada coming to earth that is blocking out Betelgeuse light.

  16. C S

    It could have already gone supernova 600 years ago

  17. Ellis K

    Video starts at 1:30, the first minute and a half is an ad for Magellian something or other.

  18. thomas persson

    Supernova? Never heard off a micronova?

  19. Cliff M

    Its amazing how long stars live for

  20. i 13

    Hope y’all ready

  21. Mitchell Crump

    How do you know this. Wait you don’t quit lying

  22. Rimvydas Urniezius

    “Dear Diary, I’m about to lose my hand”

  23. BillysTheGamer _

    Its like heart bitting 6:52

  24. Notts boy24

    I love observing Betelguese and the constellation of Orion 🎓👓 it would be a sad day when it goes supernova 🔭 nice upload my friend ☺👍

  25. Will Loyd

    😴has a hundred thousand years passed yet🤔no?😴

  26. fotosony

    Thank you, a lot of information easy to understund! I would like to be outside, lookink at the dark sky when the party begins! Awsome!

  27. John Tam

    If it went nova today it would take 642 years for us to see it.

  28. Majic C


  29. razorline

    we wanted betelgeuse to go into a bright supernova instead we get a dim betelgeuse :(

  30. ksg

    this was a very interesting one, cheers

  31. Startraxxion

    Come on Antares. You can Betelgeuse it!

  32. Stephen Smith

    Such great explanations of everything you talk about! Thank you!

  33. João Henrique Da Silva Nunes Jales Ribeiro

    The problem with Betelgeuse is that nobody calls it three times enough!

  34. Blake Nix

    Had just heard about this. Very interesting, glad to stumble across this channel. Subbed and liked, looking forward to more

  35. Jethro Games

    a supergiant slow-moving planet creeping into “view”… I hope it goes supernova in my lifetime

  36. RexDexPL

    Quality content, I’m thankful for YT’s recommendation. Subscribed.

  37. Leighton Fisher

    I’m glad this video popped into my recommend tab, great video, dropped a sub and I have to say I’d love to see a supernova in my lifetime!

  38. Java Man

    So since the star has dimmed, and I’ve heard it’s less red, does that mean its diameter is smaller than usual?

  39. First Last

    My astronomy professor was from Portugal. His pronunciations of the star’s names were very different than what we say. Needless to say it wore off on me because I ended up staying with him through almost all of my astronomy, physics and particle physics classes. He pronounced Betelgeuse “Bay-tul-juice”, Rigel “Ree-gul”, Taurus “Taow-rus”. Then there was my professor who taught us Relativity. He was chinese…super asian chinese (I am asian myself, my uncles have very asian accents lol, so I was lucky) I hosted a study group to go over notes because his accent was so thick. I miss school so much. I really want to get a Ph.D. and research at ALMA in Atacama or Mauna Kea. Would be amazing. Still patiently awaiting the launch of JWST.

  40. Robert Hickerty

    The Dilstarainians aresiphoning off the star’s plasma to power their Steller Dreadnaughts. The Horsehead Nebula War has begun

  41. jeroen Zijlstra

    Could be type 3 or 4 civilisation powering up.

  42. hayward harmon

    Does this star have any planets orbiting it

  43. Mystic True2

    i tell all my friends to see not this this channel….. so not

  44. Ronal Castillo

    Will be cool if someone takes a picture with one of the super telescope

  45. Йеркин Александр

    I don’t know what is in video but FYI: Betelgeuse is collapsed 730+-150 years ago. I hope I will live long enough to see aftermath of that fabulous event.

  46. Peter Jacobsen

    Betelgeuse better not be dim for the rest of my life. If it won’t go supernova soon I at least want to admire it in the night sky.

  47. Debashis De

    A beautiful introduction, ‘your friendly neighborhood astronomer.’ Just I see six second of your video.

  48. Tyler Reynolds

    Shoutout for having the Grateful Dead book in the background…a hint at the relationship between the song Dark Star and the video perhaps??

  49. Steven Delmo

    Kepler belt 1604 bahaha, we’re they looking through a toilet roll? “omfg

  50. Greekpapi

    Just took a peek right now, yup, its really dim!!

  51. myutubechannel

    btw old news, this all happened 640 years ago

  52. luminositymusic BrianPRickard

    That’s My fav star.
    Then It’s Hendrix.
    .Look Listen Learn

  53. Peter Irwin

    The thing is it could of already gone supernova and we wouldnt know.

  54. Lars Sjödahl

    Great video! The most comprehensive, informative video I’ve seen on the Betelgeuse hype do far. Nice that you tokk 15 minutes to explain it properly i stead of most tidbit videos. Keep up the great content!

  55. Steven Delmo

    Plus why say there’s a planet this big or small and youse haven’t sent a probe there I know they’re sending one out to pluto, and to save 4 years of NASA’s time they are going to sling shot jupiter to go to pluto?

  56. yogi vivier

    Dyson Sphere is being built.

  57. killernat1234

    I would love to see it go supernova

  58. Fred Fred

    I am going to live long enough to see it go supernova…. or die trying….

  59. DuBB Wire

    Yep- it’s going soon in 2020. I think it is a binary star that has the other star- inside of it

  60. IDGAF what you say

    Love that you actually reply to ppl

  61. sent4dc

    I remember some time ago on the “Science” Channel they were scaring everyone that if Betelgeuse goes supernova it will be pretty bad for Earth because of how it was positioned or how it was pointing at us, or something like that. So I’m guessing in reality all that scare holds no validity, right?

  62. SqueriPeri

    I hope we’re all lucky enough to see it happen soon

  63. James Matthews

    5 mins into a 15 min video you had already left behind the mainstream froth I’ve seen elsewhere and moved into telling me things I didn’t already know.
    An actually informative and interesting YouTube channel, wasn’t aware anyone was doing that any more 😉
    Thank you, you have another subscriber!

  64. texxtrek

    I’m assuming that Betelgeuse isn’t massive enough to collapse into a Black Hole, so we may soon have a new Orion pulsar. We not be able to see it anymore, but maybe we can listen to its hum.

  65. Jude Fenwick

    One of the things that I most curious about Supernovas is that some can be seen during the day…

  66. Adam Lemus

    Damn it! I’ve been waiting for this thing to blow up since the early 90’s!
    Come on Betelgeuse!!!! Any time now!!

  67. J-C Bertrand

    Nothing, absolutely nothing🙄‼️It’s cycling.

  68. Victor Granados

    When he says that in Summer the Sun is nearby, does he mean nearby Betelgeuse or nearby Earth? Because as far as I understand, in the northern hemisphere the Sun is nearer in winter than in summer.

  69. Colin Moore

    Nothing, whatever we see happened centuries, or even millennia, ago!

  70. Robert Melvin

    Has anyone seen any difference in Betelgeuse’s chemical signature?

  71. The Long Khan

    Hopefully it’s in the process of exploding, like tomorrow

  72. Interdimensional Interloper

    The death of such a great star is a somber time interstellar-ly speaking

  73. Dave L

    First video of yours I’ve seen, super impressed.

  74. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV

    The moment I realized Beetlejuice was a play on Betelgeuse my brain went instant supernova

  75. Fancy Stardust

    I just love you, you are such a blessing how you speak and explain so nicely so i can undestand. Great job Sir and thank you.

  76. mrspidey80

    I like how Betelgeuze looks like a constantly ongoing explosion. Maybe we should name it Azathoth?

  77. marellamofo

    I live in Southern California where the Orion constellation is prominent in the night sky and with the naked eye you can really tell that Betelgeuse is dimmer than it’s ever been before.

  78. Erick Kovalsky

    Somebody make a neutrino warninng app!!

  79. NinjaArt

    “IT’S SHOWTIME!!!”… *Beetlejuice intro starts*…

  80. ziggy2009

    Contracting before going Nova? Whenever that might be.

  81. ZappaBlues

    I would really really love to see Betelgeuse go BOOM.

  82. eaglesclaws8

    Ask Ford prefect and don’t forget your towel.

  83. The Urban Explorer

    It’s crazy that it’s coming to the end of its life but still has so long left to go . Great video slick

  84. Rachel Brinkley

    Maybe Big old betelgeuse is being stellar mined?

  85. innertubez

    Imagine the size of that Dyson Sphere.

  86. James Young

    Could have something to do with changes in its electrical enviroment.

  87. FaTe Lunar

    It could’ve exploded like 500 years ago but the light haven’t reached us yet

  88. Radwulf Eboraci

    So this current big dip actually happened sometime around 1370 when Edward III was King of England.

  89. Jack Jones

    Orion has always been my favorite constellation.

  90. Massimo O'Kissed

    1054: _”Wow! It’s bright enough to read!_
    _I wish I could read…”_

  91. Ben Z

    For a star like Betelgeuse, I think we deserve a better picture to be taken.

  92. Emmet Ray

    It’s going to be almost as good as Popeye’s Chicken Sammich.

  93. Jeremy Jones

    Oh crap. He said it more than 3 times. Omg. I hope he is ok. Day O. Dayyy yay yay yay O.

  94. Lana

    One can only guess anything at this point.

  95. Bing Bong

    It could be Mrs Betelgeuse found him with an old flame

  96. Denis Polyakov

    I wish it go supernova soon!
    But please not this month. I have to finish an exoplanet light curve from a star 5 degrees from it.
    Once I’m done, it can even self annihilate, I won’t mind ))

  97. Agent Smith of The Matrix !

    Betelgeuse already died… Lydia brought him back at the dinner party

  98. poppedweasel

    Orion’s going to look so weird without his shoulder.

  99. Jack D. Ripper

    Betelgeuse will go supernova when you say its name three times.

  100. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴Learn more about how stars work: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAnGxL8nxOGw0mShi73Jlg7NtNjkMiOS

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