Webb Space Telescope Arrives at Launch Site!

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The James Webb Space Telescope arrived at the launch site in French Guiana following a voyage by sea!

02:10 Magellan TV ad
03:14 Final fold-up steps and AOS cover removal
05:27 STTARS
06:32 Shipment
07:14 December 18 launch prep
09:45 Next steps for Webb

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  1. Doug InOrlando

    After all this, can you imagine if they forgot to remove the lens cap?
    ps … I’m most excited about exploring the mid to far infrared band. I expect new techniques for measuring range to distant galaxies and supernovas

  2. James Spiffy

    I’ve been counting down 12 years since I read about it…I’m so excited.. let’s hope it’s flight mission goes to plan..I think it will unravel major secrets of our universe

  3. Eric Wilkinson

    4:20 Wouldn’t that just be the kind of ending we would expect after all the delays? We get it up to the L2 point, unfold, and take first light only to realize someone forgot to take the lens cover off. 🤣 Well, at least we avoided that. Now, let’s just hope this ends with incredible discoveries and years of great science and not the world’s most expensive firework.

  4. Dan Tyler

    The scope appears to have been unfolded after it arrived in Kirou.
    Hope the scope is not shipped with another lens cap ON.
    Kinda’ tuff to work on the Webb once it arrives to L2.
    But, only cost $50 billion, so, maybe the next one will be shipped with care.

  5. Grogu

    One of the biggest technological accomplishments of our species… from the physics to the hardware to the orbit placement and ultimately to the better understanding of the cosmos… even after a 10 year delay. Can’t wait 🤞

  6. Nick

    This thing could literally change the way we as humans view the Universe. Think about what Hubble was able to accomplish with the Ultra Deep Field images. Very exciting stuff.

  7. HappyChickens

    The Solar System just got an awesome pair of night vision goggles. Go for launch!

  8. Dave Sutherland

    1 launch and 150 deployments – lots of anxiety for a lot of engineers before the scientists get the first peak at the universe with this telescope. If all goes well it will be many years of cool discoveries.

  9. 5Andysalive

    What would pirates do with it… what they always go for: ransom.I think the age of gold treasures being on ships is mostly over.

  10. John Doe

    Imagine being a pirate and somehow successfully stealing this ship without knowing what’s inside. Like, just how crazy would that be. Like… what would I do, would I keep it?

  11. Itinerant Patriot

    This is so cool. Seeing those folks working in the control room makes me a bit jealous. I would love to be involved in the launch but more than that I would love to be a member of the team who will get to view the first images the telescope sends back. Hubble was a game changer. I’m not sure how this will work but here is to hoping it blows all our minds.

  12. skinnysteve713

    I’m excited about JWST, but find it a little messed up we can move that, but can’t get shipments that are much needed into our docks. We have bigger things to worry about right now.

  13. A Ddas

    This will dramatically change our persepective of the universe.

  14. Khalid jj

    This is a great achievement! This will surely explain some of the unanswered questions…
    Can’t wait to see it get launched…good luck with launch!

  15. J Garcia

    Imagine they would’ve forgot to remove that cover or for got a simple cable connector lol… That would suck

  16. Retired52

    🙏🤞 the launch goes OK. Can’t wait to see pics from the James Webb.

  17. Zoltan Peter

    1:14 pirates can ransom the stuff or just disassemble and sell parts for peanuts
    if someone wanted to do a ransom, they could have done it anyway, you can’t transport such a huge object covertly

  18. Matthieu Asnar

    Imagine guys, years of development, so many hours worked by huge scientist , huge amount of money spent for one of the greatest advancement in astronomy. This will tell us even more about the beauty and the truth about everything. And all that for free watching this from my couch.. amazing

  19. Victor Huggo

    Vc captou bem a emoção desse marco. Parabéns pelo vídeo, sensacional.

  20. Magik_and_coffee

    I’ve been trying to follow all this pretty close cause I’m so excited, but you have so much information and clips I haven’t even seen or knew about 🤯 seriously thank you so much for sharing all this! I love learning about all the other things like transport and prep, more behind the scenes stuff, so this is awesome

  21. Prashant Pandya

    Extremely lucky ones get this type of opportunity to work on such a once in a lifetime project!!!

  22. A-A-Ron Browser

    Whoa! That’s awesome! I look forward to the launch 🚀

  23. Shawn Webb

    a million miles from earth can’t wait to see the feed back..a look back into the future

  24. emgee44

    Can you imagine if it were launched, placed into position at L2 only to realise “hey, did anyone take the lens cap off”? 🤦‍♂️

    But yes, it’s finally built and good to go, the coming years of it exploration into our universe will open a new chapter in our understanding of it.

  25. Shandrakor

    Well, glad they made sure to remember to remove the lens cap, I hate when that happens.

  26. Natasha S

    Exquisite video quality! I’m so excited for JWST to finally be up and doing it’s thing

  27. Dariush Milani

    It will truly be a historic moment and thank you Christian for the informative and enjoyable updates.👍❤🤞

  28. Jake Bracey

    Have been waiting with excitement and anticipation! This is the kind of project to inspire collaberation between humans, look at what we can achieve! Not long to go now…

  29. Jack T

    1:15 they’d halt the ship and demand ransom. Or they’d sell it to the highest bidder.

  30. slaviboy

    Maaan I have been waiting for ages for the JWST to launch :D

  31. Andrew Labat

    Good God , I hope everything goes exactly as it’s supposed to.. The stuff we going to get from this scope will be ground breaking..!!

  32. pollyolly

    Its good to be alive seeing this in action.!

  33. Akira

    Imagine if they forgot to remove the lens cap

  34. Ray Lord

    I fear there are too many moving parts to this project, all of those have to be performed perfectly. What could go wrong? Possibly Joe forgot to tighten a screw?

  35. SeaSesh

    Please keep us updated on flight times. I can’t wait to watch it fly live

  36. Aaron Lawrence

    This is awesome. Can’t wait to see what this telescope sees!

  37. GoTeamScotch

    7:20 you have nothing to apologize for. That pun was 24k pure gold!

  38. Cyphermunk

    🤣 “Pirates!? They would never get past Peer Review!

  39. Toast Boi1

    I’m so incredibly excited for this

  40. Sammy Sam

    As anxious as I am, I’m unfortunately very skeptical of the launch given the only consistency has been delays


    I’m pretty sure pirates know how to find and track a ship without the internet

  42. katarmis

    Fingers crossed everything will go well! Can’t wait for the new discoveries that lie ahead.

  43. Squelchy

    I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, fingers crossed nothing goes wrong. 🤞

  44. Old Guy Gaming Network

    I have been waiting 20 years for this, it is like a dream.

  45. Hotrod Sonu London

    Congratulations 👏🎈 for the hard work to engineer such ground breaking telescope 🔭, I pray that every little thing will be alright, this will definitely change the global perception of how we see space. Thanks 👍 take care of yourself and your family’s 💖

  46. Matthew B

    “They’d never get past peer review.” I laughed a little too hard at that.

  47. billinct860

    I was afraid I was getting too old for this s…tuff. I saw Sputnik orbiting one night in October 1957, watched our astronauts walk on the moon. (on TV) I was expecting and hopeful to see humans on Mars in my lifetime. I’ve lowered my expectations now and just hope to see some results from JWST in the next year.

  48. danny r

    Been following webb since 2015 and the launch for 2018 scrubbed. This is long overdo but I get it. It needs to deploy alone automated. So crazy it’s going past the moon. This was the right and only way to go about something like this putting more money billions and time into it. I think they also had to re do the mirror at one point. Like u guys when this launches in Dec. I’m gonna be glued to the updates until it’s all unfolded and up and running.
    This is so much work and man hours being implemented.
    I was astounded when they sed it wouldnt fit in the C5 Galaxy cargo plane. That thing is a city in the sky.
    Ok peace guys

  49. Bill Meehan

    Pirates could hold the shipment for ransom. After all the years and $$ to build it, a potential ransom would be enormous and a very valuable target for pirates.

  50. Opt1mystyq

    Anxiety levels are high with this one. Must remember to breath when it finally launches.

  51. Soul Sphere

    Pity it wasn’t named after a scientist, but a pen pusher. It should have been named after Vesto Slipher, who was the first to discover that galaxies (known as nebulae at the time) were red shifted and moving away from us. People attribute this to Hubble, but Slipher discovered this.

  52. P R E

    20yrs and $10billion for the earliest images yet, and much more!. CANT WAIT!

  53. Stan Theman

    I was a teenager when I heard about the JWST. I am now a middle aged man. Boy it’s taken time!

  54. M. Brian Burchette

    “It’s getting real.”
    I’ll believe it when I see it. 😂

  55. Subliminalsapper

    Dude my heart won’t start beating an I won’t start breathing until that windshield has successfully unfolded I am so excited!! Also y’all delay that scope as long as you need it’s gotta make it to it’s new home

  56. Jeff S

    Are there cameras on the telescope that looks at itself so those images can be sent back to the operators for inspection purposes throughout its mission at L2?

  57. Kakarotto MUI

    *Imagine a year from now, JWST will have made so many amazing discoveries..!!* 😍😍😍

  58. Jasjit Singh

    Mr Ready: thanks for making these fabulous informational videos. I am an astronomy enthusiast and always wait for your videos. So informational and nicely done !!! Thank you

  59. Jose Martinez

    I’m so excited for the JWST to not only launch but be operational once it reaches it’s L2 orbit. It’s going to be an epic start to finding the secrets of the early universe, it’s going to be a new era for astronomy. Thanks for this wonderful update, I will be looking forward to it’s launch in December.

  60. Spencer Thompson

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Christian! Great video

  61. Veronica Gorosito

    Insane planning & logistics! But it deserves it, this year I’m happy for few things and THIS…is one of them, thank you for sharing 💖✨

  62. dichaelovic

    Exciting! Lets hope it will finally launch after so many delays.

  63. Scott Pitner


    I’m really excited to see what data we get when it starts. It’ll hit those hard redshifted, far away faint ones :)

  64. Rick Gotner

    I’ve been assuming I’d see Webb in space the same year I get my flying car (fusion powered of course)

  65. Peter Barratt

    Thanks for such an informative session. Look forward to the descriptive deployment video next time.

  66. Vegas Sims

    I am excited,, I have been following this for 15 YEARS! I sure hope nothing goes wrong, because if even one thing, one bolt, one latch doesn’t do its job in space, JWST is far to far away to be rescued like the Hubble had to be;

  67. Gary Dunken

    Awesome, it’s finally happening. I wonder if there are any external video cameras to record the folding of telescope’s surfaces in space, once it has reached L2. That would be cool to watch first, then of course the real images from JWST months later. Can’t wait.

  68. AtariKafa

    wow they even planned avoiding pirates 0:58 🤣
    what a time to be alive 🤣🤣🤣

  69. Eduardo Rosales

    Let’s hope the launch goes well, hopefully JWST doesn’t become millions of pieces that day.

  70. DCMFB

    This is my favorite telescope of all time.

  71. Alexander I

    My heart will literally stop when the rocket launches and won’t start until it’s in orbit. I hope all goes well

  72. Heralea

    So darn excited, what a few years of wonder we have ahead of us, thank you as always Christian

  73. Mick Obrien

    The most amazing thing isn’t the final product… it’s all the little steps all working perfectly to get the JWST unfolded and operational in outer space…. and returning science… THAT is simply stunning!

  74. Tom Edginton

    I’m no expert but I’ll be so relieved to see the heat shield unfurl successfully.

  75. Stephen Brand

    The way that ship’s route has it hugging the entire coast of Venezuela makes me think that those piracy concerns are very reasonable.

  76. Simo Test

    I am so excited for this big leap, I love human perserverence to push science to the next level

  77. Nina Dragonborn

    woooo this is big really actually its huge every one is awaiting for this one

  78. infantry630

    Hubble launched when I was four years old, and has (and continues) to drive my passion for our universe. I remember seeing the Pillars of Creation/Eagle Nebula, and it captivated me in a way nothing else ever did.

    JWST is launching when my daughter is six years old, and it will be what drives her passion (and mine!) for years to come. We spend our nights outside with our telescope, while we await launch day! I cannot wait to see the first images after calibration!


    Exciting times ahead can’t wait to see what the james Webb can do

  80. steve j

    I’ve been waiting for this thing for years , now I’m super nervous for the launch … gah

  81. Justincase008

    Great video! Thanks for this and can’t wait until you do the next vid on its deployment and unfurling details.

  82. Sanjay Shinde

    Wow. Sincere thanks to all involved in this project. Science at it’s best. Well done. Keep up the GREAT work of creating such projects to unravel the reality and wonders of the Cosmos. Wish Carl Sagan was alive to see this. Earthlings from the “Pale Blue Dot” created this wonderful machine ! Carl would be so happy.

  83. AstelP

    Absolutely excited for what’s to come!

  84. Urban Vanlife

    this should be very interesting to watch , and the whole process of unpacking it in space is amazing when you think about it

  85. Marthinus Spangenberg

    Hoping all is nominal on the big day. ✨🚀🤞🏼

  86. Rafael Cardoso

    Now it seems to be the real thing. I can’t wait for this day to come.

  87. AKshay Patole

    Finally, the countdown begins. God only knows what mysteries awaits us. Remember how Hubble blew our minds, this will be even better much much better. Can’t wait for that first of many images…

  88. Rob Ducharme

    If JWST ends up being the machine that verifies the existence of life signatures on other planets (even if it’s just plant life), F-ING EPIC. Worth the wait.

  89. Bee Sod

    This video has me excited for the launch, I feel confident that i’ll make it safely into space, however. I’m most nervous about all 5 million things that must go perfect during Deployment.

  90. DogCarMan

    “….they’ll never get past peer review”. Unfortunately that depends on how much they’re willing to pay. 😞

  91. Rahul Bhoye

    Whoever is out there looking out, please let the telescope launch safety and be deployed as intended.

  92. Java Man

    I remember the good old days when the US would send an aircraft carrier just to recover a space capsule. JWST costs as much as a nuclear-powered supercarrier and took longer to build. You would think that the US would lend NASA one of its aircraft carriers to transport JWST to avoid any of these pirate concerns instead of relying on secrecy and luck.

  93. Matt Pona

    Always a great day when theres a new launch pad video. You are my favourite channel. Like a Carl Sagan/Bob Ross, wholesome science hybrid. Don’t stop making videos or I will cry haha

  94. Eddas

    Man, this kind of news are so good. I hope everything goes according to plan, really looking forward to what JWST will bring us.

  95. Johnny Wednesday

    The JWST is real?!! I remember my grandfather telling me stories when I was a kid but I thought that’s all they were.

  96. The Spirit of the Cocktai

    CHRISTIAN!!!! This is a HUUUUGE development!!! I can NOT wait until the launch!! Thanks for a great video!!!!!

  97. Jared Peterson

    The fact that we’re sending things to space that can’t fit in even the largest aircraft is insane

  98. Batman

    I’m so hyped for these images. Patience

  99. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 Learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4RrMR6MYjY&list=PLrAnGxL8nxOHrI1k6hObBlxe9vAWsGELq

  100. Patrick Nelson

    Wow, so much to say… I think it’s great that they made sure to film and document each step of the construction process. It’s stunning to see in this videos how large it is compared to the people standing next to it! Also, I’m stoked they’ve finally gotten to this point and I’m _really_ looking forward getting images back from this telescope. Of course, I’ll be on pins and needles until it gets there, too (just like everyone else). Oh, and I admire and look up to every single one of the folks who’ve put time into this project. Smarter Every Day actually interviewed the senior project scientist on the JWST (John Mather), so if you haven’t seen that yet, you should go check it out!

    Finally: Thanks for putting this out. Love this high quality, dense and detailed content and always look forward to your videos!

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