Ultima Thule Update – high res images and science results

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The New Horizons team published their first science results from the Ultima Thule flyby along with their close up images of Ultima Thule at full resolution. In this video, we’ll do a deep dive into the structure of Ultima Thule and understand how it likely formed.

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  1. Leon Hill

    Ultima toolay? Or Ultima Thule, like “the” and “mule” minus “e” from the end of the and “m” from the beginning of mule. Who decides how these things are pronounced? I always thought it was in the spelling.

  2. Stephen Bachman

    Why does it even rotate. I mean nothing is effectively pulling or pushing on the object. Its just kinda there.

  3. Gary Generous

    If Ultima and Thule are not disturbed by outside influences will they ever merge together (more than they already have) due to internal gravity or will they stay this way until until some outside force acts upon them?

  4. Austin Smith

    Unlike anything we had seen prior?? What in the world are you taking about?? It looks just like the rosetta/67p mission asteroid and a few other ones now!! Sure is a lot of colliding going on in the epically vast points in the outer solar system ha as if these things just bump into each other in the first place and then magically stick together. The animations are a joke

  5. Mosern1977

    So it looks like some sort of redish rock. It doesn’t look like fine sand. Where are the rocks coming from? Are these the leftovers from planets blown to pieces before our solar system was created?

  6. Psychotic Bob

    When I was a kid in the 1970’s “Thule” was pronounced “th-ool”…rhymes with cool. And again in college in the 1980’s “Thule” was still pronounced “th-ool”…rhymes with pool. And as recent as just ten years ago, in 2009, on National Geographic channel “Thule” was still pronounced “th-ool”…rhymes with rule. So, how is it that now, in 2019, it is suddenly pronounced identically to what men want to do to women? Astronomy is plenty sexy without another unnecessary double entendre.

  7. 3ds max

    It’s Pepe!


    all objects made from floating Star waste ..everytime star poops

  9. Bobby Goetz

    My mom has bright pink hair and she said I’m not allowed to watch anything about nasa because they named this after a Nazi

  10. Bear Nunnemaker

    Is time an element?

  11. Rhodes68

    Slow gentle collision… LMFAO… those two rocks are fused electrically and any one being honest recognizes that.

  12. Mike Nash

    Which turn out to be really effective defenses against ????????. What is this word – I can’t make it out? thanks.

  13. Charles Boyd

    You say the chances of 2 objects out there colliding are “effectively zero” yet they claim that is a CONTACT binary. A discrepancy. Many comets look like this too so there has to be another explanation.

  14. a a

    Is it same red as in pluto

  15. Anna M


  16. nagualdesign

    (3:00) The chances of a collision between two Kuiper Belt objects is essentially zero _on a human timescale,_ an important caveat. On a universal timescale such collisions are almost inevitable, right?

  17. Fabio Silva

    It’s pronounced “Thool”, not thule.

  18. Chauhan Rajput

    It’s a ginger..

  19. JCO2002

    Excellent, thanks.

  20. Cetok01

    Wouldn’t it be cool to land a remote observatory on Ultima Thule (because of its stable flight path)? A powerful enough one could potentially be used to track asteroids that might head toward Earth.

  21. El Ungaro

    There is a distinct ring of sort on the larger part…….. I figured out how that formed…….. I would suggest that they are stuck together but obviously they are not stable enough to stay together all the time ….. So at times the two lobes move apart and get back together again…….leaving those visible rings on the larger one……… 🤔

  22. G. Thomás Hart

    the subtitles are full of awkward traducements :-(

  23. Bear Nunnemaker

    Since I know absolutely nothing about science and astronomy , maybe someone will see my question and answer it for me?
    Do other solar systems like ours that have planets also have a Kuiper belt area?

  24. Pockets MacCartney

    they look electrically welded

  25. Patrick Sparks

    its not tulay

  26. Eric Haynes

    Dude, you know your stuff that’s for sure.
    I’m just wondering why they haven’t identified another target object yet? They did a Hubble scan before NH ever got to Pluto and decided where to send NH shortly after that flyby. The longer they wait the longer it’s going to take to do the course correction and get to the designated target, maybe 2025 or later.

  27. Imaginarium Re-imagining Home Grown Food

    looks as though it was formed and shaped similarly to the rosetta comet

  28. nohat

    Once you see it’s face you can’t unsee it… It doesn’t look happy.

  29. Alien

    Awesome information, thanks again.

  30. jacob spair

    Universe is EM not accretion

  31. Muppet Rathbun

    At 1st glance, I though she was holding a baby. 13:36


    1:08 . . . . . . . Its E.T. !

  33. NIC FEL

    How come there are flat earthers but no flat Plutoers?

  34. Kiki Lang

    I always thought that Ultima and Thule were living space organisms, that died after reproducing.

  35. Michael Clement

    Thanks, enjoyed that. I was wondering if there’s more detailed pictures? The most detailed I’ve seen covers the entire body in a single image

  36. charles ryanlee

    Looks like BB8.

  37. S.E. Sander

    08:01 I spy a micro-man standing in that picture with a blue shirt and black pants. Hit like when you find it. Also, will LORRI spot another Target for New Horizons to investigate? We sure hope so, stay tuned to Christian Ready’s channel to find out…years from now 😁

  38. Ben Brigham

    Curious, both Ultima Thule and Cherry-Gerry are binary-lobe objects. That sort of kicks upward the statistical average for this arrangement.

  39. dylan storm trooper der

    balls looking for the shard ?

  40. Tom Bruner

    Actually, it looks like a pistachio eating a raisin.

  41. Cody Bear

    Property of a Lady Faire

  42. FOWST

    It’s Poopman! A Man made from snow and poop.

  43. Lucid Moses

    Wouldn’t solar winds be enough to steal angular momentum over time. seems we had a billion years or so to spare.

  44. Harambe's Ghost

    I’m not completely convinced about the flattened shapes. Did they plan any images at 50% phase? I realize the angular movement was pretty high and imaging was tough with the uncertainty in position.

  45. QuestForPerfectSound

    So there’s alcohol and no water? Imagine that hangover, yeeesh!

  46. Stian Thomassen

    Great summary video!

  47. David Sims

    What is Ultima Thule’s mass? ~5e14 kg?

  48. CommittingSloth

    Sweet, it’s nice to see real images from time to time

  49. Dan5482

    Nice, very nice video. Thanks!

  50. ApacheMagic

    Great channel!

  51. Karl Hans

    Noice white walkers joke

  52. Dan Kelly

    BInary Gott im himmel! not BiNARy.

  53. Réal Morrissette

    Nice video thanks. One way that Ultima and Thule could lose their orbital momentum and that you did not mention is by the mutual deformation ( tidal effect ). This effect dissipate orbital momentum energy by heating the planetesimals.

  54. Carlos Ferez

    Excellent video.
    It is always enjoyable a work of scientific speculation, well supported, like this one.
    I dare to suggest that for some of your future videos, you would approach a point of view based on the fact that our solar system was formed from the remains of a previous supernova, and that perhaps some of the bodies that orbit our sun, in the Kuiper Belt and in the Oort Cloud, can be objects that existed as such, in some solar system before ours.

  55. ITER !

    Great vid. subbed. leave out the jokes tho ;)

  56. master shooter64

    Wait what does “FULL” res mean what do you mean by that? 4k?8k?16k? 1 million k?

  57. BJETNT

    Great!!! Keep them coming!!! Thanks so much the details are unreal!!!!

  58. WilliamOccamensis

    Flying ravioli! At last, evidence for the flying spaghetti monster! Also, a question for Elon Musk: is there a teapot in the trunk of that Roadster that was supposed to orbit between Earth and Mars?

  59. Construction Kronies

    Fascinating Christian. I think it is incredible to be able to get shots like this. Think about transmitting that single back to earth. Would they use other satellites as relays?

  60. Mike Brown

    Looks like Martian rocks to me 😉

  61. Bruce Mckay

    That Was Great. Regards Bruce McKay 🇦🇺🙃🏄‍♂️.

  62. zapfanzapfan

    I’m a bit surprised they haven’t found any satellites yet. If I remember correctly, they did see the shadow of something more during one of the occultations. But maybe it was a more nearby asteroid… wonder what the odds would be.
    Thanks again for a good New Years! :-)

  63. lezzman

    The more we learn, the more we realise we have more to learn.

  64. Nellya habbib

    love how very informative this is! Thank you! Just subbed 🌹🙏🏻

  65. MrFrontenginedragste

    very informative…been waiting for something like this for a long time

  66. TheDroidBay

    “Its ok for you. I’M a potato”

  67. Vasilis Iatropoulos

    Greatly detailed & very informing work on what we know so far about this facsinating pair of KBOs. Eventhough the gentle collision hypothesis is by far the most likely, I’d like to suggest another bizzare possibility. Far from being an expert I get the impression that the smaller lobe formed much like toothpaste is squeezed out of its’ tube -the much bigger flattened lobe, due to high angular momentum, low overall density, impact heat, etc. And maybe that could explain the similar composition of both parts.

  68. Chaos A.D.

    It only follows then that the next object will look like a bottle of Mrs Butterworth.

  69. Graeme Lastname

    I liked it a lot except for some vague references I didn’t get. Thanks for the info. ;)

  70. Frank Joseph

    I found my old satellite dish

  71. Needs More Subs

    Yeah. Probably Vibranium.

  72. Daphnis InTheKeelerGap

    I think you were looking for the word inclined instead of eccentric :)

  73. Brian Pierce

    Excellent, and thanks for presenting this. There are parts of this that the “flat earthers” are gonna love! But if it keeps them off the streets, it’s fine with me.

  74. John Blyth - Composer, writer

    Really informative and effective presentation. Thanks!

  75. Danila Fox

    Thank you Mr. for the this interesting topic with so much information about this distant bodies!

  76. Chritian Pelopida

    The most thorough and simply put explination of what this thing is and or was. Simply put it was beautifully made. Good bleed

  77. Wellington Ironman

    Great video, instant subscribe. Awesome work and love the style.

  78. Vitrificado 2

    Excellent video. Thank you, Now you have a new subscriber,( not a good english writer) from Uruguay. But you explained very well and clear for me. Thamks.

  79. The Gunman

    Thanks man. Love your videos. Very well researched and presented.

  80. AZ8theist

    Just subscribed. Fascinating video…awesome. I new of the flyby of Ultima Thule but hadn’t seen the hi-res image. Incredible.

  81. Christopher Leeson

    Exceptionally well presented. Subscribed.

  82. Steve Baldwin

    Terremdous mission. Wonderful success. Look forward to hearing more when available.

  83. joe dasilva

    I find absolutely amazing that so much can be known from an object so far away . Long live science !Thanks for the great video

  84. Victor Faessel

    wonderful – great report, Christian! totally *amazing* that latest photo!

  85. CMDR BouncyStickman

    You had my sub and like at «friendly neighbourhood astronomer»!
    Can’t believe I haven seen your content yet, but I sure am looking forward to future uploads 😀

  86. D 90

    amazing, lots of knowledge that I got from you.Thank you..

  87. GazFilm

    Great work, thank you scientists & engineers. Including Brian May, guitarist of Queen, credited in some of the photos.

  88. hecker7000

    Amazing information! Thanks a lot!

  89. El Guiñolo

    It’s no moon, it’s the Enterprise.

  90. Christian Nilsson

    Good job. Again you got me to watch a whole video. Not because I’m interested in the subject but because you explained it well.

  91. Martín Díaz

    Excellent video. Thank, you sir.

  92. Gorothbalion

    Looking forward to the next target. I wonder if the Kuiper belt objects have similar features or are quite different from one another. Do they have any ideas or prospects on what the next target might be?

  93. Miriam Havard

    “They’re high-rez, and they’re SPECTACULAR!!!!” 😊

  94. MrWitchblade

    Whitewalkers….. lol. That’s worth a glass. Very nicely explained science.

  95. colin Paterson

    We are living in such an exciting time.

  96. Darrin Green

    I agree with others…excellent video, you made everything very followable and I also learned that we might be able to make Captain America’s shield from Ultima Thule. Wakanda forever!!!

  97. Steven Utter

    9:57 Flying ravioli you say? I knew his noodley appendage would not forsake us! He must have sent his only begotten son to come be covered in Parmesan and eaten for our sins. All hail the flying spaghetti monster,

  98. Anders Welander

    They have such a poor internet connection in the Kuiper belt, it’s like being back in the 1980s.

  99. Robert Bosch

    This is why I watch YouTube! Proof that astronomy can be exciting, fascinating and mysterious. I didn’t want this to end…I enjoyed your presentation so much. Subscribing and going to Patreon. A Well-deserved thumbs up!

  100. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 More New Horizons’ Ultima Thule flyby videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mX6jAZItm4&list=PLrAnGxL8nxOHEav5v8ocKlin_Fwv91v3B&index=2

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