THREE New Missions to Venus!

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Three new missions are going to Venus. NASA’s DAVINCI+ and VERITAS will investigate Venus’ atmosphere and provide the highest-resolution maps of Venus since NASA’s Magellan mission in 1989. ESA’s EnVision spacecraft will follow-up just a few years later. These missions will give us our best look yet into why Venus went from an like planet into the poisonous inferno it is today.

01:05 Magellan TV
01:47 Venus Exploration and Discoveries
05:55 DAVINCI+
10:06 EnVision
11:50 Other Missions

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  1. ken goch

    Venus is amazing. i’ve always wondered why they never show us the pics they have…the face on that one is pretty cool! i mean their all cool! but they wont show you that one. i think it’s because so far….no tighty whitie’s?

  2. Chazz7555

    I’ve never heard of the atmosphere described as a super critical fluid which is fascinating to think about. And then the pressure! about 1300 psi! What would it take to do a sample return mission from Venus especially when considering the pressure and thick atmosphere. Maybe it would be better to have a balloon system to lift it high above the thick part of the atmosphere and then launch. But what would the balloon be made of? Maybe aluminum?

  3. zapfanzapfan

    For a future lander on Venus I propose a public engagement/art component to the mission of putting a lead figurine on the surface and film it melt :-)

    Happy 100k!

  4. Phoenix

    holy! congratz on 100k, your vids are amazing and you deserve all of it.

  5. Ed Thompson

    Being inside the habitable zone explains most, if not all, the conditions on Venus.

  6. hawkdsl

    Anything that takes until 2030 fails to meet any kind of standard for “quick and easy to build” by a very large margin. Seriously, that is ridiculous. Those probes should be built within a month and launched when the launch window is open. 2,329 days over 9 years, or 18,632 work hours (assuming an 8 hour work day). Must be one hell of a vacation plan.

  7. Reid Merrill

    Sounding? 👀

  8. Kris Anderson

    Wow lol-“all ur missions r belong to us” too cool man! Hahaha lol 👍🏼😎

  9. skurinski

    I’m bummed out so many missions to Venus and none to Triton

  10. stingray427man

    Venus, what a waste

  11. Glenn Babić

    Why don’t we send a bunch of DAVINCI+ probes all at once to land over a wide area? They can’t be that heavy.

  12. Tim Kirkland

    100k, congrats!!!! Venus is an interesting destination. To me, this seems like a high risk, low reward mission. But I’m all about learning new stuff…..

  13. Scott Hillary

    I’m scared of Venus after listening to the Venera surface audio recordings.

  14. Charlie's PlayStation


  15. Elizabeth Lamoureux

    Space station in space in close proximity of Venus???

  16. Anon Ymous

    Dank “All your base are belong to us” reference… Thumbs up for that alone.

  17. ste kra

    Raise a glass for Trident

  18. Naamã dos Santos Silva

    Some recent studies say Earth was once a water world.If that is true then Venus’ early similarity to current Earth is what doomed it.

  19. B Hamilton

    3:34 What is a “heart” suit?

  20. Keith Willis

    Kudos on the button, really. Well deserved.
    I think my take-away is kind of “This was like Earth. Now it’s Hell. Don’t do this to Earth!”

  21. Vegas Sims

    ;Sorry, but I would much rather send a probe to a geologically active moon like IO then a completely dead world like Venus. At least in this short term. IO is incredible.

  22. Natasha S

    Yay on 100k! Proud to say I’ve been a sub since 50k 🥰

  23. Mashaka Zakaria

    Congratulations for 100k subscribers, 1million is next.

  24. Funleashow

    Find a way to put water on Venus, it will turn into Earth, plenty of ice in the outer solar system.

  25. Chrome Book

    Can we do a crowdfunding mission to Neptune?

  26. Guff

    Criminal waste of taxpayers’ money.

  27. Some Kid

    You would appreciate a video by the channel Atlas Pro, I think it’s called How Geography Doomed Venus; it explains one interpretation of the data which has enough validity to where it’s maybe part of the story.

  28. Arumugham Vinodh

    Nice video, lot of information, request you to add Venus express mission from ISRO in another video, its a mission where Russia, US and Europeans are contributing payloads..and expected to be launched by 2024/2026 window…

  29. dodo vomitory

    Aren’t the Russians also going there ?

  30. Rhoddry Ice

    At first I was a little disappointed that Trident didn’t get approval but now I’m excited about the Venus Missions. And to be honest I I think that a flyby of Triton would be a waste of valuable Plutonium-238. Now as Neptune and Triton was overlooked I dream about a Neptune orbiter instead.

  31. Bryan

    Goddess on the mountain top
    Burning like a silver flame
    The summit of beauty and love
    And Venus was her name

  32. Peter Guan

    Shame we have to give up Trident! Imagine all the discoveray we can have if there’s less money spent elsewhere…

  33. CMDR BouncyStickman

    Congrats on 100k! Well deserved :D

  34. Defective

    10:57 I didn’t realize how badly I needed you to say “search for any buried TREASURE” till you didn’t say it :(

  35. Defective

    pulling out memes older than most viewers there lol

  36. Therion

    Awesome! Thanks for summary!
    I’ll add three other Venus missions currently in development:
    Shukrayaan orbiter & atmospheric balloon from ISRO
    Venera-D orbiter & lander from Roscosmos
    Atmospheric probe from Rocket Lab

  37. Ssmpsn Ssad

    Hey Christian! Nice Video as usual! You did a good job explaining what is going on in a easy to understand manner! Hopefully you can help with satisdying my curiosiry, Why will the Davinci module circulate venus 2 times before dropping its probe? Is the probe doing the science even in space or is there another reason?

  38. P5ychoFox

    All your missions are belong to us 😂

  39. Squirrel ASMR

    Venus is my favorite planet

  40. Redding Brannan

    I don’t know why but I’ve always been more interested in going to Venus than I have going to Mars. I guess I just see Mars as a dead planet where as venus seemed much more “alive” to me

  41. Squirrel ASMR

    God I love this channel

  42. Wolfvale

    Since none of these have been built…get better cameras before launch.

  43. Squirrel ASMR

    Veritas, nice name for a probe that will seek the truth.

  44. Scully's House of Thrille

    Congrats on that Silver Button. Your channel is simply awesome.

  45. Edward Bensley

    Oh man…I wish we had decided on Trident instead. We would have reached Triton and gotten our data within my lifetime

  46. sneaky Tom

    Great content Christ. I chuckle a bit at 2:23.

  47. Amir Patel

    Great video as always. Loving these new missions but still pretty bummed out that Trident is a no go especially with the time window to get there.
    Wish all missions could be funded.

  48. joe dasilva

    Another exciting video. Thanks Christian

  49. Ding Dong

    I think we’ll confirm panspermia by discovering DNA-based life in Venus’s upper atmosphere.

  50. Marc Santos


  51. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴NEW: The Mystery of ‘Oumuamua has finally been “solved”

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