New missions to Venus! with Erika Kohler and James O’Rourke

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NASA and ESA are sending THREE new missions to Venus! Drs. Erika Kohler and James O’Rourke, two preeminent Venusians (Venerians?) will help us to understand more about ‘s twin sister planet and why it is so inhospitable to life today…or is it?

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  1. LuckyLucyHi

    Ah man, can’t believe I missed this. It sadly wasn’t at a time friendly to my locale. My question would have been, if the surface has been completely renewed recently, then how could we tell if/when Venus had oceans? Surely all that evidence would be buried? How would Venera have been able to detect that (similar rock composition)?

  2. ScrewB

    Would a lander with a lighter than air lift system be viable? The thing that kills these probes after a few hours is the heat destroying the electronics. If the probe can dive down to the surface and come back up to the much milder upper atmosphere to cool down and collect/compress lift gasses before diving again wouldnt that drastically increase the life expectancy of the lander?

  3. life42theuniverse

    It would be interesting if you could engineer a blimp that would float in the upper atmosphere of Venus. Temperatures, pressures and wind speeds are not so extreme. Allowing direct atmospheric measurements and other opportunities for research.

  4. Tiger Tiger

    Great vid, happy birthday!
    Thanks to your guests🙏 lol do you ever get over having “Goddard Space Flight Centre” on your business card😂 way cool!

  5. Plamen Vassilev

    Venera missions were decade before Pioneer.

  6. Vorador

    Great talk!

  7. gotama420

    i always thought a cool song would be planetarium (sanitarium) by metalilica

  8. BlackWolf6420

    My favourite solar system planet 😍

  9. Darth Pope

    joseph sure does smile a lot lol

  10. Israeldiegorivera2 Genius

    Lets go to Venus for a barbecue.

  11. planckera

    To me, Venus has always been the most fascinating extraterrestrial planet, and I often wonder why Mars gets all the love. I wish I could have made the live stream, but thank you Christian, Erika and Joe for all the updates on these exciting missions. Here’s to the Venus revolution! Viva la Venus! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? ;^)

  12. Vincent Cleaver

    Thanks for a decent volume! A lot of other channels I watch a dialed waaaay down

  13. Laura S.

    Excellent discussion. Because Venus’s mass is 90% of Earth’s launching a sample return rocket from the surface of Venus to Earth might require almost as much energy as launching the same mass off Earth to Venus.

  14. Tim Kirkland

    CHRISTIAN!!! This was such a great interview!!! Venus is such an enigma for the most part. This might sound stupid, but I wonder how we’re going to deal with the Venusian atmosphere as far as transmitting data, entry onto the surface, etc. Btw, I really appreciate this channel!!!!

  15. Pedro G. Democrata Formal

    Good info 🍸

  16. 99 Nation Videos

    This is likely to be unimportant to the focus of the show but I wanted to say how appreciative I am that you knocked corporate media for the propaganda. Some people say.. that makes them subscribe. I LIVE for real science shows and this is certainly it. Thank you! ❤

  17. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 Learn more about the DAVINCI+, VERITAS, and EnVision missions to Venus!

  18. Construction Kronies

    Hey Christian! Happy belated.fathers day I hope all is well my man!

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