M87’s Black Hole Revealed – what we are (and aren’t) seeing

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The Event Horizon Telescope revealed the first ever image of a black hole at the heart of the galaxy M87. But what are we seeing exactly?

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  1. Green Machine

    More importantly it’s what they’re keeping from us! Apparently the report states that the black hole is hungry, holding a knife and fork, wearing a Bibb and is coming right for us…also, the fear is the the black hole also likes the comedy of Louis CK…astronomers are already looking at taking away the black holes facebook account and any possible black hole sponsors it may have!

  2. Igor Kozyrev

    I don’t understand… I’ve heard this a few times already – “next step is a radio telescope in the orbit”. But… we already had one. It was called SPEKTR-R Radioastron – a russian craft. As far as I remember, russian scientists behind the craft were even talking something about taking a picture of a black hope with the help of Radioastron. Why nothing happened I wonder? Roscosmos PR is horrendously awful, so maybe this can be explained from the rest of the world point of view?

  3. Paul Mace

    Still don’t understand how you can have a jet of anything coming out of a black hole. Understand that the star is spinning rapidly with immense magnetic fields. Is the jet stuff that is on the way into the star that gets hijacked by the magnetic field? Why a jet at the pole(s)?

  4. Harry Reichert

    Can you make a video on the Schwartzchild scale so I can understand it better?

  5. LD Hablizel

    Excellent video, as usual. Thanks for dumbing down all the physics for us mortals. Keep up the great work.

  6. Matlockization

    The shadow is generated by the chimney debris expelled through the black holes poles and not the result of photons added to the ring.

  7. Meet Patel

    Thank you sir. I learned a lot new things from this video. Keep uploading such videos👍👍👍

  8. Muppet Rathbun

    Thanks for the update.

  9. Rhodes68

    Nice pics of an active plasma torus nothing about a black hole though…

  10. maui waui

    would a “purely mathematical surface” be real? what about a plasmoid?

  11. Benjamin Wilson

    Two questions:
    1) You stated that material in the jet is accelerating away from the black hole, which means that material further away from the black hole is going faster than material closer to the black hole. Is it the magnetic fields that do this — and how far away from the black hole does the acceleration of the jet material continue??
    2) If the brighter material on the ring is coming towards us and the darker material is going away — I can understand why the right side of the ring would be brighter than the left — as how the models predicted prior to the release of the M87 black hole image. I can’t understand how if are indeed looking at a “tilted disk”, that material at both the 3 – 6 o’clock positions and the 6-9 o’clock positions can all be directed towards us. Shouldn’t it only be possible for material to be coming towards us — from one side of the ring at a time?

  12. D 90

    long time no see,it turns out your channel is 20k. truly extraordinary. glad to see you again!!!Thank you sir

  13. Mohamed Abdelgelil

    Great video :)
    thank you

  14. Doug van Orsow

    Thanks for clearing all of this up, so I didn’t have to do it for myself!

  15. KC

    How did I just find this channel! It’s absolutely amazing, sir! When I couldn’t see Your face I thought it’s a second channel of ‘it’s okay to be smart’, You two have similar voice and mannerisms.
    Quality of your content is amazing and deserves bigger audience, I subscribed. Keep up the amazing work!

  16. Andreas Lackner

    Great! Thank you.

  17. Willem van de Beek

    Thank you for saying Schwarzschild the right way; one distraction less for OCD me, well done! ;)

  18. Construction Kronies

    You are very good at this. That brilliant mind of yours is truly incredible! Thank you so much for your explanation. It is going to be fascinating to see what comes out of this!

  19. Greg Farley

    Once again you’ve completely blown my mind in a good way. I’ve been sharing your videos with my grandkids, 11, 7, 5 and they love it too. Thanks so very much.

  20. joe dasilva

    Thanks for the great video which I have to watch a couple more times to better understand all the details .
    Your passion for astronomy is contagious .

  21. Abhishek Wadkar

    You deserve atleast a million subs

  22. Death is A Businessman

    You know, if math teachers showed kids this kind of stuff when they were young, they could inspire them to learn math much better than when i was a kid. I hated math, now I wish I was a savant at it.

  23. Mosern1977

    Thank you for a great explanation and I look forward to the updated image in the future.

  24. Weight Lifting Dermatologist

    Amazing chnllI I found this way! Thanks!!
    Cool video, greetings from Belgium, saw you at Brian G’s chatbox :-)

  25. Richard Walker

    Great video like always , thank you .

  26. Andy Walker

    Great vid,keep them coming.

  27. Icza

    Thanks for explaining this in detail. I love your easy to understand presentation in all your videos. This was super interesting.

  28. Oxillious - Let's Plays

    Great video! Thanks for the explanation. I’m very excited to see the developments the EHT make in the future.

  29. andrew roden

    Some dumbo thumbs down this,is there a prize for ignorance?bet it was a flatearther lol. Well done chris,thx patreons :)

  30. Upcycle Electronics

    Thanks Christian! I think this is the first upload I’ve seen from someone that really read and mulled over the papers beyond a single read through or skim. I really enjoyed this. I’ve probably watched a dozen uploads on the subject over the last month, but you really helped me to gain new insight and perspective here.
    A bit of a tangential question but…
    >top left of clip< Is that gravitational lensing or planets whizzing around that star? (You may need to watch at lower speed playback options like .25)

  31. OMNI-1/137

    Excellent video, great explanation.

  32. Harry Reichert

    I’m so excited to see the other black holes that they will photograph!!

  33. David Sims

    Nice graphics for those models of M87. So the estimated mass has been upwardly revised again, to 6.5 billion solar masses. What a _monster_ it is.

  34. Patrick Festa

    Thank you for this ‘BEST’ explanation I’ve seen yet on the details of the image.

  35. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 More about black holes, galaxies and quasars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQz1PZ7IhHQ&list=PLrAnGxL8nxOF76U2rxCKCbyITH3Wy_Ux4

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