Launch Pad Live: Talking Universe

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We’re talking all things universe on a new Sunday edition of Launch Pad Live. Come by and hangout with us as we talk universe.

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  1. Professor Nez

    Gonna watch this now, just got back from baseball game with my son.

  2. Steven Utter

    “Think I Need to get more ram” Lol good luck with that, with your rotten apple. No brother I think you need a PC. It’s probably overheating not running out of RAM, it’s common for Mac books to only start cooling the CPU once it’s already hot enough to fry a couple omelets, as well as actually damage and at the very least shorten the life span of the CPU significantly. But that’s not a design flaw, that’s a design plus, and they did that on purpose so you’d have to replace it sooner. Apple is a bunch of crooks don’t believe me? Well don’t take my word for it, go onto Louis Rossman’s channel and watch his video on mac book cpus overheating. He repairs Apple products for a living so I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about especially since he does board level repair. WITH A MICROSCOPE!

  3. Sergusy

    Hi everyone. I didnโ€™t get notification. What the hell?

  4. Angel White

    Q all this stuff in space we can’t see but its expanding all it can be is a form of dissipated energy ..what do you think ..the rotation of all the galaxy’s and all the stars gas is making the energy ..and the energy is expanding the universe…. I new to all this but this is what I think ..can you think and tell me what you think ….

  5. Hoansbuckler

    Cleared up a lot of things for me thanks!

  6. ู…ุณู„ุณู„ุงุช ุฑุงุฆุนู‡ ูˆู…ู‡ู…ูˆู„ู‡

    We ask you to seek to establish satellites dedicated only to test the expectations of inflation theory of the Russian physicist Andrei Lindy
    The theory of eternal inflation predicted gravitational waves as well as waves of density
    We need to launch new satellites in space
    These advanced devices must be created to detect the expectations of inflation theory in the universe 14 billion years ago
    We need advanced technology
    Special devices must be invented in the discovery of predictions of the theory of the bloated universes of Russian physicist Andrei Linde

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