Launch Pad Live: Exploring the Solar System and Black Holes

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Come an join us for a discussion about the latest astronomy news and your questions about the universe.

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Comments: 16
  1. Willem van de Beek

    Please stop calling Karl Schwarzschild a child. :(
    His last name literally means ‘Black-Shield’ and the ‘Schild’-part is pronounced exactly the same way as ‘Shield’. +

  2. Winnie Gustafon

    Not yet

  3. Winnie Gustafon

    I’m seeing it!

  4. Winnie Gustafon

    Give us the link please

  5. Pedro Lella

    Hi, amazing video, why we see a 2d ring instead of a 3d ball?

  6. Winnie Gustafon

    Looking forward to your info.

  7. Winnie Gustafon

    The shadow of the black hole. Yes yes yes seeing it

  8. Winnie Gustafon

    I thought Mars has great big storms

  9. Winnie Gustafon

    I have also been obsessed!

  10. Winnie Gustafon

    It’s just wonderful! So much like computer depictions

  11. Winnie Gustafon

    I always want to visualize North East South and West

  12. Gabriel Perboni


  13. Patti Broussard #arrayartist

    I missed it! But watching the replay! Everything looks and sounds amazing Christian!

  14. John Lamb

    I’m old but you taught an old guy something today. Many thanks.

  15. andrew roden

    Missed it live :( looking forward to a deep field tutorial :)

  16. CLC

    Sorry I missed you live! :( Replay was awesome anyway! :)

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