James Webb Space Telescope Delayed? Sort of…

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The James Webb Space Telescope will be delayed…kinda. The news came during ESA’s James Webb Space Telescope – Media briefing and Q&A on June 1, 2021. It looks like JWST will likely be delayed for a couple more weeks.

01:20 Magellan TV
02:07 Transponder Problem and JWST Status
03:44 Ariane 5 Status and Fairing Problem.
05:05 Launch Campaign
06:35 Possible Launch Delay
07:30 JWST Status
08:15 Why Webb is Hard to Launch
09:00 Launching on Falcon Heavy

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  1. esphi LEE

    Twist: The technician who first worked on the transponder has past away because of old age….

  2. esphi LEE

    NASA, take your time, don’t screw up.

  3. Migel Vazkez

    Can NASA and all the folks involved guarantee a 100% successful launch?

  4. blue redbrick

    How many years is the SLS overdue ? Same difference. Just saying.
    All the hate, sheehz. Wait the extra weeks already.

  5. ApocaIypse666

    wow why am i not surprised to be honest this is getting old already

  6. Eoin O'Connell

    As much as I love space & look forward to the discoveries JWST will bring, the delays and over-budget expense has been an utter scandal.

  7. Charlie's PlayStation

    It’s been so long, parts already need replacing.

  8. C Cubed Miniatures

    Well at least its only a 1-2 month delay for now

  9. Bill Kerr

    Picturing millions of little “Do Not Eat” silica gell dessicant bags taped to the inside of the faring.
    Cam’t be too careful.

  10. Arun Kottolli

    Good thing is that the launch dates is often mentions only the month and do not mention the year!
    So there is no guarantee that James Web space telescope will be launched in 2021!

  11. GRIZZ 357

    Honestly this is turning into another Oak Island.

  12. VRtechman

    The James Webb spacecraft is a prime example why we will never be told about the secrets of the Universe! 🤨

  13. James H

    Might as well start over with new equipment… this thing is going to be so out of date by the time it lifts off.

  14. Fred

    If it requires exceptional clean environments and extra special handling, then I say that’s poor engineering. Keep it simple…

  15. Robert Spears III

    Imagine when SpaceX’s super heavy gets flying on a regular and what size of telescope its be able to launch.

  16. Tito Leaks

    but… does it even exist in nasa’s laboratories? 🤔🤔🤔

  17. DogFacedPonySoldier

    The James Webb Telescope will never reach its’ orbit, or possibly launch.

  18. Bowsette


  19. chevy307sb

    Hopefully it blows our minds with what it finds

  20. Venkat Babu

    Banglore is the only place where the city is somewhat clean. Delhi a little bit copy cat. San Jose Santa Clara always fresh.

  21. Bear Lemley

    SpaceX is already in development with a larger fairing for the much more capable Falcon Heavy.
    All this money. All these entire careers for a satellite that has a life space of 5 years. (They say it will go further ). A private company would not do this. They would build 5 satellites.
    Who said “if the design takes too long, the design is wrong”?
    This is what happens when a US defense contractor is allowed to buy up a company(TRW) with a science and technology project. These are standard issue budget over runs for a new plane, ship or tank.
    Yes, I am terrible excited about the questions that will come with the new wonderful images that should come with first light. I’ve been exited since 1995.

  22. Kyle Lunde

    Very interesting, thanks for the info. Also I couldn’t help but notice the Grateful Dead in the background, I’m also a big fan.

  23. tom dimartino

    Original lunch date was 11 years ago! Bush!

  24. Glen Young

    All it will take is one screw coming loose or the mirror deployment system to get hung up and it’s game over.
    Of course the good news for defence contractors is they’re not liable for any failure and can pocket their profits without the slightest sense of guilt.

  25. Terry Treloar

    James web space telescope has had that many delays I’ll be amazed if they don’t classify it as outdated technology by the time it actually gets into orbit

  26. Will cabamba

    THIS white elaphant is a TOTAL joke and a money pit like none other. It was outdated ten years after it began. Earth base lenzes are far better than this thing

  27. montylc2001

    Dammit. But get it right, guys. I’ll be biting nails from engine start to full deployment and in it’s parking orbit.

  28. Eric Vosselmans

    they should have cancelled it 10 years ago. They should cancel it now. Fire everyone that ever worked on it and give the stuff to SpaceX for free and let them figure it out

  29. David Garrison

    I’m just glade to hear that they are
    checking everything and that JWST
    has the best possible chance at
    successes., Oh, one more thing,
    please launch it within my life time
    I’m _______ and I eat allot of junk food:)

  30. Jay Manier

    I remember being 17 in high school dreaming about this…It’s time is here.

  31. Rgr M

    Launch the damn telescope plz

  32. Bogdan Nemes

    SpaceX to launch it!

  33. Jos De Lijster

    The delays are ridiculous.. seems rhey do not want to get it up and working, so nasa give us a ffng reason..if not sabotage/ devious reason not to get it working.. the incompetance is sick.. fire the whole team

  34. WizzardOfPaws

    At this point the best we can hope for is launching in 2523

  35. Antea Stassi

    I hope to live long enough to see:
    – JWST images and resultant theories
    – A friendly but powerful General ai
    – Fully autonomous cars for real
    – A functional fusion reactor
    – Major medical advances using gene editing
    – Intelligent, honest, and unifying leadership

  36. Perry Woodward

    IMHO this telescope has been an even bigger disaster than the Hubble when it originally launched. It’s been delayed a decade and a half, and it was originally to cost $500 million, but has gone over $10 billion? I’m on board with the telescope, but at some point scrap it and try something else, or let somebody else do it. Anybody called Elon?

  37. Bryan Swift

    Some of the components on this thing must be 10 years old. Like, most of them.

  38. Blourings

    It seems that the time between the present and jwst launch date is indeed expanding and it is about to get far infrared…

  39. Norman Mattson

    Wish I had a neighborhood astronomer

  40. Alan Walker

    This thing is cursed…

  41. Gregg Weber

    Imagine the mess if either the rocket or the Webb fails. Especially if for a minor reason that should have been detected.

  42. Æ

    Please please please
    No more delay 😭😭😭

  43. William Copeland

    November -December of what year?

    That’s a joke, son.

  44. nice2care

    The once was a state of the art space telescope is now outdated. Good job NASA and Northrop Grumman!

  45. belly tripper


  46. Nilguiri

    Please pronounce Arianne correctly. I cringe every time you say “Arion”.

  47. The Exoplanets Channel

    Thanks for the update. I hope it gets launch this year!

  48. Nathan Sullivan

    This might as well be The Winds Of Winter of space machines.

  49. Aleksandar Ljubomirovic

    Thanks for the update.

  50. shaunsprogress

    Given that the mirror was coated so long ago, is it likely that the gold coating is already degrading now?

  51. JD

    This thing will NOT launch, same as SLS ever having an actual mission. It’s just not going to happen.

  52. kosminus kosminus

    they need another 5 to 10 billion dollars and another 1 to 10 years :))))))

    space research can not be done with this crap of strategy of leeching nasa …..

    nasa need to drop all traditional providers and find new ones that can actual deliver

  53. Shirokuma

    The recommended video under this was “ 7 habits to stop procrastinating “ coincidence? :p

  54. Flugschüler Fluglehrer

    The transponders are so old, they start disintegrating.

  55. Mike O'Barr

    I hope I live long enough to to see first light. I’m in my 30s so it’s not looking promising lol

  56. johnflux1

    Better than XKCD’s prediction of 2026 : https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/jwst_delays.png

  57. Shannon Fraiser

    I can’t wait 😛

  58. Tony Bjorklund

    JWST job #1 find planet 9…. 🤷‍♂️

  59. Mr.Burns-On_Acid

    I was 8 when they were initially gonna launch.. .

  60. Leighton Carr

    I quite like these update videos as well – thanks

  61. Kevin

    Of course it is. This is why I feel literally no excitement for the JWST, it’s just one disappointment after another and proves why we should never build another large space telescope again.. At least till we can assemble them efficiently in space. I’m actually excited about the 30 meter ground telescopes.

  62. Eric Haynes

    I wonder if James Webb will be able to see further back in time than the furthest known galaxy (GNz11). If so, how much further back in time than 13.4 billion light years is possible?

  63. Alan Brady

    It’s best we don’t let Elon launch it as he’s an alien so he wouldn’t want us finding his family

  64. MozartificeR

    Will Starship make service missions possible in the near future?

  65. Louis Mamakos

    WTF, a transponder component is starting to fail while it’s just been sitting on the ground? Sure, I imagine it’s taken a couple of trips through the thermal-vacuum chamber and had the temperature cycled… DOZENS of times? Maybe 100 or 200 times? This being a “workmanship” problem sounds very concerning to me. Yeah, yeah, this is why we do all this testing. You’d think the part about building space-rated RF comms equipment would be mostly figured out by now.

  66. MozartificeR

    Then it explodes on the launch pad:)

  67. Albert Smith

    The prime contractor for this program, Northrop Grumman, should never get another government contract. 13 years behind schedule and nearly $10 billion, that’s $10 BILLION, over budget.

  68. Jeff Allen

    They just now after all these years have figured out there may be a problem with the fairings? Who’s running this operation?

  69. Nick Bisson

    Degraded overtime/workmanship issues on the transponders…….were they made in the 90s??? This multi billion dollar machine is suppose to survive deep space and it’s already having systems failing under pristine conditions here on earth. I honestly hope all goes smoothly n the mission is a complete success but I’m really getting worried there’s gonna be issues out of our reach once it gets launched

  70. Infinitum Neo

    I like your comment that the JWST was scheduled before SpaceX was a gleam in Elon Musk’s eye.

  71. Unnatural_Log

    I’m no engineer. But if they had just designed the telescope to be launched in two parts then assembled in orbit, or just paid someone to make an even bigger fairing than Ariane, pretty sir wit would’ve been cheaper and prompter.

  72. fotosony

    Christian, I am going to ask you since you’re the most qualified to answer, James Webb will be able to sent images and pictures like Hubble did? Thanks!

  73. James Hilins

    Id bet a paycheck it dosent launch this year !

  74. Mosern1977

    It will (most likely) be launched in my life-time, which is good enough for me. Hopefully it will revolutionize a lot of astronomy and cosmology.

  75. Sean C

    Won’t it be something if the rocket explodes during launch. $10 billion down the drain.

  76. Mark J

    Thank you For this video. Jwst caused me to attend counseling . I’m unsure what I’m going to do if this becomes a gold comet ☄.

  77. Luigi R. Bedin

    Great video 💕

  78. MUSHY MAGAZINE On locatio

    NOOOOOOOOOO, Not again.

  79. Luigi Board

    While the Chinese are making steady progress. Catching up very fast.

  80. Marcus Aurelius

    james webb will never be launched, get used to it

  81. Mel Plishka

    Good luck Ariane 5.

  82. Powell Lucas

    Another dog bites man story. Should they ever get this thing off the ground that will be a man bites dog story.

  83. Mel Plishka

    I don’t mind waiting as long as it means it will reach its orbital goal.

  84. Crooked Clown

    This telescope will become the biggest blunder if after so many years and money it malfunction. I’m not hopping for that, it is just a thought.

  85. M. Brian Burchette

    I’m just hoping the launch is successful. I can’t even imagine what would happen if it isn’t.

  86. RicardoA BH

    Ariane 5 is also kind of free, no?

  87. Steve Lenores

    Still earning its name: Just Wait Space Telescope.

  88. Junji Ito

    It’s like Cyberpunk with all the delays

  89. t sam

    JWST is never going to launch. It will remain in “pre-launch” limbo.

  90. shrey sanwaria


  91. Pero Juric

    I wonder. Does JWT even exist or is it just a myth?

  92. Israeldiegorivera2 Genius

    Sounds like a tangled Webb of problems.

  93. Captain_Context

    Its gonna be a further couple of months until we see any real JW pictures, so. I can wait.

  94. MeTwoFirst

    The sensor batteries(not energizers) ran down during the 10 yr wait – that would have been a big laugh that old $10 batteries ruined a $10 billion satellite

  95. Tariq Mulla

    You for to mention the year after November. 😂😂😂

  96. Bob Bailey

    Thanks for the update.

  97. Yu Tub

    thanks for another informative video!

  98. Samson Soturian

    0:37 Let’s play “Guess Who Ain’t Wearing PANTS!”

  99. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 Learn more about the Ariane 5 anomalies which may delay the launch: https://youtu.be/FNL_3Iirmtk

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