Is there Life on Venus or just complex chemistry?

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02:26 Magellan TV
03:29 Phosphine detection
05:44 Hypotheses for phosphine
09:19 Hypothetical Venusian lifecycle
13:41 How life may have originated on Venus
15:08 Next Steps

Was life detected on Venus? No, but what was detected was phosphine which may be a possible sign of life. Or not. It may in fact just be a product of complex chemistry we never knew of before. Observations with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array found strong evidence for phosphine in Venus’ atmosphere. Since phosphine is a byproduct of life on , it may be an indicator of anerobic life on Venus. But more observations and future missions to Venus are needed to find out what is creating the phosphine in its atmosphere, and if it is in fact being caused by life.

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Greaves et al., 2020 Nature Astronomy:
Seager et al., 2020:

  1. Allen Marples

    yeah, did not watch because the answer is neither

  2. Curious Uranus

    Of course it’s just complex chemistry, but that’s not going to stop Youtube going off on one.

  3. Daniel Attenborough

    If you look up the YouTube channel “Interviews with the Ancients”, it has a bunch of recorded audio interviews (channeled through the implant/body of an abductee) with a lot of different extraterrestrials and I think the guy’s second most recently uploaded interview is with a humanoid extraterrestrial whose ancestors lived on Venus. He says Venus used to be very much like Earth until 800,000 years ago and some people still live inside the planet, and it’s possible they’ll help us terraform it back to pristine condition in the future. I was skeptical of this whole interviews with aliens thing too, but what convinced me that they’re legit is how quickly and detailed the answers to questions come, and the voices of the reptilians and others. Also the channel is not monetized so it would be stupid to script/act out hundreds of hours of interviews for no money in return. Anyway, you should at least check out the channel and listen to the interviews before you decide the evidence can’t possibly be real without even looking at it… which honestly is faith, not science. Be an objective scientist is all!

  4. Jeremy Andrews

    The voice of reason for sure Christian. It is great that you can parse this information and explain it for us. I guess we’ll see if this bears out, right? Thanks.

  5. Kaloyan Kanchev

    Its fascinating that we already had balloons flying 54 kilometers above the Venusian atmosphere (The Soviet Vega program) in 1984 and since then for the past 36 years all of our attention was primary focused on Mars. Hopefully this discovery will draw enough attention for future missions toward Venus, similar to the Vega in which my country Bulgaria was participant with the three-channel spectrometer 0.3-1.7 μm on board of the spacecraft.

  6. urban explorer

    i heard the news about this the other day in the UK and they where kind of making it out like little green men where living there , I’m glad you did this video cos I now know there isn’t any one coming to visit us from venus , thanks buddy

  7. Pup314

    life IS complex chemistry, isn’t it?

  8. Chiranjib Nandy

    We will eventually find life if not here in the near foreseeable future.

  9. elizabethforman65

    Air Force knows all about Venus.

  10. Sergusy

    Hi, Christian. Great video. I am fascinated with the potential life on Venus. Despite its very unlikely but life always finds a way. If I understood in the right way, those bacteria consume millimetre radiation for living. It’s ok. Our trees do nearly the same thing. Therefore, can these Venusian bacteria be something like a combination, a hybrid plant-microbial type of life?

  11. Johannes Faller

    your channel is criminally underrated

  12. Hiroshi loves You

    I was thinking: Either it turns out to be life, or it will become close to impossible to ever confirm alien life on an exoplanet via biomarkers in a telescope.

  13. alan silverman

    Don’t forget Venus has no magnetosphere and so it’s constantly bombarded by the solar wind. I don’t know but coupled with a day that’s longer than it’s year might provide the conditions needed for the production of phosphene?

  14. Sean Hughes

    What would it be like to try to walk through atmospheric pressure that high? Would it feel like walking through water? Its gaseous so its density is still much lower, I know, but would it be in any way comparable?
    Would it really be like pushing through the air

  15. John Bazaar

    A hypothetical question. What would happen if humans built a moon-sized “moon” in orbit around Venus out of asteroids orbiting the sun?
    Perhaps we could then terraform Venus?

  16. andrew noonan

    The possibility of life on other planets never ceases to be an exciting topic! If there really is life on Venus I can’t begin to imagine the possibilities for other extraterrestrial life. If life can form and survive on Venus, who is to say Europa or other celestial bodies don’t have microbes of their own? Keep these enjoyable videos coming, reminds me of the pre-pandemic days of ASTR lecture.

  17. Alan Young

    I am really glad you covered this on your channel, as some others have not covered the basics or went a bit too far. Or simply got it wrong.

    Your establishment of the facts were good and I loved your scales supposition as the video progressed.

  18. ReadTheShrill

    It’s my understanding (without actually having read the paper) that only terrestrial telescopes were used for this observation. If that understanding is correct, did they account for the absorption of light by the PH3 in Earth’s atmosphere?

  19. neil u

    Great video! ‘Why dont they just’ send a Balloon Probe with long multiple wires to reach down and sample the clouds and analyze the samples for life?

  20. Kailyn Crabill

    I was going to email you and ask about this, but i wasnt sure I should bc im not technically your student anymore… Thank goodness for this video

  21. Guff

    If there was life there, we would have known long ago. Stop wasting viewers’ time now.

  22. ArchEnema 67

    So if we discover ethylene gas on another planet, is that evidence that it might harbor alien bananas?

  23. Yours Truly

    12:13: 0,07 x 50 = 2,00?

  24. Y Y

    Only referred to as Earth twin by the stupid inhabitants of the earth.

  25. Legion of Weirdos - Chris

    “Women are From Venus… a Hellish Planet.”

  26. Amir Safari

    I haven’t watched otger videos about this topic,waited till u release one, worth it

  27. Peter S

    Thanks that was a thorough explanation. I hadn’t realized that the team that detected phosphine also could determine that it was originating in a middle cloud layer. To me that further reduces the chances it’s coming from unknown chemistry.

  28. MikeElektra

    The difference between life and complex chemistry is difficult to define and creates room for all sort of ambiguity between science and politics.

  29. FLowing spring

    How do we know there was no plate tectonics on venus?

  30. Bartmann n

    I’ve read two newspaper articles and seen videos of four other Youtube science/astrophysics channels about this topic. But you are the the only one (again, of course), who goes into detail about the probable (or better, improbable, as you pointed out) other possibilities about the detection of phosphine. The first thing I wanted to know, when I heard the news. Thank you so much! Now I’m even more excited to know, what we find out about that in the future (no matter what it will be)!

  31. Maik Tremel

    When I heard from this for the first time they said that they originally wanted to calibrate the ability to detect phosphine in an atmosphere of a far away planet as an biomarker. They looked at venus, found too much of it and now all want to tell us that phosphine could originate from all sorts of whatever. A chemical product which does not mean anything? So what? Funny. Good to see someone that tries to explain how life may have a chance. We need to go there and get a probe.

  32. Y Y

    I vote Unknown Chemistry!

  33. Kris Anderson

    Gosh i like your videos and presentation. You could have your own cosmological television program. Well done and well said.

  34. PantsuMann

    As much as we’d love to have life somewhere else, I myself is a firm believer that life in its most basic form is inevitable in the universe. But Venus might not harbour it. But what this study does is giving us a guideline what to look for when we send new missions there. Cant wait to see the new instruments and probes to be sent there in the future. My guess would be some smart weather balloons drifting at different altitudes taking measurments and sending the data to an orbiting satellite.

  35. NGC 6543

    Venus – inhabited by penguins 🐧 I can picture that.


    Venus, Earth’s evil twin sister.

  37. Lee Penn

    Interesting.,informative as always Kris.
    You certainly know ya spuds..

  38. Sid Sharma

    Appreciation comment for the amazing quality of your presentation. <3

  39. joe dasilva

    Such an amazing possibility. How I wish we could send probe there n get an answer .
    Thanks Christian for another wonderful video.

  40. exp9r

    Such a great channel! Thank you for these detailed, thoughtful videos!

  41. LGB Gábor Lénárt

    Great video! I’m curious how that model was told in this video of changing Venus compares to the one stating that Venus changed relatively lately (compared to billion/billions, it may happened only 170 million years ago) to the hell it is now, also quite radically and relatively fast. Since if it’s true, there is much more chance life could evolve and it needed “only” survive and adopt to the change (haha, “only” …).

  42. J S


  43. Erik Martin

    Absolutely love your channel! You make complex topics understandable, and your excitement for the stars is contagious. Love it! Keep it up!

  44. Roger Sullivan

    Leroy is upset that you mispronounced his name! This was the explainer I needed…thanks.

  45. Squirrel ASMR

    Launchpad Astronomy is in my top 3 favorite science channels, tied for first.

  46. Hiroshi loves You

    I hope it turns out to be alien life, that is so exiting! Btw I LOVE these new time indexes.

  47. Squirrel ASMR

    I love this channel! All the good science channels like Launchpad Astronomy take time to research the topic to add their own analysis and new info, even if it takes them a little longer to get the video out, but its worth it. Meanwhile other typical youtube channels try to beat the rush and always release the same basic useless info and scripts, like there’ll all just reading off the exact same article word for wor, trying to get clickbait views on their long videos with repetitive content, just to manipulate the YouTube algorithm.

  48. Mugwump

    One of the most sensible reactions I’ve seen. I expected no less from you.

  49. Imspammedout

    Couldn’t have asked for a much better video with which to be introduced as a patron. You explained the hype, the reasons why said hype may be premature, and ways forward to test. Great work.

  50. Bitchute is better than Y

    Imagine it wasnt bacteria life as proposed and instead was being made by factories. That’d be a shock

  51. New Message

    “It’s life, Jim… But not as we know it. Or maybe chemistry, Jim… But not as we know it.”

  52. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 New video: The “impossible” black hole merger:

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