Imaging Exo-Earths with Slava Turyshev & Louis Friedman

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Join us for a conversation with Dr. Slava Turyshev and Dr. Louis Friedman about a new mission concept to use the Sun as a gravitational lens capable of directly imaging exoplanets. Dr. Turyshev is a research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics’ Structure of the Universe Research Group. In addition, Dr. Turyshev is only the third Phase III Fellow in the history of NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts grant, which is funding final research into the Solar Gravitational Lens concept. Dr. Louis Friedman is a co-founder of the Planetary Society.

Solar sail animation courtesy of Xplore.
Solar sail trajectory courtesy Xplore / Dr. Darren Garber.

🔴 The Solar Gravitational Lens:
🔴 Solar Sailing:

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  1. Junk Mail

    ​Chris,I previously proposed to you, using an array of CubeSat with solar sails to determine gravitational gradients to detect nonvisible masses near our solar system. in co-op with Becky and Scott M
    I left my proposal on yours and Becky’s and Scott’s Videos that were appropriate to this subject matter. Suggested You might work out cooperative videos on this subject. Maybe locating PLANET 9.
    Oh yes, Great video tonight, Nice with the Co-Operative method. Wishing you continued successes. Regards.

  2. Douglas Emerson


  3. Nicholas McGinty

    Couldn’t we use the earth as a gravitational lens? Of course, the sun is going to be better suited because of it’s enormous mass, but I’m wondering if the shorter distance to the focus line of earth’s lensing would make up for the smaller degree of its lensing

  4. Antonia Delgado

    The light pollution is so bad where i live there is literally enough stars visible to count on both hands. I wish i was even joking :(

  5. Sergusy

    Hi Christian. I don’t know how but I did not get a notification and missed the stream. What a shame.

  6. bestbeatboxer_alive

    I have to give a shout out to my school Towson U, woop woop!!

  7. Joshdampier

    Slava looks like he has a lot of respect for Friedman.

  8. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴 The Solar Gravitational Lens:
    🔴 Solar Sailing:

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