Hubble’s Computer Malfunctioned – can NASA fix it?

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The Hubble Space Telescope has been in safe mode since June 13 2021, when its payload computer malfunctioned. NASA has been working ever since to fix Hubble from the ground and believe the problem lies in the Science Instrument Command and Data Handling unit (SI C&DH). The Mission Operations team at the Space Telescope Operations Control Center believe they may have a fix.

01:40 Magellan TV
02:27 Safe Mode
04:36 The Science Instrument Command and Data Handler (SI C&DH)
05:44 Troubleshooting Timeline
08:19 Testing a Fix
10:01 Can Hubble be Serviced Without the Shuttle?

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Hubble Status:

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  1. Shannon Wilson

    Lol, they cannot fix it without the failed space shuttle bcoz america has no real good space program that can launch on a regular basis and carry the payload needed to fix it…

  2. ad sid

    sweetheart, it has been fixed. muah

  3. Ken watanabe

    they should tow it to the ISS, fix it , send it back into it’s original orbit. or send it to the moon as a stationary telescope.

  4. Eric Haynes

    Hubble is fixed!

  5. Skull HQX

    They just fixed it. :)

  6. clark millis

    What happened? Microsoft update I’m guessing.

  7. Chooka

    they should send up a tug and tow it to the ISS

  8. Americanknow

    Hubble is fictitious telescope. All images taken by Nasa is from Sofia project, a jumbo jet carrying a large telescope at high altitude. Nasa has been lying about Hubble for years.

  9. IMBlakeley

    I can understand their extra caution. One unexpected remote change issue and you lock yourself out forever. Been there done that with remote sites that at least I could get in and drive a couple of hours to get too.

  10. Amir Safari

    With starship you don’t need to carry an orbit repair,you can simply bring the telescope back on earth, repair it and launch it back again

  11. Thomas Parisi

    Hey, ya mentioned the Soft Capture Mechanism! Cool! I worked on that before I retired. The plan at the time was just to attach a small solid rocket motor (Star 48?), and point it at the atmosphere and let er rip. I do believe the SCM can dock with Orion, but imho, it’s not worth it, there’s no telling what will go next and when it will quit. De-orbit and let er die a dignified death …..

  12. Mike Lisanke

    Computer Engineers have been developing Upgrades to Software AND Hardware for Decades and FedGov+NASA have $Bs to spend on Missions… Why oh why can’t NASA hire Engineers to Upgrade Hubble’s Computer to Newer State-of-Art Cosmic-ray-hardened Computer which takes half the space, runs 10000x faster with 1000000x more memory etc. etc. etc.??? It’s not like Hubble has left the Solar System or anything… we don’t have to chase it down… It’s right there! Just saying!

  13. Galaxia

    How much does it cost to launch the Space Shuttle? Or is it considered to be too dangerous and they absolutely don’t want to risk any lives?

  14. Kev V

    Send two rockets. One with tools and payload another with crew dragon.

  15. Sonia Sharma

    Your videos are iconic but increase volume of your narration so that we can hear you in a little noisy space without headphones

  16. Raptorman0909

    SpaceX needs to develop a spacecraft capable of reaching the Hubble with a crew of, say, four astronauts, and a payload sufficient to bring what’s needed to the Hubble so it can be maintained. I don’t think the SpaceX Dragon Crew capsule has anywhere near the propellant capacity to reach the Hubble and then deorbit, but they should be able to build a version that can. Of course, SpaceX has pretty much halted all development work on the Falcon series rockets so if they were to build something it would have to be set atop the Supper Heavy. Not sure Starship is the right choice for that.

  17. Doug Higgins

    Cannot a wise billionaire fly there and fix it?

  18. Indian DIY Boy by -KANISH

    I don’t know why every time they serviced it they didn’t changed the hardware….

  19. Eamenic1

    Great video as always. Very informative

  20. Lucid Moses

    How about Hubble 2.0?

  21. Sonar Bangla

    China could do better to replace the computers with state of the art computers, when Space Shuttle is decommissioned and China needs to test their ones.

  22. tsbrownie

    I’ve got a spare arduino if Elon will donate the rocket! On a serious note I’m curious how practical it would be to send up a robot “tug” to change Hubble’s orbit to put it on the same inclination as ISS, then move it up and down to service it from ISS.

  23. Adam S

    I like your grateful dead book!! Phish is better tho :P

  24. zapfanzapfan

    How about “just” using the spare mirror and build a new telescope that can launch in a Falcon 9 fairing? Seems cheaper than a manned servicing mission. And if the original gets serviced, great, now we have two Hubbles :-)

  25. Joshdampier

    Solid intro Christian

  26. Rowan Moormann

    They should take the shuttle up there, collect it and bring it back to Earth’s museum for Everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Hubble has done so much for us already, so it rightly deserves to retire gracefully.

  27. Ihatezidiotz

    sell or give hubble to elon, bet he’d figure out how to get a mission up there to fix it..

  28. Chris Shearer

    Time to dust off ol’ Atlantis and send her up again.

  29. Abhishek Thakker

    it still hasn’t been returned to service.

  30. Guy H

    Brrr. Fingers crossed!

  31. Hoten Hitonokoe


  32. Defective

    I know ISS can’t really be saved, but Hubble should be. Its worth the cost and effort to never de-orbit that incredible piece of human history, and instead find a way to bring her home

  33. R Cajavus

    No, NASA can’t fix it… but CuriousMarc can :D

  34. Raghu Parandhaman

    I am asking a Q which most likely has been asked by many, incl by many within NASA 😁. Y was the 1980s comp not replaced with a more robust comp in the 2009 service mission?

    Anyway, JWST is going to be fully functional in abt a year (🤞). More importantly, if & when Spacex succeeds with its Starship, that’d provide a whopping 9 meter (30 ft) opportunity to plan a brand new T’scope, which could find its own way back to earth & take off again! Elon Musk would be all too happy to do it.

    Thanks for this round up on the HST.

  35. John Q. Public

    Problem with James Webb is it won’t be in orbit for another 17 years and 22 billion more dollars being over budget.

  36. MrPerfs

    should I cross fingers on both my hands, or just one hand? I’m not well versed on NASA procedures and would like to know if more is better or if double crossing jinxes it? Maybe, cross fingers on right hand for Hubble Recovery and left hand for Webb Launch?

  37. Vimal Ramachandran

    Hubble’s successor is not JWST but the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope. It is basically Hubble with a much wider field of view AFAIK.

  38. Gman k

    Audio is sort of low on this one christian 🤷‍♂️

  39. Dan Slotea

    What if the one in a billion chance happened and a micrometeorite hit a non-redundant piece of hardware?

  40. James Mccauley

    thank you for your informative and thoughtful videos

  41. Patrick Lussier

    Wow I had no idea Hubble had so many safety redundancies! Love your channel, always walk away with something new

  42. Tim Kirkland

    CHRISTIAN!!!!! This is an excellent video!!! Hubble, over the years, had def spoiled us with its amazing photos. I hope NASA can figure out the problem so we can get more science out of it!!!! GO JWST!!!!!!

  43. TheNasaDude

    The Space Shuttle rightly gets some hate because of the incidents and some shortcomings of the design, but it truly was a marvel of engineering, instantly recognisable and with unmatched capabilities.

    A new space truck will sooner or later come to be, and it might carry Hubble II to orbit

  44. 3finnian

    Sorry to be extremely dumb, but what should I do to get people to build a Hubble replacement. What can I do myself to get one built?

    I mean it sounds like a reasonable life goal in my option, the Hubble has discovered so much, and I’m just one of 7 billion + human beings.

  45. しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ

    considering that Science never see from someones ethnic and nation origins, some of us waiting for your research from the new china radio telescope, I heard that they really saves time and resources needed to analyze signals by the AI experiments.

  46. しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ

    02:28 leap over the commercials to Professor Christian Ready’s great news and science.

  47. V D

    Hubble is an iconic instrument indeed! Sad to see it slowly but surely going down… Thanks for the great update on Hubble, it’s history, issues and possible future directions.

  48. Eric Haynes

    They probably could snag Hubble and bring it back to earth for display but they already have a full scale mock-up that looks exactly like the real thing. However, I do think it’s very important to bring it back to earth, it’s a revolutionary science instrument that’s very important for historical purposes. This real Hubble needs to be on display for millions of people to see in awe, hundreds of years in the future.

  49. 4ttyr

    Ok did anyone think of pressing the reboot button?

  50. Simon Stebbins

    Perhaps Richard Branson could visit Hubble and fix it? 😂

  51. Scully's House of Thrille

    This is such a great channel about space and the universe.

  52. mdavid1955

    That’s a pretty good run for a 1980’s designed computer. We need a replacement for the Shuttle as well.

  53. Dex Moo

    I don’t like to bash the rich, but maybe it’s time for them to band together and all put some money together, get an old shuttle re-commissioned so it can go and grab Hubble and bring it back to earth so it can be put in a museum. It would be an undignified end to let it burn up on re-entry.

  54. Batya

    Hey Professor Ready! I’m just wondering.. since you said that there’s really no “true successor” or replacement for Hubble, is there any possibility that NASA would consider investing the time and money and manpower into doing a complete redesign for a Hubble 2.0??

  55. Eric Haynes

    0:47-0:58 I think you can get in trouble for showing that NASA worm logo!

  56. MrsTitina

    Too technical for me..but anyway Hubble has done a great job.

  57. spidersj12

    The HST is one of the most important if not the most important scientific instrument ever created, at least in terms of public dissemination of awe inspiring science.

  58. Ben Stewart

    Probably got whacked by space debris.

  59. Bryan

    I think the space shuttle’s payload arm messed up Hubble a few years back.

    I guess the Hubble is totally gummed up with maple syrup…


  60. Vincy Speed

    I love how you explained it in detail!!!! 😎✌️

  61. PafMedic,Jan

    Im Not Saying Either Way,Just Hoping It Can Be Repaired Because We Dont Know When James Webb Is Growing Up,and Did You Have To Stress Hubbles Age😁,You and I Have Beat That Door Down Already😂But Were Not Hanging Out In Space Either,Great Video Christian,Thank You,Have a Great Rest Of Your Day,You and Your Family Stay Safe,and God Bless❤️🙏🏻🔭🌏✨

  62. Robert Horvath

    Micro meteor struck non redundant cable?

  63. Jebediah Gentry

    Great explanation of what is wrong with Hubble. I really hope they can fix her. It would be a shame if Hubble is done for good

  64. Evan Miles

    Big sad

  65. E Van

    Prolly idk

  66. Pup314

    Or not.

  67. Pup314

    Or not.

  68. Launch Pad Astronomy

    🔴Meanwhile, the James Webb Space Telescope is getting ready for launch!

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