How the Sun will REALLY Die

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How will the Sun die? Stars like the Sun shine by fusing hydrogen into helium in their cores, producing energy in the process. But when the fuel runs out, stars evolve from the main sequence to become red giant stars, while their cores shrink to white dwarfs. Our Sun will begin to do this in about 5-6 billion years from now. Enjoy this sneak preview.

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  1. B.B Gambini


  2. Sergusy

    Hi Christian. It is a great explanation. It really is. Missed your videos and streams. However I have a little question. If our understanding, about what will have happened to the Sun is right, then why we don’t have any fusion reactors at the moment? I guess everything you had been talking is only one of many possible explanations. Despite it might be the most apparent explanation at the moment, but the more discoveries we gonna make in the future, in different industries of science, the more likely this explanation is going to be corrected as much, as we never ever would have imagined.

  3. Britanya İmparatorluğu

    no the sun will not enter a second red giant phase and it will not expand beyond jupiters orbit it will just become slightly larger than earths orbit

  4. Y҉ung Death

    occupy mars

  5. The Gunman

    Just had an idea, you should contact John Michael Godier and see if he will have you on his show as a guest, that’d make a great collaboration and most likely help your channel.

  6. Sky Lake

    Complicated. But still enjoyable!!

  7. TheNasaDude

    By 4 billion years, we should have technology to move Earth wherever we want. With such a long time to take action, we probably would be capable of moving Earth to a new orbit starting today.
    It’s also possible that we’ll have technology to syphon carbon away from the sun and replenish the hydrogen supply, or we might be able to shuffle the core enough to avoid the buildup.
    We should above all develop techniques to dismantle stars into Jupiters and stockpile them. Then we could reassemble them into stars on demand.
    Rocky planets on demand seems much more difficult given the scarce of resources

  8. Patrick Barry

    So you said the sun never gets hot enough to fuse carbon. Do other stars get hot enough? What I’m getting at is where did all the heavier elements in our world originate? Did the big bang only produce hydrogen that needed to fused into other elements by stars, or did the universe start off with heavier elements?
    Btw amazing video!

  9. Darrin Green

    I loved this. You made the sun’s evolution easy to understand because you explained every item…you didn’t just state theories or facts that then most people would have to take as the truth. You explained it in such a way that everyday people could follow along. Thank you.

  10. Brandini brandini

    I have a question that maybe you can answer.
    What will happen first…
    1. Our sun will slowly consume Earth
    2. MilkyWay collides with Andromeda destroying Earth
    3. Earth being consumed by the super massive blackhole in the center of the MilkyWay….
    Thank you for your time…

  11. Skellital Disasembly

    A red supergiant is beyond the orbit of Jupiter, so it will never get that big

  12. James Johnstone

    this actually explained so much. it was a way better explanation then anything else i ever heard.
    thanks man i learned so much more in this :)

  13. joestalin327

    Excellent episode!!

  14. A Son Of The Sun

    Why didn’t you like this video?

  15. Rogerio Costa rogeriocostabarros

    Can you make a video about the Van Allen belt?

  16. Abhishek Wadkar

    First comment

  17. ModernDayTech

    Another outstanding video Christian. I’m so interested in what will happen but at the same time, I’m not.

  18. Alan Young


  19. The Urban Explorer

    As well as this kind of being mega scary I see we don’t have any thing to worry about which is good cos it’s not happening any time seen . Love your content friend and this was A GREAT VIDEO SIR

  20. Salil Verma

    i like your explanations.. use some hashtags (#) in your video to reach more people..

  21. Akhil P S

    We’ll eventually become interstellar travellers.

  22. Kristina Smallhorn

    You give the best descriptions and explanations of pretty complicated topics. This was really good Christian.

  23. The Senate

    Very well done, very detailed

  24. Ulfrinn

    this is a very promising channel, but the last video was over 3 months ago, unfortunately.. i think it would grow even faster if you could do a weekly video around 15 minutes or so.. personally i really like the hypothetical topics

  25. Clayton Mileto

    ty for this. great video sir

  26. wheeler dealer

    Another excellent informative video 👍

  27. pom92 ut

    Awesome work. I have never seen such detailed video about the life of a star on YouTube. I watched most parts of the video more than 3 times to understand better and planned to watch it another time.

  28. Kevin Lalonde

    YOU DA MAN.!! Learned more from you than school ever did.!

  29. Maciej Bukowski

    Probably the best astronomy channel on YT. More videos please!

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    You sir, deserved more subs.. Thumbs up for the videos…great work there

  31. Wes Pearson

    That was a great video. Best in depth video I’ve seen on the life of our star. Great Job!!! Also i tried the Magellan link a few times now and it gives a 404 error. I tried it when you first published the video and just now also. Thanks

  32. vdiitd

    Great video. Thank you for going into so much detail. Loved it.

  33. Sunday Aito

    Oh well….we still got time to rock and roll before the sun goes crazy on us….2 to 3 billion years is a long time from now…one billion years the minimum…still a very, very, long time. Thank you sir, as always, for sharing video.

  34. Dave Beaver

    Christian, it’s been awhile since I dropped by and I am pleasantly shocked at the dramatic improvement of your graphics, info, and presentation. It’s good to watch a person explain such heady, scientific terms in a plain yet never condecending manner.
    This medium suits you well and we are all reaping the benefits. Thank you!

  35. Mathieu Gauthier

    Great video. You deserve so many more views. I hope our algorithm-overlord give you more exposure soon.

  36. Nikolai Pohodenko

    this is a high quality mini lecture on AGB stars !

  37. Ali Syed

    Awesome. This is the first time I’ve actually been shown the step by step process of the sun’s death. Thanks

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    Just subbed to you man keep up the good work 🔥👌

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    Oh wow, your channel is amazing. Best astronomy channel ever!

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    Yes Amazing explanation …

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    Never seen this explained in so much depth. Thank you.

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    Amazing! Thank you, Chris.

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    I really appreciate the quality of your videos mate. Keep up the brilliant work.

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    Congrats on getting sponsored!

  47. Happy Trails Hiking

    I always learn so much when I stop in here! I didn’t figure that this was something we needed to worry about having happen today. Thanks for your content. Kay

  48. Otaku Sempai

    Humans will prob be long extinct by then.

  49. Anna Mirae

    It was awesome 👍
    Thank you for such an amazing explanation

  50. joe dasilva

    I have never heard of the sun’s death with so many awesome details , thanks !
    Will the sun eventually turn into a huge diamond n last forever ?

  51. Victor Bruant

    3:41 At least the continents still look the same

  52. Legion of Weirdos

    “‘RED DWARFS?’… We prefer ‘little stars,’ thank you!”
    Helium is four times heavier than hydrogen, yet we still can’t seem to keep it on the planet. Darnit.
    Magellan TV… Nice to see a different sponsor than the usual!
    Alas, the star… I knew him well…
    OK…not THAT well because I don’t know that much about astronomy. Plus he could only be seen through a telescope as light that’s traveled millions of miles… he could have died YEARS ago and I’d never have known. Oh well.
    OK… I’ll stop being an obnoxious nerd now.
    Nice video :D

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    Just discovered your channel this is the first video i watched
    I love how you explain every detile :D Subscribed

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